Garbage disposals – What to look for:


When local regulations allow you to, you can install the most reliable garbage disposal in your kitchen to take care of solid food waste that would otherwise just end up in a landfill. With a garbage disposal under your sink, the solid food waste ends up pulverized for easy channeling to your local waste treatment system, such as the city sewer or a septic system.


Correct Feed Type for the User’s Preference

Figuring out what is the best garbage disposal involves knowing how existing feed types on such units work. The easiest and most commonly used in households are disposers with continuous feed type. Consisting of an open-mouth disposal that can be switched on and off via a wall switch, such a system continues to run the minute you turn it on, which is great when you’ve got plenty of food waste to be ground up. Such units are generally cheaper than batch feed models, so they enjoy brisk sales. Batch feed types, although more expensive, are ultimately safer due to how you load waste in batches. This effectively prevents accidental dropping of cutlery or feeding your fingers into the disposer. It also enables you to handle small amounts of waste when you have to.

Appropriate Motor Size for your Needs

Knowing which garbage disposal is the best entails paying close attention to your home’s average food waste output. This will help you decide on whether to get a motor size on a garbage disposer with 1HP, 0.75HP, 0.5HP or 1/3HP. A motor range of 1/3 or ½ horsepower works fine when all you have to work on is mostly soft foods such as vegetables. But if budget is not an issue, then a disposer with either 1 HP or ¾ HP should provide all the grinding power you’ll need on a daily basis. Aside from giving you finer pulverization, such a unit will also run smoothly in grinding waste, resulting to less strain on the waste water system aside from drain lines suffering less from clogging.


Noise Production plus Adequate Capacity of Grinding Chamber

Units that are lauded as the top ten garbage disposals are typically outfitted with large grinding chambers. Fortunately, the size of the grinding chamber is typically in direct proportion to the motor size. Thus, small-size motors carry small chambers while their larger counterparts are supplied with large grinding chambers. The limited torque of smaller HP motors necessitates that they have limited power to grind. Large motors are made to handle more volume of food waste. Check out units with stainless steel chambers or those with glass-filled nylon. They are rust resistant and easy to clean. Impellers should preferably be of stainless steel. Noise in premium quality units are buffered through employment of noise baffles, which a cheap garbage disposal may not have.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price  Horsepower Continuous or batch Our Rating Where to buy
 InSinkErator Evolution Excel 14 x 11 x 14 inches $$$$ 1.0 Batch A+ AMAZON
 Waste King 1001 6.4 x 6.4 x 13.4 inches $$ 1/2 Continuous A AMAZON
 Waste King L111
6.4 x 6.4 x 13.4 inches $$ 1/3 Continuous B AMAZON
 Waste King L-8000 9 x 9 x 14.2 inches $$$ 1.0 Continuous B+ AMAZON
 InSinkErator Evolution Compact 8 x 12.1 inches $$$ 3/4 Batch C+ AMAZON


Remember that not all garbage disposers are created equal. There will always a model or two that are the best garbage disposal for the money. The essential thing is to do your homework and become aware of what you’re getting for the budget you set. Although of course, since you ultimately get what you pay for, it is best to get a quality product that will last for years.


How to choose a good & affordable garbage disposal – Buying Guide


garbAll kitchens should come equipped with a powerful garbage disposal which can handle with ease different types of food, without getting into technical restrictions. Well, as you probably already noticed, the market is more than generous when it comes to disposals, designed to make leftovers go away. Finding the best garbage disposal in 2021 can be pretty difficult, taking into consideration the wide selection of products available on the market. You probably are on the market for a brand new disposal to replace the old one or simply install a powerful. This advanced kitchen appliance is exactly what you need, to assist during various tasks. You will feel the difference immediately, grinding away different types of food with precision.

