If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best garlic press money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected much information about the garlic press by looking into owner feedback and checking out expert review sites in order that we may be able to make effective and subjective comparisons on product performance and overall functionality. This exhaustive research has led us to the best garlic press for sale on today’s market, the Kuhn Rikon Epicurean, which boasts a modern, elegant all-stainless-steel profile that makes it look good in any modern kitchen gear collection. This garlic press makes efficient short work of pressing ginger and garlic, so you can focus your efforts on preparing delicious food and not on fighting the ingredients. Forget the old-fashioned way of peeling and pressing garlic with the back of a knife, as this device just requires that the unpeeled garlic cloves be placed in the chamber and then the handles pressed. This way, you can get minced garlic without the need to remove the skin from the garlic clove. The tool fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and requires far less effort to use compared to other garlic presses. If the Kuhn Rikon Epicurean is unavailable, we strongly recommend getting the OXO Steel.



Comparison Table

Product Material Price Dishwasher safe Other functions Our Rating Where to buy

Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

Stainless Steel $$$ YES No A+ AMAZON

OXO Steel Garlic Press

Zinc and stainless steel $$ YES No B+ AMAZON

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press

Cast aluminum $$ YES No B+ AMAZON

Calphalon Gadgets Garlic Press

Metal $$ YES Peeler B AMAZON

Trudeau Garlic Press

Steel $$ YES No B AMAZON



Buynig Guide



When we think of tools that we need for the kitchen, one of the tools that gets overlooked the most often is the garlic press. This small tool is an essential item to have and if you are moving into your very first home, it should definitely be on your list of items to ask for Christmas. With a new garlic press, you can enhance your food with fresh garlic instead of using garlic powder or even the minced garlic you find in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. This guide will give you tips on what to look for when choosing a press.

Some of the most popular garlic presses are made of stainless steel. You can find aluminum or plastic, but stainless steel is considered the most reliable of the possible options because they are sturdy and are made of heavy-duty steel. Aluminum presses are durable and study; however, they are coated with an epoxy that protects the device from corrosion. When the epoxy eventually wears off, people have noticed there is a black residue in the garlic because of the chemical reaction between the metal and the sulfur compounds found in the garlic. Plastic presses certainly are the most affordable option of the bunch; however, they are not durable and they cannot handle heavy usage.

The design of the press should be a factor when you are choosing a press. You will want a device that is comfortable to hold, has a soft grip, and can easily be cleaned. When it comes to the type of press, there are three types: spring, hammer, and weighted. A spring press uses a metal piece in the middle of the device and it acts like a cleaner by removing the garlic after it has been pressed. A hammer press uses an internal hammer to press the garlic through the sieve whereas the weighted type uses a wedge-like weight to crushes the garlic through the sieve.

When you are choosing a press, you will want to take into consideration how much garlic you plan on pressing. For cooks who use a lot of garlic in their cooking, you will want a device that can crush several cloves of garlic at once. You may also want to look for a press that can handle unpeeled cloves and will easily press the garlic through the sieve while leaving the peel behind.

While Black Friday deals may not advertise garlic presses in their ads, you should not overlook the usefulness of this little gadget. You can never go wrong with evenly cut garlic when cooking. We hope that these tips will help you choose which garlic press is right for you.


Things to consider:

  • Stainless steel is more expensive than aluminum and plastic, it is the most recommended due to the reliability and ease of use.
  • You want to find a garlic press that suits the need. If you use a lot of garlic when cooking, you will want to find a device that can handle several cloves at once.
  • Look for a device that is comfortable to hold and is easy to clean.
  • There are three types of garlic presses to choose from, each has their own benefits and produces a different end result.



Top rated garlic presses in 2021


More and more people seem to love delicious dishes, seasoned with garlic. It comes as no surprise since garlic add a touch of intense flavour to every dish. Now, in order to easily prepare tasty garlic sauces, combined with a bit of tomato juice or cream, cooks use presses to extract the right garlic essence. Since there are so many models available on the market we took the liberty of drafting the best garlic press reviews. As a result, we carefully tested over 30 garlic presses from top brands and noticed that five models responded very well to garlic preparation.


Kuhn Rikon Epicurean


Best garlic press reviewsA responsible cook should have in his kitchen a professional garlic press, designed to precisely squeeze and extract most out of garlic. Today’s cooks use with confidence Kuhn Rikon Epicurean press, a kitchen tool which combines efficiency with utility. This stainless steel garlic press is very easy to use. It is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and thus press garlic to slim pieces, ideal for more complex sauces. Furthermore the garlic press represents a great gift! Due to the all stainless steel material, this kitchen tool does efficient work of pressing ginger or garlic without any problems whatsoever.



