Best HDTVs under $500


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The best HDTVs under $500 that you can currently find in the market will prove to be great for your entertainment room. With the addition of such appliance, it will be possible to enjoy a more immersive entertainment experience, without the need to leave the comfort of your own home.


Vizio E420i-A1 HDTV


Best HDTVs under $500

The slim frame design of this HDTV will make it an elegant addition to any room at which it is placed. More than its aesthetic value, it is also excellent when it comes to picture quality. With this, you can view videos in 1080p full high definition. It has 120Hz refresh rate, which eliminates blurring for fast-moving subjects, such as when watching sports. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi, providing you with the opportunity to access tons of entertaining applications through Vizio Internet Apps.

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”With the Vizio E420i-A1 HDTV, you will be assured of images and videos you are watching. The satisfaction will never be diminished because this product has the great features which make it one of a kind. Overall, the product is extremely in its high level of effectiveness and gratefulness. ”  Nova R. Hurd


Samsung UN22F5000 HDTV


While most of the HDTVS in the market are able to meet the energy efficiency requirements that are determined by the relevant authorities, this specific model from Samsung is able to exceed them earning a place in the best Samsung HDTVs reviews. The energy efficiency of this unit is one of the major reasons on why it is considered as one of the best HDTVs under $500. With this HDTV, it will also be possible to access you files from your external devices, basically because of the ConnectShare Movie feature.

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”I can watch and see my favorite movies from my external devices with the help of the Samsung UN22F5000 HDTV. The product is very much durable. It has a sleek and fashionable design that makes everything worthy and perfect. You will surely love owning this product from Amazon. ”  Allison Jackson


Sceptre X408BV-FHD HDTV


This 40-inch HDTV is set in a glossy black housing that looks sophisticated. It also features built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM, which is helpful in being able to improve picture quality, making it more lively and vivid. With 3 HDMI ports and a USB port, it will also allow you to connect multiple devices and access contents from such.  Many of the users of this HDTV were also happy with its weight. It is very light, making it convenient to have it moved from one location to another.

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”The lightweight of the Sceptre X408BV-FHD HDTV is the great feature that I love the most about it. The product has a great performance that makes me admire it to the next level. Aside from that, I would love to commend its quality pictures and sounds that give perfect blend and exciting experience. ”  Danny Gonzalez




This HDTV is loaded with features that help in enhancing the video output. For instance, it has TruMotion Technology that reduces blurring for fast-moving scenes. It also has stunning picture quality that will allow you to see even the smallest details from the images shown on the screen. It has on-screen reference points that will make it convenient to calibrate the product and to have it in its desired settings. Lastly, it has an Intelligent Sensor that automatically adjusts the color settings depending on the light at the room at which the HDTV is installed.

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” I can easily adjust any lapses in my LG 47CS570 HDTV with the help of its clear instructed settings. The product is very entertaining thus provides clear motion pictures. It doesn’t consume much electricity. I really admire everything about this HDTV. I hope you will buy this product for your use. ”  Wanda Harward




This is another model that does not fail to be listed in the best HDTVs under $600. Aside from the high definition video, users will also be able to enjoy superb audio experience. The unit is designed with built-in speakers that can deliver clear and detailed sounds. It is wall mountable, making it efficient in terms of space consumption. It also has a swivel base, allowing you to choose the angle that is best for watching. Lastly, the True-To-Life screen should also be highlighted. This provides you with the guarantee that the best viewing experience can be enjoyed, regardless of the amount of natural light that gets into the room.

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” I rate the RCA LED42C45RQ HDTV with 5 stars. This is because the product is really effective and useful. The sounds are great and the images are clear. The overall product is outstanding. It received various praise and recognition from its positive and loyal users. Buy one now for you. ”  Ronald Moore