Best GPS for the money


Small, compact, easy to install in your car, the device is your constant companion on trips all over the country! You will never get lost anywhere with a powerful Navigator device. We made a list of the best GPS under $100 to carry with you on those family fun trips.


Get a cheap GPS – Buying Guide


To most people that are accustomed to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and notebooks, GPS function is a must. Still, there are also thousands of drivers that are now searching for a high quality and reliable GPS device. We are not surprised, given that such products can help them reach their destinations faster and with less hassle. This is without a doubt a great time to invest in GPS since the market’s possibilities grow with each passing month. In order to make your job easier, we did the research and compile a list of things that your future device should have. Furthermore, in the two weeks in which we studied the GPS segment and went through over 40 products, we also managed to write some of the best GPS reviews, worth reading when you have the time.

The GPS category is fully matured now, offering a model for every driving need. Truckers can find specialized GPS devices with thousands of preloaded maps of US, UK and Canada. Regular drivers can find models with interactive functions that can help them avoid traffic jams and drive on safer routes. Because most of the high end smartphones come equipped with navigation technology, we are not surprised to see such a boom in the development of stand-alone GPS devices. There are some things to take into account before you pick one of the best GPS in 2022 and install it in your car. As it goes for most electronic devices, caution must guide your actions. Don’t make any rash decisions that later on you could regret! So, you might want a GPS device with the following characteristics: big and colored display, live traffic subscription, 3D traffic and street functions, lifetime map updates and user friendly interface.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Screen size Price Dimensions Battery life Our Rating Where to buy

Garmin nüvi 50

5 inch $$ 5.5 x 0.7 x 3.4 inches 2 h A+ AMAZON

Garmin nüvi 40LM

4.3 inch $$ 0.7 x 4.9 x 3.1 inches 2 h A AMAZON

TomTom XL 335TM

4.3 inch $$$ 0.9 x 4.7 x 3.2 inches 3 h B+ AMAZON

TomTom XXL 550TM

5 inch $$$ 0.9 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches 3 h B AMAZON

TomTom VIA 1535TM

5 inch $$$$ 1.3 x 5.3 x 3.7 inches 3 h C+ AMAZON


When it comes to intuitive GPS devices you need a product with big display. Screen size is an essential factor to take into account while browsing for a model. The standard size is 5 inches and most of the newer models respect this particular note. Still, there are also GPS devices with 7-inch display and usually 800 by 480 pixel resolution that sublimely show each street name and block. You should also make sure that the device comes with preloaded maps for the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. It will help you drive faster and reach your destination easier with limited chances of getting into traffic jams. You will also be able to load extra maps once the GPS is connected to the internet or your PC.

Trying to pick a model from the best GPS in 2022 is a noble quest and a wise one as well. There are a wide variety of GPS devices that come with map-update policy. This particular function automatically updates the GPS with new maps, Points of interest (POI) and 3D screening. Drivers love POI since the application can help people easily find restaurants, movie theaters, body shops, various tourist attractions and many more. Designed to enhance your driving experience, GPS devices are a great companion to have along the road.


Garmin nüvi 50 GPS


Best GPS under $100

Making it to the top of our best Garmin GPS reviews is the Garmin nüvi GPS Navigator. With a 5 inch touch screen and over 5 million points of interest, you can explore a great many places with this nifty little device! Directions are both visual and verbal, with in-built virtual assistant issuing instructions as you drive so you never miss a lane or turn. The interface is easy to use and understand with two simple options – “Where To” and “View Map”. The speed limit indicator shows you the speed limit on major highways and roads while the “Where Am I” emergency locator gives you your exact location. Accessories that come in the box are a vehicle suction cup mount, power cable and quick start manual.



The 5 inch display is more than generous thus allowing you to see all information clearly without having to get too distracted from the road.

It adds to the safety of your car by incorporating a speed limit indicator which delivers necessary information regarding the road you are on.

It can be used as an accurate trip computer which keeps track of mileage, speed and time spent on the road just in case you want to know where you stand.

The software offers a very useful option which tells the names of the streets out loud so you always know where you are without having to look at the display.



It does not signal changes such as re-routing which can be a problem if you are not looking at the display.

It uses a complicated software which could have been a bit simpler and more efficient.


“ I always rely on my Garmin nüvi 50 GPS whenever I have trips because it provides accurate distant and location where is the place I am looking for. I can easily detect where it is because the GPS provides clear description and direction where I need to go through. I love this product.”  Derek Baird


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Garmin nüvi 40LM GPS


Point A to point B with minimum hassle! Get the new Garmin nüvi 40LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator and reach in the shortest time possible. Packed with a clear, 4.3 inch screen, the device provides accurate, turn-by-turn directions with features like lane assist and junction view. The navigator also includes a lifetime of FREE map updates! Like the 5 inch GPS, the 4.3 inch gives you two options, “Where To”? where you key in your address and the “View Map” that shows you a clear map of your destination with main roads, highways, side roads and lanes.



