Top rated gaming PC speakers in 2019


Gaming over the years has exploded as a world wide phenomenon and more and more people are joining it. If you are looking to create the perfect conditions for playing games on your PC at home than you need to be prepared to invest in the right types of grear. The gaming speakers are one such piece of equipment which can create the prefect atmosphere. The next selection is made out of the top gaming PC speakers in 2019.


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There are thousands of gamers in the U.S. that want to expand their gaming experiences. It seems that there is a growing demand for high quality PC speakers, capable of rendering amazing sounds. People that own personal computers designed for gaming only should add a pair of powerful speakers to deliver great audio clarity. Every moment of the game should include powerful bass, tremble and crystal clear sounds. Even though Mac and PCs come equipped with built-in speakers they are not powerful enough for a comprehensive audio experience. Searching for a powerful set of PC speakers is important for serious gamers that want to enjoy every moment of the game. There are a couple of things to take into consideration while browsing for a brand new PC speakers.

In the present more and more gamers are trying their best to identify a set of PC speakers. We took into account the growing demand for professional speakers and decided to attentively study the segment. From an initial list of 30 speakers designed especially for gaming, we were able to draft the best gaming pc speakers reviews. When the test results came through we underlined what makes the best speakers so special. Today people have to decide whether to opt for 2.0 or 2.1 systems. A 2.0 system includes 2 channels and no subwoofer. The right and left channels are more than enough to render smooth sounds. A 2.1 system features 2 channels (satellites) and a powerful subwoofer. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people opt for 2.1 system because they offer powerful audio performance.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Color Accessories Our Rating Where to buy

Bose Companion 2 

5 lbs $$$ Black Audio input cable with mini-plug
Speaker cable
AC power pack

Bose Companion 5

19.2 lbs $$$$ Graphite-Silver Acoustimass module
USB cable
AC power cord
Control pod and cable

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40

14 lbs $$$ Black Interconnect Cable
Stereo RCA Cable
Auxiliary Cable
User Guide


4 lbs $$ Black-Silver Power supply and audio cable B+ AMAZON

Altec Lansing VS4621

5.9 lbs $$ Black Color-coded cables and quick connect guide B+ AMAZON


There are differences between the 2.0 and 2.1 audio systems. Some of the best gaming pc speakers in 2019 include 2.0 audio systems. Well, it seems that 2.0 PC audio systems occupy less space than the 2.1 models. Everyone wants to hear great sounds during every moment of the game. For example: FPS games become more exciting once you know exactly where opponents come from. A 2.1 PC system have the possibility to reproduce low frequencies with impressive bass force. Due to the presence of powerful bass, gamers will feel the whole experience with realistic details overlooked in the past.

With the best gaming pc speakers in 2019 people will be able to enjoy the game without limitations. It is important to take into consideration sound quality settings. It is important to start with frequency response, audio performance, proper balance between treble, upper and lower bass frequency. These features come together in order to deliver rich and full sound clarity, preserving sound details smooth and real. A good quality speaker set offer vibrant and intense sound experiences!

Another thing to take into consideration relates around inputs. Personal computer speakers should offer many audio connections in order to set the proper listening level. Some modern speakers can be connected to smartphones, tablets and also notebooks. Furthermore gamers need to control the speaker system functions. Gamers have to swiftly control the volume and specific audio settings for unique experiences.



Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speakers


The best gaming PC speakers reviews have only good things to say about the Bose Companion 2 speaker system and appreciate its great and well balanced sound. The magnetic shielded design will protect your monitor if the speakers are close to it, so it doesn`t lose any of its picture quality. You should also look forward too the dual inputs which let you connect to another device than just your PC.



Simple, compact yet very effective, Bose’s third generation Companion speakers are perfect for home use. They take up little space but cover quite a large area when it comes to sound.

Even when used with the volume turned up to the max, these speakers still manage to deliver clear audio without sacrificing any of the sound’s details.

They are compatible with iPhones and iPads which allows you to play music directly off of your smartphone.

All the best gaming computer speakers reviews say that this is a perfect investment to make if, as a gamer, you prefer another sound source other than your professional headphones.



Even though the sound is great, it is still not as good as the one coming from a surround sound system.

The power of these speakers is not enough to cover a room full of noisy people.


The Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speakers is a fantastic and flexible gaming PC speaker. The product is a nice product sold in Amazon in which everybody deserves to have. Gamers would eventually love to play game with this speaker because it fulfills the sound any gamers would love.” Annie Musselman


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Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speakers


The Bose Companion 5 speaker system has a very nice design to them which not only looks intresting but also has a role to play in the creation of its quality sound. The USB port in my opinion is a definite plus because it gives you a lot of options like getting software improvements, for example. The sound that comes out of this speaker system is truly amazing for just a two speakers and a compact module. Except your PC you can connect it to another audio source so you can play your favorite tracks directly from it. For gaming it is ideal as well, reproducing the slightest sound effect so you are captivated by the game atmosphere.



