A Professional Buying Guide on Heating Mats:


One of the most challenging parts of growing a garden is starting transplants from the seed stage. This becomes even trickier when the days turn cold. Expert gardeners and hobbyists consult the best heating mat reviews to find viable solutions to this concern. Most plants will take root at room temperature. However, a little warmth can go a long way. For instance, tomatoes, eggplant and pepper sprout better in warmer soil. The most reliable products help grow seedlings faster for convenient transplanting. There are some things you’ll need to take note of before buying a unit. After all, you’ll be depending on such a device to grow robust plants so there’s a lot riding on the choice you make.



There are plenty of affordable products out there to help your plants germinate easily. These products can help you have a cheap alternative to heating the entire room, such as your garage or basement, where you place your seedlings to coax them into taking root before transferring them to your garden plot. It is important that whichever one you purchase, it has to be a highest rated product built with strong heating wire and thick construction. This will ensure consistent heating and durability to survive harsh greenhouse environments. Preferably, the heating mat should be heat bonded and not merely glued, and should stay sealed. Aside from being strong in construction, the device should also be waterproof or water resistant, ensuring safe use.



The best heating mat for the money offers uniform heating whether you use it indoors or outdoors. It should decrease the damage in plants by offering consistent air circulation. The device should be versatile enough to use both for root cuttings and seed sprouting. It should also be energy efficient. Instead of having to purchase seedlings, you can simply plug the unit in and wait to grow your own seedlings in propagation trays for transplanting to your garden. This can save you money in the long run. The best rated heating mat warms root areas to 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit more than ambient temperature. High-end brands can even be thermostatically controlled to ensure even heating and keep temperature variability from slowing down germination


Integration and Flexibility

Most top ten heating mats have sizes that match the characteristic foot print of seed flats. 9” by 19.5” units hold one standard seed flat, a 20” by 20” unit holds two flats and a 48” by 20” product holds four flats. The most popular heating mats typically do not have thermostat controls but they do work well with a thermometer or a separately bought heat mat thermostat. They should integrate well with storage containers or trays and propagation domes that gardeners use to germinate seedlings. Gardeners can use the unit with grow lights. Normally, heating mats have the watering, light and planting information and germination times for annual flowers and popular vegetables printed on the heating mat for easy reference. The device can even be placed underneath a reptile cage to give pets some warmth.


Things to consider:

  • Durable and quality construction to ensure long-term use
  • Uniform heating and air circulation
  • Flexibility and ease of use


Top rated Heating Mats in 2022


Getting the best heating mat in 2022 entails knowing what elements need to be considered in the device. This requires a certain amount of research on available products and knowing which selllers and retailers offer good deals. Most importantly, the gardener should determine their garden’s needs in order to help them grow their plants successfully.


Root Radiance Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad


Ideal for use in indoor gardens, nurseries and greenhouses, the Root Radiance 20.75″ x 10″ Warming Heat Mat warms the root area of your seedlings from 10 to 20 degrees higher than ambient temperature. This helps improve the sprouting process and ensures the general success of cuttings and seedlings to grow optimally. The portable device is built durable and water resistant. It comes with a 6-foot 120-volt power cord and measures 20.75 “x 10”. The Root Radiance heating mat has received praise in the best heating mat reviews thanks to its usability for small space.

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National Garden Wholesale Super Sprouter/Seedling Heat-Mat


Helping gardeners have optimum success rates with cuttings and seedlings, the Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat from National Garden Wholesale warms the root area around 10OF to 20OF more than ambient temperature. Speeding up the germination process for cuttings and seedlings, the device helps ensure a higher success rate in growth of transplanted vegetables and flowers. Perfect for use with a regular 10-inch by 20-inch propagation tray, the Super Sprouter boasts of heavy-duty construction that ensures durability of the device. It offers more consistent heating with fewer hot spots compared to other seedling heat mats. It is also 20% larger than other mats.

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Viagrow™ Seed Propagating Seedling Heat Mat


Integrating well with grow lights and propagation domes, the Viagrow™ Seed Propagating Seedling Heat Mat offers a practical and affordable means of helping germinate cuttings and seedlings. It fits nicely under a regular size seed tray. The device speeds up germination and promotes the growth of strong roots. It warms the roots zone 10 to 20 degrees over room temperature. With the Viagrow™ Seed Propagating Seedling Heat Mat, you are getting a high-quality product that helps you face the challenge of starting transplants from seeds or cuttings. It is water-resistant as well.

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Hydrofarm MT10006 9-by-19.5-Inch Seedling Heat Mat


Lauded as the best heating mat in 2022, the Hydrofarm MT10006 9-by-19.5-Inch Seedling Heat Mat helps gardeners obtain better results for herb, vegetable and flower seed germination. It warms the root area from 10 to 20 degrees above ambient temperature, thereby increasing the success of cuttings and seedlings. The device has earned UL listing, signifying that it has met the minimum requirements for product safety standards in this particular category. The Hydrofarm MT10006 has waterproof construction that ensures optimal safety in use. The 6-foot power cord is also UL listed. Information on planting, light and watering is on the mat for quick reference.

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Hydrofarm MT10004 Windowsill Heat Mat


Integrating well with the Hydrofarm 12-pellet seed starting kit (Jump Start Windowsill JS12GH), the Hydrofarm MT10004 Windowsill Heat Mat increases growing success for cuttings and seedlings. It makes them ready for transplantation by warming the root area 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit over ambient temperature, for improved germination. It helps roots develop and grow stronger so vegetables and flowers grow optimally once relocated to their beds. The heating mat is made with waterproof construction to ensure safe use. Hydrofarm is the only company that offers UL/CUL listed heating mats in the market.

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