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Put your reflexes to the edge and have accurate finger agility with the ultimate best devices. Never miss a perfect score and get to the next lexes by using the best gaming mouse 2018. Going through reviews and recommendations, I got to know what make a mouse suitable for the high performance demands of video games: it has to be fast, easy to handle, light, fast response and perfect precision. Keep your mind on the games, because your hand will sure have something solid to rely on.


How to pick the best gaming mouse – Expert buying tips


If you have someone in your life who likes to play video games on their computer, you can really surprise them with a gaming mouse for Christmas. While it may not seem like a big deal to non-gamers, the gamer in your life will appreciate it because it can improve their game and the experience. Computer and video game retailers may offer Black Friday deals but they will not be able to tell you which gaming mouse is the best because it all comes down to an individual’s playing style. With this in mind, we have created this guide to help you understand what important features to look for.

In gaming, you want a mouse with a higher sensitivity than your run of the mill mouse. Mice with a high DPI or CPI (dots per inch or characters per inch) means the user will have to move the mouse less to get the cursor to move on screen. These highly sensitive mice are ideal for games where you are running and shooting at the same time; however, if your gamer likes first-person-shooters, you will want to get a low DPI mouse. You may want to get a mouse with an adjustable sensitivity setting so that it can be used for gaming and everyday use. Along with the sensitivity, you will want to make sure it has a 1 ms response time, or 1000 Hz polling rate. An ideal gaming mouse will have 1-2 ms responding time because it will allow you to react quicker than a higher ms rate.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Programmable


Price Wired/Wireless Resolution Our Rating Where to buy

Logitech G700s

13 $$$ Both 200 – 8200 dpi A AMAZON

Razer Naga MMO

12 $$$ Wired 8200 dpi 4G A AMAZON

Mad Catz R.A.T.5

6 $$# Wired 100 – 5600 dpi B+ AMAZON

Razer DeathAdder

5 $$ Wired 6400 dpi 4G B+ AMAZON

Logitech G500s

10 $$ Wired 200 – 8200 dpi B+ AMAZON


Many computer games require the use of both the keyboard and a mouse. A mouse with programmable buttons allows the gamer to assign certain functions or actions to a specific button on the mouse. This eliminates the need for unnecessary keystrokes that could mean life or death in the game. Another useful feature that you will want to look for is the ability to save profiles via the on-board memory. This is useful just in case the computer needs to be reformatted. The on-board memory will keep your settings and profile safe.

The majority of gamers will say the most popular gaming mouse is wireless. You will want to make sure the model you get is new because the older gaming mice have been known to suffer lag. You can also find mice that function both wired and wirelessly. These types of mice are nice to have because it can be plugged in to charge the battery.

When it comes to the overall design of the mouse, you will want to take into consideration the comfort, weight, and grip of the mouse. You can find mice with adjustable weights that can be changed under the mouse. Unfortunately, the grip and comfort of the mice is a personal preference and you or your gamer may have to try it for yourself to see what feels the best.


While there is a lot to consider when choosing a mouse that can improve game play, we hope this guide helped you out


Things to consider:

  • A mouse with adjustable sensitivity and fast response time is ideal for gaming.
  • Look for mice with programmable buttons, which can save unnecessary keystrokes while gaming.
  • You want a mouse that has on-board memory to keep game information safe.
  • Weight, grip, and comfort of the mouse is important, but also a personal preference.



Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse


Best Gaming Mouse 2018Be 8 times faster than your opponents, and have full reliability on your mouse. Wireless, sharp, and easy to handle, the best gaming mouse 2018 has broken all records and gave all its buyers what they lacked for having their best gaming performance. It performs up to 13 controls and works just fine with rechargeable battery or you can just connect it to your laptop for not having your game interrupted. All in all, there is nothing too complicated about it. You will have it installed and ready to play in a few seconds.



