What to Consider When Buying a New Halogen Light Bulb


Thanks to their longer lifespan compared to their regular incandescent counterparts, the items featured in the best halogen light bulb reviews are widely used in a variety of applications. Typically used in sports stadiums, art, driveways, projector lamps, automobile headlights, theater stages and household fixtures, halogen light bulbs also produce a brighter light with higher color temperature than the incandescent bulb.

Best halogen light bulb

Energy and Brightness

When checking out which products are exceptional among those in the best halogen light bulb reviews, take note of each product’s light output. The amount of energy the bulb utilizes or consumes is denoted as the wattage, whereas the brightness level is expressed in lumens (lm). Brighter lights generally boast greater wattage along with higher lumen output.

A clear, clean light is what you can expect from a quality halogen light bulb. A 20 watt bulb is typically very dim with a low lumens rating of 320. A 50 watt unit has 530 lumens and is dim, while a 75 watt bulb is bright with 1,000 lumens. A 1,600 lumens brightness level can be expected from a 100-watt bulb, which is very bright. Exceptionally bright halogen bulbs come in 500 watts and with 9,500 lumens.


Halogen Bulb Type

When going over the top rated halogen light bulbs 2018, you need to determine which type works for your needs.

An MR bulb is typically used for indoor lighting. It is small and reflective, taking the place of regular incandescent lighting. Used in recessed ceiling lights, pendant fixtures, desk lamps, track, retail display and landscape lighting, the MR bulb is ideal for spaces that require medium to low light. The part of the bulb that attaches to the lighting or lamp component is called the base.

For spot and flood lighting purposes, a PAR bulb, the most common variety, is the item of choice. This type is cone-shaped and is able to project light across a large area, either outdoors or indoors. Commercial applications include usage in sports stadiums, while residential applications include use in landscaping, walkways and driveways.

A peanut bulb is tiny yet generates very bright illumination. Used in hotels and shops and in the home, a peanut bulb is ideal for apparatus and decorative lighting.


Halogen Bulb Lifetime

The manufacturers of halogen light bulbs give varying bulb lifespan claims. The best halogen light bulb 2018 boasts a long life.

A 20-watt bulb usually has up to 4,000 hours of life, while a 50-watt unit comes with 3,000 to 4,000 hours. The lifespan of a 75-watt bulb can be 3,000 hours, and that of a 100-watt bulb is 2,000. The exceptional brightness of a 500-watt bulb is inversely proportional to its 200-hour lifespan.


Top Rated Halogen Light Bulbs in 2018


Buying a halogen light bulb is not really as easy as picking out what color suits the décor or which shape goes well with your theme. It has to be an informed decision accompanied by careful reading and meticulous research to ensure a good purchase. To help you not make a lousy purchase, we recommend five different models that should satisfy your criteria for this type of product.


Triangle Bulbs T10293-10


1.Triangle Bulbs T10293-10The Triangle Bulbs T10293-10 offers genuine value for money, as it is available in a ten-pack unit. Each bulb has a GU10 Bi-Pin Type base that operates mainly on standard line voltage of 120 volts in the US. The turn-and-lock base ensures consistent contact with the socket so premature failures from faulty pin contact are reduced. Each of the 520-lumens, 50-watt bulbs in the pack has a low annual energy cost of $9.22, offering significant utility cost savings. The warm white bulbs each have an approximate life of 2,000 hours and can be used for various home, restaurant, office and store applications.

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Philips 406009


2.Philips 406009The Philips 406009 halogen light bulb is offered as a six-pack item, which provides value for money. Perfect for indoor track lights and outdoor landscape fixtures, this light bulb delivers bright white illumination for use in 12 volt enclosed fixtures. The GU5.3 Bi-pin base ensures a solid connection to the socket and provides easy replacement. The MR16 Shape halogen bulb enhances existing décor and makes specialized lighting fixtures look great. The bulb is great for display and accent lighting and for general lighting applications. The rustic style of the bulb makes it an elegant addition to any modern home, with its 400 lumens that ensures long life.

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3.KOR 39PAR20-FLThe KOR 39PAR20/FL comes in a pack of six bulbs, giving you value for money. Although each bulb in the package is only rated at 39 watts, they can replace six 50-watt bulbs easily while providing the same lumens output. The120-volt bulbs are PAR20 types that prove to be perfect for spot and flood lighting. Able to provide illumination to large indoor or outdoor areas, the cone-shaped bulbs can be utilized in sports stadiums and driveway, walkway and landscaping lighting.

Some users note that the bulbs actually seem to have better output quality and brighter illumination than 50-watt incandescent bulbs.They are dimmable, which provides elegant mood lighting when needed.

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Sylvania 14502


4.Sylvania 14502The Sylvania 14502 Capsylite is a 50-watt bulb that gives out a 30 degree beam angle perfect for flood and spot lighting purposes. The Sylvania 14502 PAR20 serves the needs of home and business owners who want high light output from small fixtures. It is also perfect for small recesses and track lighting. The Sylvania 14502 delivers bright, white light complemented with high color rendering, which enhances the appeal of home furnishings and can call attention to showroom or retail merchandise.

More energy efficient compared to conventional incandescent flood lights, the Sylvania 14502 can replace an R20 incandescent bulb. Boasting an average life of 2,500 hours, this bulb has dimming properties as well.

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CBconcept® 10XG9120V40W


5.CBconcept® 10XG9120V40WBoasting up to 1500 hours useful life, the CBconcept® 10XG9120V40W halogen bulb has a white, cool color that makes it a great choice for utility or work spaces. The G9 stainless hollow pin base features two looped prongs instead of straight pins or screw bases in other halogen bulb models. These bi-pin connectors offer a secure hold to the fixture. Widely used in lighting fixtures, the CBconcept® 10XG9120V40W can be used in chandelier, pendant lights, wall lights and wall sconces, ceiling lights, table lamps and plenty of other decorative fixtures.

It lasts several times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb due to the revolutionary tungsten halogen lamp-in-lamp design.

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