Top rated handheld steam cleaners in 2019


Handheld steam cleaners have a huge advantage over other models because they can sanitize every surface while they clean it. This is why they are very popular across the country. If you want to invest in one, you need to read some of the best handheld steam cleaners reviews because they identify the most reliable models. Our team of experts have analyzed multiple models in the market and have selected the top five.


Expert tips on handheld steam claners


Everyone wants to live in clean homes, without the presence of dirt, debris or spots. If you are among people that value a spotless surface at every turn then consider investing in powerful steam cleaners. These cleaning devices are easy to use and get the job done with minimal effort. Steam cleaners improve scrubbing power and efficiency during each task. Still, you have to know up front that you won’t be able to clean everything with this device but it is very handy with hard and flat surfaces. There are a couple of things to take into account before you decide upon one particular product. Fortunately we can offer a professional insight on what makes each handheld steam cleaner great.

We managed to read with attention the best handheld steam cleaner reviews and also user testimonials in order to offer people a comprehensive insight on what makes each model efficient. Today’s market offers different types of steam cleaners: large wheeled steamers, carpet steam cleaning machine, steam mops, small portable handheld cleaner and spot cleaner. Each product comes with its particularities, matching people’s needs around the house. The first thing that you have to take into account is price. You probably have budget that needs to be respected. Fortunately there are steam cleaners with enough power to offer high cleaning performance. You should also look for different types of accessories that can increase the cleaner’s efficiency on different types of surfaces.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Cord Length Price Weight Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Hoover WH20100 TwinTank

20 ft $$$ 7.5 lb No A+ AMAZON

Haan AllPro HS-20R

14.9 ft $$$ 2.8 lb Included A AMAZON

DBTech DB-8561 Multi-Purpose

12 ft $$ 4 lb No B AMAZON

Steamfast SF-210 Everyday

12 ft $$ 2.6 lb Included B+ AMAZON

Bissell 39N7A

16 ft $$ <4.5 lb Included C AMAZON


The best handheld steam cleaner in 2019 should come equipped with a large water tank size, capable of handling easier prolonged cleaning tasks. Still, you should know that a steam cleaner with a large water tank cost more than the ones with smaller units. For instance a simple small cleaner without accessories costs around $60 or $80. It is important to know that for more complex cleaning tasks you will probably need accessories. In the world of handheld devices portability makes all the difference around the house’s obstacles. A high quality cleaning device will help users reach tight spaces. Most of the best cleaning devices usually range somewhere between 900 to 1500 watts in range, producing just enough steam to properly clean and sanitize different areas of the house.

People need to properly clean every room of the home with minimal effort. With the best handheld steam cleaner in 2019 things become way easier around the house. We recommend the 1000W steamer which produces just enough steam to safely loosen dirt. Furthermore the device manages to clean dirt and grease vehicles, motorcycles or even boats. Comfort is very important to different cleaning tasks, helping people to cover every inch of the house with minimal effort. Still, don’t think that steam cleaner are flawless. As it comes with any cleaning device, steamers include some limitations. You can use such a device in order to safely clean hard and straight surface which can handle direct exposure to hot steam.


In order to purchase the best handheld steam cleaner in 2019, you need to look for:

–         Tank capacity and size, which permits people to clean for hours

–         Watt Power, choose steam cleaners from 900 to 1500 watts for enhanced steaming precision

–         Steam technology, high steaming heat which reduces grease and dirt from various surfaces

–         Cleaning accessories which enhance the overall steaming results



Hoover WH20100 TwinTank Disinfecting Handheld Steam Cleaner


Getting this handheld steam cleaner is a great idea if you want to kill the germs in your home. You won’t be able to find an easier to use steam cleaner. One of its most impressive features is its two tank system, one being for normal tap water and the other for Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution. The bacteria will have a short life if you will clean regularly with the WH20100. If you buy this model, you will also get multiple tools useful for different situations, so you disinfect every corner of your home.