Occupying a place in the current top10 gaming mouse online charts, the G700s rechargeable model from Logitech is great for passionate gamers, those that are used to winning game after game

Fitted with 13 programmable buttons this gaming mouse can be used to safely perform complex macros, which make a difference during key moments of games

This wireless mouse offers impressive full speeds that transmit 1000 data reports per second and also ensures fast reactions during games with accelerated rhythms

As the best rated gaming mouse from Logitech this model comes with a durable and curved grip which ensures optimal comfort while playing for hours



Does not support Mac OS and Linux OS

The package doesn’t include a pad (this optional accessory is sold separately)


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Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse


Reviews have brought up this mouse for having all reliable features needed for getting to the finish line. Tactile and audible features keep you ahead of the game and the intuitive configuration will enhance your reflexes for outstanding results. One of the best gaming mice 2016 is going to be your ultimate weapon for taking down your opponents. The 12 button thumb grid keeps your eyes on the game and has your finger work on their full capacity. Ergonomic and comfortable, this mouse will have your hand play for hours without making your hand stiffen.



There are thousands of professional gamers trying to figure out who makes the best product. For them, we recommend the Razer Naga 2018 gaming mouse which comes equipped with 12 mechanical thumb-grid buttons

Due to the ergonomic design, this gaming mouse is comfortable to hold which makes marathon gaming sessions easier to handle

Comes equipped with 8200dpi 4G laser sensor which easily matches mouse movement to computer pixel density and renders quick reactions to changing actions during games

This gaming mouse incorporates a tilt-click scroll wheel that players can use to go from left to right and up and down



The basic package does not come with a pad (sold separately)


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Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse


A true gamer will go for the best there is. Have your mouse adjust to your hand and program it efficiently for having the best possible results. You will feel like all of your other mice are old-fashioned and slow motion. This model is among the best gaming mice 2018 that comes to highlight your true reflexes and precise flow of the hand. All game geeks are fond of thy uniquely designed mouse that gives a excellent technical features in good gaming.



Considered by many as the best gaming mouse under $100 from Mad Catz, the R.A.T.5 model takes gaming performance to a new level, helping players control easier everything their characters movements and actions during games

As the highest rated gaming mouse the model has an ergonomic design which quickly matches the user’s palm, helping him to control better each action

Due to the incorporate gaming-grade 5600dpi laser sensor, this mouse offers accurate pinpoint action, permitting users to stay ahead of opponents

Features Precision Aim Mode and exclusive Mad Catz programming software that allows players to set the ideal mouse sensitivity



The mouse is not compatible with Linux operating system

The driver needs to be downloaded


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Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse


Keep your gaming character from going to abrupt: this easy flowing mouse has the perfect Optical Sensor. It seems like it has a mind of its own, getting used to all of your moves and sliding flawlessly along the game. If you just started to become fond of video games and have a hard time figuring out technical stuff, this mouse won’ trouble you too much. It’s not like you are going to get a mouse that you have to study before using it. This model will be ready to use as soon as you can press click.



Considered by professional gamers as the best product for the money from Razer, the DeathAdder gaming mouse incorporates a high 6400dpi optical sensor which easily tracks actions without any interferences

Due to the ergonomic design and rubber side grips the mouse is easier to control during key moments of games

This high quality gaming mouse is fitted with bright green lighting, safely installed on the scroll wheel which makes gaming in dim light conditions more exciting

Features the exclusive Razer Synapse technology that gives users the chance to configure faster online cloud movements



Not suitable for left-handed gamers but Razer has such a model available for purchase

The wheel can’t be clicked sideways


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Logitech G500s Laser Gaming Mouse


This model will adjust its weight and balance according to your preferences. Even the most sensitive gamers will find this mouse perfectly accurate when it comes to programming personal settings while playing the game. Go from slow clicks to fast scrolling and have flawless slides on your screen with this laser precision mouse. This light and flexible mouse will feel like a natural extension of your palm and will have you stick to the game for long hours.



Even though a relatively cheap product, the G500s Laser Gaming mouse from Logitech offers players the chance to accurately control every moment of the game

The mouse includes 10 programmable buttons and durable on-board memory that allows gamers to perform different game commands and complex macros with simple clicks of a button

Features a dual-mode scroll wheel which allows users to switch fast from click-to-click to more complex movements such as hyper-fast scrolling

This gaming monitor includes on-the-fly DPI optical sensor which range from 200 to 8200, needed to perform various actions easier



Designed for right handed players

The mouse is not compatible with Linux and Mac OS


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