Now, how can you narrow the search down to one product or even two? Well, you should consult with attention the best garbage disposal reviews, written by satisfied users and technicians, in order to safely pinpoint the ideal device. According to the latest statistics it seems that a growing number of people are using with confidence garbage disposals from InSinkErator, trusted all over the world. There are a couple of things to consider when you’re out shopping for a brand new disposal, designed to help you handle any type of food, even the toughest ones. The most important things are price, quality and durability during every disposal job.

You probably have a specific budget in mind, and for this reason a special product can be found. Furthermore you might want to take into account the following: components, noise level, horse power, grinding precision and septic tank.


Best Garbage Disposal for Septic System


InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposer


Truly the best garbage disposal for septic system, the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposer belongs to a special breed of InSinkErator disposers touted to be the most advanced in the market. It features an exclusive enzyme treatment that promotes a smooth running septic system. This unique technology injects over 300 million enzyme-producing microbes into the unit every time it’s switched on, helping to break down food waste. With Multi-Grind technology, the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist pulverizes almost any food waste, ensuring less chance of jams and clogging. Its two-stage grind technology comes with Tri-Action Lug system plus GrindShear ring, which ensures that hard-to-grind food waste ends up nearly liquefied for easy and safe flow into the sewage system. A citrus scent helps control odors that come from the sink and drain.

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Identifying the best garbage disposal in 2021 may prove to be a challenge but with attention, you will discover that the process becomes easy. It is very important to have a powerful garbage disposal with a lot of horsepower, capable of grinding better than ever different types of food. The market is packed with a wide range of garbage disposals with the following horse power: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP. A device with 1/3 horse power has an economic design, which they get jammed quite easily. Why? Well, the disposal usually was designed with cheap internal components which rust easily.

A garbage disposal with 1/2 horse power is ideal for day to day home usage, which fits easily in any kitchen cabinet. The device has stainless steel grind components which last longer than ever, whenever you get rid of leftovers.


Best Garbage Disposal for Deep Sink


InSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposer


Outfitted with InSinkErator’s patented Quick Lock Mount, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposer is easily the best garbage disposal for deep sink. It offers the best solution for small kitchens or households with limited cabinet space. It is easy to install, as it features the awesome Quick Lock sink mount. This component lets you simply twist your old garbage disposal off and twist the new one on. It’s that easy! And with its powerful induction motors engineered with cutting edge grind technologies, you are sure to enjoy exceptional performance where it matters most. It comes with rubber-cushioned sink-drain connector assembly plus rubber discharge pipe flange, both made for vibration- and noise-free operation. It is the smallest of high-end disposers, giving users more room to store things in their sink-base cabinet.

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The last two, 3/4 and 1 horse power are very powerful, capable of handling better than ever different jobs in the kitchen. It is important to have in your kitchen a professional garbage disposal, capable of making any choir easy. Now, with attention and professional information, you will be able to find great units, which won’t jam and keep the operation smooth. Lastly, you need to take into account homes with septic tanks, which require special garbage disposal connections. There are models with special cartridge present on the side, which injects the food waste with precise microorganisms and precisely breaks down food.


Best Garbage Disposal for Rental Property


InSinkErator Evolution Essential Household Garbage Disposer


Applauded as the best garbage disposal for rental property, the InSinkErator Evolution Essential Household Garbage Disposer mobilizes revolutionary sound-reducing technology that enables the unit to work with less noise than a standard disposer. This is ideal for a wide range of kitchens but is perfect for rental dwellings. You can hear yourselves talk in a normal voice even with the disposer running in the same room where you are. There is exceptional insulation around the motor plus an anti-vibration sink mount.  That is aside from the anti-vibration tailpipe and sink baffle, both designed to prevent sound due to vibration from escaping the garbage disposal’s throat.

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Things to consider:

– Garbage disposals come equipped with the following horse power options: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, and also 1 HP, which can handle with ease different types of food.

–  Garbage disposals can get rid of different food with precision, completing the kitchen, making it whole.

–  There are many models made out stainless steel components which can handle with ease disposing of food.