Revolutionary twin-tank system allows cleaning using steam only or with exclusive Hoover Multi-purpose disinfectant solution

Cleans and disinfects many areas of the home, so the whole family is safe against the harmful diseases that numerous kinds of germs and bacteria bring

Comes with a number of highly useful tools that are portable and easy to use, giving more options on how to keep the entire home sufficiently sanitized

Is the best handheld steam cleaner for grout thanks to its ability to disinfect and kill 99.9% of harmful and

disease-causing bacteria



Bristles of the brush tool may deform easily since the unit produces really hot steam, which can be resolved by getting extra brushes ready


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HAAN AllPro HS-20R Steam Cleaner


Best Handheld Steam Cleaners reviewsHAAN HS-20R steam cleaner has the all the necessary features to keep your home sanitized, doing its part for ideal home environment, germ and allergen free. Just pour normal tap water it its container and you will have steam in just 3 minutes. Also, the whole process does not use chemicals, so it’s 100% safe. The price you pay for it is affordable for any customer with an average budget. All these features make it one of the best handheld steam cleaners in 2019.



Offers thorough cleaning in just one step with sanitizing and steam cleaning action in just one unit, not requiring use of chemical cleaners or a bucket

Deodorizing action achieved through steam production that kills odor-causing germs on backpacks, stuffed animals, sneakers, curtains, pet bedding, pillows and cushions

Requires no potentially harmful chemicals to carry out steam cleaning performance, leaving no harmful fumes or chemical by-products that can end up on family pets or even members of the family

No repeated expenses on disposable wipes and expensive cleaning solutions and sanitizers, as the product optimizes on the powerful cleaning power of steam



Handle gets hot when the short concentrator spray hose is used

No lock to hold the steam button down, necessitating constant pressing


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DBTech DB-8561 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System


Because it has one of the best price-quality ratios on the market, this DBTech steam cleaner is a very popular house item across the US. The 1050 W powerful cleaner will provide you with steam for up to 20 minutes. You just have to use water, not needing any potentially harmful chemicals. It’s mobile as well because it’s fitted with a 12 foot power cord. All these features and more, make it one of the favorite models of the best handheld steam cleaners reviews.



Creates powerful steam through 1050 watts of steam-producing power, with steaming run time of up to 15 to 20 minutes

Leaves no harmful residue or fumes behind by employing only all-natural chemical-free steam cleaning performance with 100% purity

Helps people obtain deep and thorough cleaning all over the house, keeping the whole family protected from disease-causing elements such as bacteria or germs

Melts away grime and grease and soap scum on glass, and also useful for sanitizing garments or clothes, leaving everything in their cleanest, freshest state



Lid not be opened till all steam has been released from steamer

Steamer should never be overfilled


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Steamfast SF-210 Everyday Handheld Steam Cleaner


Steamfast SF-210 is well known for its compact size and its ability to sanitize even hard to reach places. It’s has a lightweight design, so your arm won’t get tired if you use it extensively. No chemicals are used for the sanitizing process, all that you need to do is fill it up with water, which in turn transforms into steam. With it you will receive six accessories for specific tasks, so you are always well prepared for multiple scenarios.



Has a lightweight, portable and compact design to enable steam cleaning and sanitizing of any area or surface in the house

Uses a natural method of deep cleaning and sanitizing, without requiring use of harsh and strong chemicals and substances that can be potentially dangerous

Heats up in just three minutes and provides maximum continuous steaming power of ten minutes, so deep cleaning can be achieved efficiently and quickly

Provided with 6 different accessories to efficiently carry out deep cleaning anywhere inside the house, including an extension hose that can be attached to the unit to help get into hard-to-reach surfaces or areas



Unit works most effectively when tank is filled with distilled water


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BISSELL 39N7A Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner


The top handheld steam cleaners reviews are pointing out that BISSELL 39N7A has one of the best price-quality ratios of any such device. The 1000 watt power is put to good use, turning water into steam in just a few minutes. This way can kill off allergens and bacteria from any hard to reach corner. With it you will get an accessory nozzle, a grout brush, a flat scraping tool and other neat accessories which will prove to be extremely useful. It’s very easy to operate as well, just press the trigger and you are ready to go.



High-pressure steam cleaner produces strong steam cleaning action with a trigger that is easy to press, making the BISSELL 39N7A Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner the best handheld steam cleaner for grout

Uses no chemicals to carry out its steam cleaning power and leaves no harmful residues or fumes behind that could cause even more problems

With impressive 1000-watt power rating to ensure top performance in steam cleaning, plus a 16-foot power cord to enable easy and long reach to any area or surface

Comes with accessory nozzle, flat scraping tool, extension hose, grout brush, fabric steamer, window squeegee, angle concentrator, and detail brush, to help finish the job efficiently



Small tank may need regular refilling when steam runs out


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