Makes a great gift for people who want better gadgets that work to make cooking much easier, with a special design that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand

Thanks to its smart kitchen engineering, the garlic press enables users to expend far less effort when employing it

Sieve is easy to flush clean under running water as it hinges out easily, with option to be washed in the dishwasher if preferred

Works efficiently on both garlic and ginger, lessening the strain on kitchen workers by accepting even unpeeled garlic cloves inside for efficient pressing



Drying the internal components takes some time to complete

Can press a specific number of cloves more effectively


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OXO Steel


The current top garlic press reviews underline the solid stainless steel construction of OXO Steel garlic press. More and more cooks use this powerful kitchen tool in order to press the maximum amount of garlic pup and juice. It uses the strength of zinc to optimize the pressing operation. The garlic press has large handles with special non-slip grips which stabilize every pressing action. It includes a built-in cleaner which helps people safely remove garlic residue. Dishwasher safe, this garlic press from OXO has square-shaped nubs which maximize garlic pressing and precisely reduces the amount of waste after each use.



Is the best garlic press for arthritis thanks to how it quickly and smoothly extracts a large amount of juice  and pulp from garlic cloves, with combined durability and strength from zinc used in the large handles and with soft, non-slip grips

Large-capacity tool presses a number of cloves of garlic simultaneously,  with square-shaped nubs that are precisely spaced to accommodate the number of garlic cloves for pressing

Effectively reduces waste by producing minced garlic and not useless mush, for easy use in various cooking recipes and food preparations

With built-in Cleaner that enables easy removal of garlic residue, reducing clean-up work needed after use of the tool



Hopper may have a small capacity for some users, but it’s all a matter of preference

Handles can fill up with water while being washed so have to be completely dried


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Zyliss Susi 3


It is important to use a professional kitchen tool for different culinary projects, especially if it involves more delicate spices. Any serious cook should learn more things about Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic press, a model which delivers precision during each pressing action. Regarded as the best garlic press in 2021, this model has a user-friendly ergonomic design for easy manoeuvring. Due to this particularity the garlic press fits well in the hand while maximizing pulp and juice extraction from garlic. People should insert garlic in the hopper and afterwards press the handles together for proper results. Comfortable and easy to use, this garlic press is a great addition to any kitchen!



Easily minces garlic in a snap without requiring the clove to be peeled, thus entailing less effort and less time spent for preparation and cooking of food

Large-size hopper accepts one large clove of garlic or several smaller cloves, with effortless minced garlic produced by pressing the handles together

Easy pressing offered by the ergonomic handle that allows the garlic press to fit comfortably in the hand, plus the plunger that maximizes utility by creating freshly minced garlic in seconds

With integrated cleaning tool that helps in cleaning garlic out of the unit, which can be washed by hand (recommended)



Is considered by many the best garlic press for arthritis but is not designed for ginger


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Calphalon Gadgets Garlic Peel and Press


Most of the present best garlic press reviews emphasize on the user-friendly design of Calphalon Gadgets garlic peel and press. This professional kitchen tool can puree and peel with ease garlic gloves in one simple action. The garlic press is dishwasher safe and very easy to use. It includes super soft handles which ensure very comfortable pressing actions. This stunning garlic press manages to eliminate the hassle of peeling garlic cloves. Cooks will be able to use this professional garlic press in order to obtain the most out of each garlic cloves in just a matter of minutes with limited problems if any whatsoever.



One action required to efficiently peel and puree garlic, which makes kitchen work a lot easier and more smooth-flowing, convenient and effortless

With super soft control zone that helps with pressing the tool to extract fresh garlic puree through the super-fine screen, with the garlic skin left in the chamber for easy disposal

Dishwasher safe to lessen the clean-up chores conveniently, but is also made to be easy to clean with the hands

Teeth on the plunger go all the way through to the outside, ensuring that maximum amount of garlic juices or puree can be forced out



Constructed of pot metal and not steel, which can require more careful use


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Trudeau Garlic Press


Preparing stakes or wedges without a delicious garlic sauce is pointless. More and more people love to add a tasty garlic sauce to their culinary treats. The best garlic press in 2021 was released by Trudeau, the 099-685 garlic press. This kitchen tool is chrome plated for enhanced durability and resistance to different culinary projects. Furthermore the press includes an advanced self-cleaning process for precise pressing actions. The garlic press comes with an exclusive warranty of 5 years. Dishwasher safe and with a user-friendly design, this product works efficiently. This professional kitchen tool is durable and safely can improve cooking for most experienced cooks.



Marketed as ideal for people with arthritis, with soft comfortable handles that make it easy to press garlic through

Natural ergonomic fit on the comfortable non-slip handles make it easy to hold the garlic press in the hand and exert less effort to get freshly minced garlic

Chrome-plated to ensure long-term use and durability while making the garlic press resistant to rust and corrosion

7-inch capacity can take 2 to 3 medium-size garlic cloves all at once for simultaneous pressing, which means less time used when more garlic has to be minced for cooking



Plastic grips cover handles that are hollow, which can allow water to collect in them

Loading with particularly large number of cloves is not recommended


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