Top rated grill pans in 2022


What is more satisfying than having family or friends get-togethers over a finely cooked meal? For this reason, the best grill pan reviews will provide you with just the right tool to accomplish exactly that.


Buying guide – Choose the best grill pan for your budget


4Although you cannot mimic the flavour of grilling, you can at least mimic the appearance of cooking on the grill with the help of a grill pan. We have created this buying guide to help you choose which is the best grill pan to suit your needs.

One of the main reasons people choose to cook on the grill is because the fat drains away from the food, thus leaving the food a little healthier to eat. When you are choosing among the highest rated grill pans, you will notice that many of them have a drainage spout already in the base of the pan. Since your food sits on the grill and the fat will drain away from it, it will collect at the bottom of your pan. The drainage spout will make disposal of the grease much easier.

You want to find a grill pan that has a non-stick coating. This is an important feature for those who want a quick and easy clean up. All you have to do is add a little bit of oil to the pan and you’re good to go!

If you plan on cooking a lot of steaks or chicken breast, you will want to choose a cast iron pan. This is the most popular option for these types of meats because it can get to a higher temperature and produce those sought after grill marks and it is more efficient at cooking thicker cuts of meat. Just be aware that a cast iron pan will be more expensive than the less expensive non-stick pans.

Of the all the top ten grill pans available, you will want to choose one that has a long handle that is heat resistant. This safety feature will allow you to handle the pan safely without burning yourself.

Not many people know this, but you can find a grill pan with a lid. This is a useful feature because it will protect you and the area around your stove from grease splatters, plus it will contain the heat on the food, thus helping the cooking process.

To keep your pan looking new longer, you will want to choose a grill pan with a hard-anodized outer surface. This coating will protect the pan from cracking as it ages.

When you are looking at different options, you will want to think of how many people you will be cooking for. If it is just you, you can find small grill pans; however, if you are going to be cooking for several people, you may want to choose a larger pan. Keep in mind that a larger pan will take longer to heat up and may be more cumbersome to handle, as it will be heavier and it will hold more grease.

While you may not think choosing a grill pan is a big ordeal, you would be surprised how many people tend to overlook some important points. We hope that when you are deciding what is the best pan for you, you will keep these tips in your mind


Things to consider:

  • If you are cooking large cuts of meat, you will want a thick cast iron pan because it gets hotter and it distributes the heat more evenly.
  • Non-stick pans are ideal for people who want quick and easy clean up.
  • Find a grill pan with a lid. The lid will contain the heat to help the cooking process. The lid will also prevent grease from splattering all over the stove and counter tops.
  • Choose a pan that has a sturdy handle so that you will not burn yourself and it will be easier to carry when the cooking is complete.


Le Creuset Enameled cast-iron skinny grill pan


Best grill pan reviews

It is highly likely that any effort to choose the top product out of the numerous similar products that are available in the market right now, will hit a dead-end. However, with the Le Creuset skinny grill pans that come enameled with cast-iron, your search is finally over.  This grill pan allows you to cook fish, meat, vegetables or just about any other kind of food in no time. What is more, it is handy and easy to maintain. This grill pan model comes with double handles that make it convenient for most users to carry it around. Definitely, a highly acclaimed product right within your hands’ reach.

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The Le Creuset Enameled cast-iron skinny grills is a nice grill pan we have use during family occasions and gatherings. This pan is indeed useful and functional for all because it can cook whatever foods like meat, fish and vegetables with greater and palatable taste.”  Melissa Phillips


Lodge Color Square grill pan


Skimming through the best grill pan reviews this year one will definitely find the Lodge square grill pan model. It comes as a sufficient culinary means of expressing your creativity, plus it is easily handled and convenient while being used. Moreover, it allows users to cook just about any kind of food they desire, including fish, meat, chicken and even veggies. The grill pan is manufactured with the use of the highest quality and sturdy cast-iron design that comes with porcelain enamel coating. Furthermore, it is equipped with specially designed ribs that keep grease away from your meat, thus keeping your diet healthy and your well-being enhanced.

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I bought the Lodge Color Square grill pan 3 months ago and I am satisfied with its functions and performances. It is durable and strong with thick coating which makes cooking possible and better. The product is very useful for me and for all.”  William Banfield


Calphalon Contemporary square grill pan


It comes natural to find out that the Calphalon Contemporary 11-inch square grill pan, which is made of stainless steel, is considered to be one of the best grill pans available right now, among similar products. While using the Calphalon grill pan, you are allowed to cook practically any type of food like fish, meat and even vegetables and enjoy a great time with family members and friends. On top of that, it is constructed with 3 layers of stainless steel and a core made of aluminum, and since aluminum is regarded to be a powerful heat conductor the Calphalon grill pan is durable even at temperatures that reach 450Ο F.

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We have the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless 11-inch square grill pan at home. This is one of the best cooking devices I have at home which I used for all my culinary activities. I can cook palatable foods at a time which my family loves the most.”  Tammy Mitchell


Lodge Signature Seasoned cast-iron grill pan


This year’s best grill pan reviews introduce the Lodge Signature model to the world, as a qualitative product that serves every persons need to satisfy himself and his loved ones with a well cooked and deliciously tasting meal. It is made of cast-iron and comes with stainless handles that are equipped with a feature that prevents users from being burnt while cooking. Moreover, it is designed with ribs that separate grease from the meat you are grilling, thus allowing users to enjoy healthy food. As a result, everyone can prepare a meal with fish, meat, steaks and even veggies hassle-free, while its cast-iron structure give out a sturdier and more durable addition to your collection of cookware.

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I cook delicious and better foods with the Lodge Signature Seasoned cast-iron grill pan with stainless-steel primary and assist handles. It is handy and lightweight so I can make my cooking activity properly and better than before. This product is one of a kind. ”  Ryan Cross


Scanpan Professional square grill pan


A lot of people show a particular preference for the Scanpan Professional grill pan that comes with a 10.25-inch capacity and solid structure. Moreover, it is casted with an aluminum base, which gives all users the ability to cook a perfect meal while heat is evenly distributed on any kind of food you place on it. Additionally, it comes with a non-stick ceramic-titanium surface together with utensils made of metal and is also equipped with 18/10 stainless handles for easy grip and safe hold, that also protect users from heat during any culinary experience.

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I can perfectly create good foods with the Scanpan Professional 10.25 inch square grill pan. This grill pan is love by everybody because of its good features and excellent performances. This product was made with durable materials which makes the product last longer. ”  Jonathan Guzman