Top rated garbage disposals in 2021


Garbage disposals are used to treat the left out materials of cooking products. Before buying any garbage disposal there are certain things that should be considered. Top most is the efficacy of the device. Garbage disposals should also not be making much noise to disturb the working. It should be easy to install and affordable. The model with all these qualities can be searched in best garbage disposal reviews.



InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal


Garbage disposers create problem when they get jammed. This problem can be caused due to the food that is disposed off. InSinkErator Evolution Excel is designed in such way that it can easily break jams with its special jam sensor circuit. These sensors don’t let any material to stop the disposer functioning. I never had to face any difficulty regarding any jam.  It has three stage grinding system that works with the 1 horsepower motor. It works 60% quietly than any other garbage disposal.



 Engineered with patented SoundSeal Technology that helps the unit deliver virtually noiseless performance even as it works harder than standard disposers

 Three grind stages make up the exclusive MultiGrind Technology  so food waste gets finely ground up for easier disposal

 Powerful and performance-driven Dura-Drive 1-horsepower Induction motor  mobilizes the grind chamber and grind components made of long-lasting stainless steel



 Needs separately purchased power cord for the induction motor

 Brief half-second hum or delay before disposer starts working


 InSinkErator Evolution Excel  Household Garbage disposer is very professional in doing its task of disposing garbage in our kitchen. It is much quieter than other disposals in the market. I bought this model 2 years ago and I’ve been using it daily, with no problems to this day.”  Wanda Mathis


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Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal


The best garbage disposals reviews point out that a good option for any household is the Waste King L-1001 which doesn’t even cost that much. The powerful motor can spin at speeds up to 2600 RPMs making short work of the things you throw at it. The compact design will help you find for it easily the necessary space and also will allow you to install it in a jiffy under your sink.



 Built to deliver high speed 2600 rpm so food waste is easily ground up to the tiniest bits

 The easy solution to where to find cheap garbage disposal problems

 Comes with a detachable splash guard, a 36-Inch Power  cord and corrosion-resilient grinding components

 Built with exceptional space-saving compact design



 Successful mounting can be carried out only after thorough comprehension of set-up process

 Grind chamber size designed for smaller families


 “In the time that I have had it, the Waste King L-1001 has worked amazingly and I am very pleased that I managed to get a waste disposal so good, at such a cheap price.” – Edward Cooper


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WasteKing L3300 garbage disposal


Waste King L3300 garbage disposer has ¾ Horsepower motor that generates enough energy to grind any kitchen disposal. Its durability has increased by making it components with solid stainless steel. Its speed is 2700 rpm and it has sound insulator that help me to work in less noisy kitchen environment. It provides very efficient work and has positive feedback in best garbage disposal reviews. For my kitchen, Waste King L3300 is the best garbage disposal because of its functioning and durability.



 Impressive power from a ¾-horsepower motor for a garbage disposer with high-speed 2700 rpms during each cycle

 Motor delivers Continuous Feed Operation  using only premium quality rust-free grinding components

 Comes with removable splash guard and a lengthy 36-inch power cord

 Carries one of the longest warranties in this specific product category



 Requires working knowledge of patented EZ mount system for the product

 Emits a click when turned on


I would like to give this product a 5 star rating for its quality performance and efficient functionality. Waste King L3300 Legend Series ¾ HP continuous Feed Operation garbage disposer has never disappointed me when it comes to garbage removal. Who makes the best garbage disposals? I think the answer is surely Waste King.”  Gracie Sanchez


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Waste King L111 Legend Series Garbage Disposal


Waste King is the world’s leading waste disposal manufacturer and through the 111 Legend Series model they have managed to create one which has a top quality to price ratio. Another thing you will get from this garbage disposal besides a smooth operation is the environmentally friendly design. Such a well balanced set of features make it one of the best garbage disposals in 2021.



