Top rated Handheld flashlights in 2019


A growing number of people want in their homes a reliable handheld flashlight, designed to illuminate during blackouts. There are many flashlight models available on the market which can be used without reservations on various occasions. Poor lighted areas become easier to handle with the right handheld flashlight! This is why we tested 20 top rated flashlights, designed to cover different areas with ease. We invested 5 hours on each product, analysing light force and manoeuvrability. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best Handheld flashlight reviews on five special products worth considering head on!


Coast HP7 High Performance Focusing LED flashlight


One of the most popular flashlights in the U.S. comes from Coast, the HP7 High Performance! This high quality LED flashlight is very easy to control during various dim light conditions. The product has a quick cycle switch which gives people the opportunity to choose from high light force from 251 lumens and low output of 58 lumens! This particularity allows users to customize the light system. In addition to the handheld design this flashlight incorporates Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic system which ensures optimal light coverage. This flashlight features Fingertip Speed Focus Control that lets people use it when needed.

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Dorcy International 41-4751 CyberLight Weather Resistant LED flashlight


The current best Handheld flashlight reviews underline the efficiency of the 41-4751 CyberLight from Dorcy International. This model is known for its weather resistant housing and powerful LED light force. The flashlight delivers a super bright light through the 180-lumens! It is important to know that the model offers 902-foot beam distance and runs for an impressive time period of 5-hour! This LED flashlight has a durable construction which combines plastic and rubber materials. In addition to the high quality light functions this flashlight from Dorcy International features True Spot Reflector technology for a comprehensive light source whenever users need!

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UTG Defender Series Weapon and Handheld Tactical Xenon Flashlight


Discovering the best Handheld flashlight in 2019 can be pretty difficult without professional assistance. For precise portable light access during poor lighted conditions, we recommend the Defender Series Xenon flashlight from UTG. This flashlight can be attached to weapons for proper lighting during various conditions. Furthermore the xenon flashlight incorporates 126 lumens, ideal to shed some much needed light! This light source offers precise view over subjects hidden in the darkness. It comes equipped with a unique Integrated Reflector and Bulb design capable of helping people see clearer in dark environments. Designed especially for weapon use, this handheld flashlight is perfect for daily use!

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MagLite M2A036 Hang Pack Mini AA Flashlight


As so many users pointed out, finding the best Handheld flashlight in 2019 is a pretty daunting task. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people are using with confidence the M2A036 Hang Pack Mini from MagLite. What makes this particular flashlight so popular? Well, it seems that the flashlight delivers a bright light which safely lights up different areas. You should know that the model is a great addition to anyone that needs a bit of light in dark nights. This amazing LED flashlight is very easy to handle, offering users the chance to access light fast.

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Intrinsically Safe Energizer 1-LED Handheld


With a top rated Handheld flashlight in 2019 night becomes day with a simple switch of a button. On this particular note we recommend the Energizer 1-LED handheld flashlight from Intrinsically Safe. The flashlight is currently approved by most of the top global safety agencies. This handheld flashlight represents a great addition to any worker that has to deal with harsh conditions. Furthermore the product is waterproof and weather resistant! It is important to know that the flashlight has a solid construction, surviving even at 1 meter drops. The model includes a built-in carabineer belt clip which permits users to access light quickly!

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