Mentioned in most of the best affordable GPS reviews, this device is currently a best-selling device among those who love to travel by car.

It is a smart investment to make considering the fact that it offers free lifetime maps which currently contain more than 6 million points of interest.

Its display is basically the same as that of a normal smartphone and has similar features which means anyone can use this GPS without having to put too much effort into learning the user manual.

The fact that it supports microSD cards makes it perfect for those who need to record their travel progress over long periods of time.



It does not have an audio signal for recalculating routes which can be annoying at times because it can make you miss turns.

It is not as precise as you might want considering it says you’ve reached your destination even though you are at least 4 houses away from the preferred address.


“ The Garmin nüvi 40LM GPS is a very reliable GPS product that I can sue when I am looking for places and destinations. The product is durable and the screen is clear so I get confused when the screen flashes the location. I admire this product more than anything else because it is really helpful.”  Mitchel Flowers


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TomTom XL 335TM GPS


Tom Tom products are among the best GPS Navigators available in the market today. Get easy to read and understand directions with the best map routes to reach your destination as quickly as possible. A 4.3 inch screen with large icons and images makes it easier to read directions on the go. Live feed on traffic ensures you take the least crowded, easily accessible roads to your destination. The device is equipped with a lifetime’s supply of maps, digital voice assistant, IQ Routing technology to help you pick the shortest route possible, emergency locator and speed indicators.



The display of this GPS is quite well thought out, offering all the right information in a relaxed and easy to follow way.

It comes with a lifetime subscription to the company’s server which means you will constantly get map updates without having to pay for them.

This particular device incorporates IQ Routes technology which calculates the fastest routes not only based on distance but also on the time of day. It will save you time as well as money which is impressive considering how little it costs.

Currently it has a database which includes over 7 million points of interest which makes it grate for travelers.



For some unknown reason it may not be compatible with computers that use Windows 7.

Downloading software through a wireless connection may not be efficient.


“ I never experience any problem with the new TomTom XL 335TM GPS because it is very helpful when indicating directions and places. The product has a big enough screen that provides clear and vivid images. The best rated GPS under $100 reviews pointed out it was one of the most popular models and I was convinced it was the right choice to make.”  Sonya Lizzie Cabrera


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TomTom XXL 550TM GPS


Rounding off our list of best GPS under $100 is another great product from TomTom, makers of top-notch GPS Navigation devices. Delivering a bang for your buck is the 550TM 5 inch Widescreen, Portable Navigator, a must-have travel companion on all your long trips! With a large, bright, well lit screen, it is very easy for users to find places without having to take their eyes off the screen for long. The device offers a digital assistant to help you navigate places and traffic.



If you live in America, this is probably the best affordable GPS 2022 money can buy. It includes 7 million destinations all across the US, Canada and Mexico which will be updated for free once every three months.

It comes with TomTom’s special software that allows you to always receive useful data regarding traffic. This way you will know about upcoming traffic, blocked roads and so on.

The IQ routes technology saves you money and time by calculating the fastest route depending on the time of day.

This device tells you what lane to stay on in order to make the next turn without any problems.



One thing to keep in mind is that this device will not shut down when you turn the ignition off.

The mounting system is not the best in the world.


“ I bought the TomTom XXL 540TM for a very affordable price on Black Friday. I find it easy to use and it’s maps are quite accurate. It may not be as good as other more expensive models, but for my needs it’s just the thing.”  Enrique Parrish


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TomTom VIA 1535TM GPS


Making it to our list of best GPS under $100 is the TomTom Bluetooth GPS navigator with a bunch of really cool features for a navigator. The screen is 5 inches with a sharp 480 x 272 pixels resolution for easier viewing so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road. The GPS is packed with a rich feature set and a great buy for under $100! The device comes with voice recognition services. All you have to do is call out your destination and the GPS device automatically resets to reflect your destination route.



This device has one of the best displays on the market. It manages to offer one of the nicest animations you will find even among more expensive GPS devices.

It tells you all you need to know about upcoming traffic so you can avoid pileups even if they happen minutes before you reach that particular point on the road.

The free lifetime map updates are definitely a plus considering the fact that many other GPS devices demand you pay manufacturers to update your software.



The display is not that great in strong sunlight.

It has a battery life of under 90 minutes which is not that great in case you need to take it out from your car.


“ One great feature about the TomTom VIA 1535TM GPS is the voice recognition service that is very helpful especially when I am driving. I just need to mention the name of the place I want to go then the GPS device will point out the direction. I always use this feature and it hasn;t got me lost yet. I never thought such an Christmas present would be so useful. I frankly don’t care which GPS is the best because I got the trusty TomTom 1535TM. ”  Johnie Savagetr


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