 Powered by a 1/3-horsepower motor that enables Continuous Feed Operation

 Grind chamber components and drain housing are made to be corrosion-resistant

 Unit goes well and is safe to use with properly sized septic tanks

 Can be the answer everyone wants for where to find cheap garbage disposal concerns



 In order to facilitate seamless mounting, the existing sink collar may have to be changed

 Drain abs pipe may have to be cut when the unit is to be installed as a replacement


 “My old garbage disposal was certainly not up to the task it was supposed to do, so I changed it for this one which up to this point has worked perfectly, making things easier for me and my family. This affordable model is surely one of the best rated garbage disposals in 2021.” Anthony Cole


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WasteKing L8000 garbage disposal


Best garbage disposal reviews

The best garbage disposal is the one that doesn’t corrode with time. It should be made up of quality stainless steel that doesn’t jam. Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal grinding parts are made up of stainless steel that are rust free and provide quick discarding of kitchen waste. The speed of its one horse power motor is 2800 rpm. Its motor can crush anything and doesn’t produce much sound due to the sound insulation. It has a removable splash guard that makes cleansing easy for me. Due to its functioning, it is the best garbage disposal for my kitchen.



 Powerful grinding 1.0-horsepower motor delivers peak performance of 2800 rpms

 Swivel impellers are made corrosion-resistant and reduce jamming in the unit to enable long-term usage

 Noise is reduced thanks to insulated stainless steel grinding components that do not create too much noise when in operation

 Removable splash guard helps in easy cleaning of the disposer



 May require purchase of a 3101 ISE Adapter Kit to enable EZ mounting of the unit

 Unit can be a bit long


“I wouldn’t have imagined I could be so glad for receiving a garbage disposal for a Xmas present. But the truth of the matter is that my old one was giving me a hard time and with my new Waste Kings L8000 I don’t have any problems anymore.” – Sherri M. Wilson

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InSinkErator Evolution Compact garbage disposal


InSinkErator Evolution household garbage disposer can be found in many best garbage disposal reviews due to its quality features. I have found it easy to use device.  It has two stage grinding system that quickly gets rid of the unwanted kitchen waste. It has ¾ horsepower powerful motor and has sound reducing technology. From the other garbage disposers that are present in the market, InSinkErator Evolution is about 30% quieter. To make the installation easy, it is provided with Quick Lock Sink Mount.



 Boasts of ¾-horsepower motor that delivers impressive sound insulation even in operation thanks to patented SoundSeal Technology

 Anti-vibration components contribute to virtually noiseless operation as they are all corrosion-resistant and insulated

 Two grind stages provided through revolutionary MultiGrind Technology so even difficult-to-grind food waste gets quickly ground up

 Longevity guaranteed with stainless steel grind components



 Does not come with a power cord for the motor (this is an accessory)

 Cold water must be used to operate the disposer


“I was lucky enough to get this garbage disposal for a Black Friday deal and so far it has impressed me with it’s functionality. It doesn’t make any noise even when it grinds difficult waste. This is the highest rated model I have ever had, by far.” – Ricky McCharty

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InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal


InSinkErator Badger is a highly durable garbage disposer because it is made up of rugged galvanized steel. This solid steel increases the life time of the disposer and also protect it from rusting. It has a ½ horsepower heavy-duty Dura-Drive induction motor that can grind almost everything. It can easily be installed as it comes with Quick Lock sink mount. It is the best garbage disposal for my kitchen due to its quality functioning and durability.



 Designed to deliver years of problem-free garbage disposer service to modern homes

 Durability is assured thanks to the rugged galvanized steel construction of the unit

 Induction motors drive the grinding components to perform impressive grinding service

 Carries in-home limited warranty plus 2-year warranty on parts



 Does not come with a power cord for the motor

 Fat and  grease should not get into the disposer as these substances can create future problems in the unit


My kitchen collection is now complete, as I got InSinkErator Badger 5 ½ HP Food Waste Disposer. The garbage was simple to install for my husband. It functions smoothly and doesn’t create noise. ”  Dorothy White


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