This set of speakers is one of the coolest looking audio devices out there. It comes with two separate speakers which offer the same quality as you would get from a surround sound system.

The control pod attached to the main unit allows you to adjust volume, mute the speakers or connect your headphones and auxiliary devices without moving the speakers.

It comes with an innovative design which includes the acoustimass module, destined to produce deep low frequencies.

It is a plug and play device which is connected to your computer via USB.



The Bass levels are not as great as expected from a device which falls under this particular price range.

It is not compatible with some gaming devices especially with those coming from Logitech.


The ideal speaker for any gaming pc is the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speakers. This speaker is worth it for the investment. The product is very nice and design is very cool. The product makes everything perfect as it adds life, coolness and efficiency in the gaming experience.” Jason Kroger


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M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Speakers


One of the top gaming PC speakers in 2019 are the M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers which manage to reproduce game sounds to the slightest detail. The bass sounds are really powerful because of the 4 inch polypropylene-coated woofers. Your computer monitor`s image quality won`t suffer at all if you place a speaker near it because they are magnetically shielded. The volume control is located on the front, being easy to spot.



Even though these are not mentioned among the best gaming computer speakers reviews, they still represent a great choices for gamers who are also into studio quality audio.

Currently rated as Amazon’s best-selling studio audio monitors, these devices are an excellent alternative to more expensive gaming speakers.

They come with magnetic shielding which is perfect for reducing interference thus allowing you to hear each and every sound just as clear as it should be.



Will work a lot better with a subwoofer which unfortunately will cost as much as the actual speakers thus doubling the price of your audio system.

These monitors lack grip and might slide on your desk.


These M-Audio Studiophile speakers were just the thing to complete my gaming desktop. I bought it for the magnetic shielding too, so not to damage my monitor. The Black Friday discount I got them for, made them quite cheap. “What are the best pc gaming speakers?” is a question I don’t really know the answer too, but I’m certain these are some top speakers.” Jo Dechant


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JBL Duet II PC Speakers


Best gaming PC speakers reviews

With a really impressive and elegant design the JBL Duet II PC speaker system is a very good choice which produces a high quality sound. A nice feature about it is the 3.5mm mini jack which is compatible with most systems. The sound is smoothly reproduced because of the Phoenix transducters which are made out of aluminum. I personally recommend these speakers and the best gaming PC speakers reviews do too.



Very impressive design which will surely attract a lot of attention but will also improve the quality of the sound.

It comes with a 3.5mm stereo jack which will allow you to directly connect these speakers to any gadget that can play audio.

This speaker system is very easy to set up and despite looking a bit too small, they can fill up a room with rich audio.

The quality of the sound is where this device really shines especially because most people do not expect to hear such clear audio from such little speakers.



The price tag is a bit high especially if you are more interested in results and could not care less about design.

They are not perfect for creating a party atmosphere even if there are only a few people around.


The JBL Duet II PC Speakers are specially designed for gaming or that’s what I’ve come to believe. They amplify the feelings I get when I play real-person-shooters and this makes me recommend them to other gamers. They’re not too expensive either because I got them for under $230. All in all, I’m sure their one of the highest rated pc gaming speakers in 2019.” Theresa Alexander


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Altec Lansing VS4621 Octane Speakers


This set of speakers comes with a 6.5 inch subwoofer for a deep bass and overall excellent sound performances. I like the different bass and treble controls, because normal subwoofers come with just a bass one. The sound is well balanced thanks to the Audio Aligment Technology which makes all the components work together harmoniously. Also you will get a one year warranty from the manufacturer if you decide to acquire it.



Excellent for gaming, small parties and also for those of you who love listening to music. This 2.1 computer speaker set delivers crisp audio while still managing to fit comfortably on your desk.

The entire set is well balanced and offers excellent bass due to the 6.5’’ woofer.

The shape of the speakers allows sound to travel in all directions.



They are not too sturdy. The subwoofer is easily wrecked if someone were to knock it over.

The plastic used to build these speakers feels a bit cheap. best gaming computer speakers reviews


I got an excellent Xmas gift through these speakers from Altec. They make me feel like I’m a part of the game I’m playing and this convinces me they’re at least one of the top 10 pc gaming speakers in 2019. Their design is kind of cool as well.” Joe Smith


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