Top rated gun safes in 2019


There are millions of Americans that have guns in their homes. Yet, when there are children in the family, it’s important to keep them away and in a safe place. This is why so many people are searching for a high quality gun safe. This device can be used in order to keep away harmful guns from children’s reach. Every responsible parent needs this product in order to reduce the apparition of problems. Consult with attention some of the present best gun safe reviews and safely invest in a professional product. You need to keep the gun in a safe environment!


How to end up with a reliable gun safe


3In the present there are thousands of people that own weapons, from pistols to shotguns or rifles. As you can imagine they need to be kept far away from children or unwanted person’s hands. This is where professional gun safes deliver proper assistance. A gun safe or commonly known as weapon safe represents a freestanding fire storage unit, configured to keep inside guns or valuable things inside. Under normal circumstances, people that own guns should invest in a reliable safe. Still, there are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a high quality gun safe. It is vital that you wisely invest in a product that can hold pistols or hunting rifles without damaging them in any way.

There are gun safes that combine high levels of security with utility. In order to make your job easier we drafted the best gun safe reviews after testing over 25 products. We tried to determine the primary characteristics of a good gun safe. You need a high quality gun safe capable of holding different types of rifles, pistols. Depending on your needs, you will be able to determine easier which product to take home. For example if you own only a gun, then consider investing in a small safe. Professional hunters that own different types of rifles should invest in a big gun safe with enough storage space. Another important thing to take into account is price. Depending on construction type, dimensions and security features, the price ranges from low to high.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Locking system Price Dimensions Material Our Rating Where to buy

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C

Combination $$$$ 17.6 x 26.8 x 55 inches Hardened steel plate A+ AMAZON

Barska Quick Access

Biometric $$$  52.2 x 9.8 x 8.7 inches Steel B+ AMAZON

GunVault MV 1000

Combination $$ 10.2 x 12 x 3.5 inches 18 Gauge Steel B+ AMAZON

Homak HS30103660 

4 Point $$$ 10 x 21 x 57.2 inches Heavy-gauge welded steel B AMAZON

Stack-on GCB-8RTA

Key $$ 17 x 11 x 53 inches Steel B+ AMAZON


With the best gun safe in 2019 your children will never reach pistols or rifles. Keeping guns safe in a secure environment ensures that you limit the appearance of problems. You have to make sure that you don’t purchase a simple gun safe that doesn’t present features like internal hinges or fire liners. These additional traits improve the safe’s protection levels and resist even better to burglary attempts. The gun safe design is also important since it can discourage thieves from accessing the valuables placed inside. In addition to standard security levels, make sure that the safe includes a dehumidifier. It is the perfect feature to gun safes that are placed in homes where high humidity is a problem.

The best gun safe in 2019 has a solid construction which can resist even the toughest of burglary attempts. This specific storage unit needs to have thick solid steel walls and door which keeps the guns in place. Gun safes need to have a solid base of security and stainless steel represents the proper way to go. Given today’s safe models, you will notice that the door’s thickness is somewhere around ½” thick. Another important feature to take into consideration is weight. This particularity determines the safe’s capacity to protect your guns and valuables from fire and burglars. Always choose gun safes made of stainless steel. The alternatives don’t offer the same quality results. Furthermore make sure that the safe incorporates a UL approved lock for enhanced daily security.


Stack-On SS-22-MG-C Gun fully security safe


Do you have a gun? Do you want to keep it far away from your children? Well, if you do then you should consider investing in Stack-On SS-22-MG-C gun fully security safe, a reliable place to keep your guns or other items. This model can hold with ease by up to 22 firearms by up to 54 inches tall and it is completed with 4 adjustable shelves, for additional storage room. The safe’s exterior is green, with various gold accents and also a great silk-screen on the door. This is a great security safe, keeping your guns far away from your children or guests.



This security safe model is especially used for storing guns or any type of firearms, being approved by the California Department of Justice as one of the firearms safety devices. It can also safely keep anything you want kept secure.

It comes with 4 adjustable shelves that allow you to arrange the storage space for a better organization of the things you want to keep in there.

This safe provides an efficient security system due to its steel locking bolts, concealed hinges and hinge side steel dead bolts. This feature ensures you that all the things you hold inside, from firearms to less dangerous objects, are safety kept without any worries.

This model incorporates patented molded barrel rests which increases its durability over time.



The storing capacity is a bit problematic because it can hold up to 22 guns which for some may be not enough.

The safety features could be improved, but considering its price, this safe still remains a great deal.


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Barska Quick Access Biometric rifle safe


Best gun safe reviewsAre you searching for a high quality rifle safe, where you can place your gun day or night? Well, if you are then you should see one of the best gun safe in 2019 from Barska: Quick Access Biometric. This powerful model is perfect for storing rifles, guns but also valuable and important files for your family. Furthermore the rifle safe features biometric technology with around 120 identities and 2 back-up keys that keep everything safe and secure. You should also know that the product includes pre-drilled anchor points, which keep the safe secure to the floor or wall, with no problems whatsoever.



The customers which commented on the best biometric gun safe reviews highly recommend the The Barska safe because it is perfect if you are looking to safely store your rifles. It can hold up to 3 rifles and other important things such as electronic devices, documents or any other valuables.

It comes with biometric technology and it is probably the best biometric gun safe 2019. This feature allows you to easily access its content. Its system memorizes up to 120 different users in order to be shared with your friends or within a business area.

This safe includes a Factory pre-drilled anchor and mounting hardware in order to be easily secured to the floor or wall.



When you open the safe’s door it makes a pretty loud beep (noise) which fortunately can be turned off.

It can’t hold more than 2 long guns but overall is a perfect acquisition because you won’t find another safe within this price range that has a biometric feature.


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GunVault MV 1000 MicroVault XL handgun safe


According to the present top rated gun safe reviews, written by satisfied users, the GunVault MV 1000 MicroVault XL is an efficient handgun safe. Security and versatility is present in this product, featuring the patented No-Eyes keypad. This particular technology gives you lightning-quick access, even while trying to use it at night. The gun safe features a solid lock mechanism which will never disappoint. You can choose from over 12 million use selectable access codes which keeps the rifles and guns safe and secure. Furthermore the safe features elastic strap which you can use in order to keep valuables secure.



This safe provides an excellent security system based on a solid lock mechanism thus making it impossible to open by hand alone.

It can be easy to use even in dark conditions due to its patented No-Eyes Keypad feature.

If you are a very organized person you definitely should get this safe because it comes with elastic straps and pockets. This feature allows you to better organize the things you want to keep safe.



It doesn’t have a big storage capacity but it is perfect for travelers.


“For my pistol I’ve found the perfect gun safe through the GunVault MV 1000. The lock mechanism is its best feature in my opinion because there is no chance one of my kids can open it if they even find it. Also, I bought it after reading the best rated guns safe reviews which placed this safe in the top 10 models of 2019.” – Robert J. Ross

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Homak HS30103660 security cabinet


When it comes to rifles and guns, you can never be too careful, especially when children are involved. According to the present best gun safe reviews you have the possibility to use with confidence Homak HS30103660 security cabinet, where you can place guns and rifles. Unauthorized hands will never access your guns! The device can hold with ease 8 rifles and shotguns, weighing around 64 lbs. Furthermore the security cabinet from Homak comes with a 0.047” steel thickness, letting you organize shelves. It also includes a reliable 4 point locking system, for secure fit, keeping guns far away from children.



If you are looking for a safe with a generous storage capacity, this model is perfect for you. It can securely hold up to 8 guns and several other things you want kept somewhere safe.

It comes with a four point tubular locking system which provides the safety and confidence that your things are secured.

You can easily organize the things you keep inside because the interior is designed with shelves and removable plastic bins.



It includes two individually coded keys so you need to be very careful not to lose one of them. On the other hand you don’t have to worry about memorizing codes and passwords.


“What is the best gun safe for my rifle was the main issue in my head for a while, but after reading the highest rated gun safe reviews, I found the perfect solution – the Homak HS30103660. It was for sale too on Black Friday, so I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to have it. Even at normal price I think it’s quite affordable for a gun safe.” – Lloyd Thompson

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Stack-on GCB-8RTA security Plus storage cabinet


Shopping for a high quality and advanced gun safe can be hard without the right guide. Today hunters and simple people that own guns use with confidence Stack-on GCB-8RTA security Plus storage cabinet, a place where you can place different guns, rifles and other important documents. This model can hold with ease around 8 rifles and shotguns by up to 52 tall. It also includes a steel top shelf that delivers additional storage for various items, adjacent to your guns. Furthermore the cabinet comes with a foam padded bottom and barrel that can resist scratches and corrosion, especially if you use it for a long period of time.



Made from steel, this safe model includes a 3 point locking system with double bitted, key coded lock. These features offer the user complete confidence that their firearms and other important things are safely stored.

It can be easily secured to the floor or wall due to its Pre-drilled mounting holes.

GCB-8RTA has a generous storage capacity. It allows you keep up to 8 rifles which is quite impressive.



The storage space is not so well divided but this is not such a problem considering the price range.


I’m very pleased with my new gun safe from Stack-on which I can code lock so my children can’t find the gun. My wife was against me owning a gun so actually she bought it as a Xmas gift. I never though I would get such a thing for Xmas, but I must admit it was necessary for the safety of our children. Seeing how solid it is, I’m sure it’s one of the most reliable models money can buy.” – Jeffery A. Colter

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