Best Gaming Monitors under $150


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If you are a hardcore gamer, one thing that you must have is a high quality monitor that will help you emerge victorious in the games that you play. In that case, the rest of this article will provide you with ideas on some of the best gaming monitors under $150, most of which have been given favorable feedbacks by the people who have used them in the past.


ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED Monitor


Best Gaming Monitors under $150This 22-inch gaming monitor is characterized by its sleek design, which makes it look elegant and minimalist. It also has integrated speakers, which can help in enhancing the game audio experience, making it more immersive. With 1080p resolution, this will allow you to play in high definition, making it possible to be transported in an entirely new world wherein you assume the role of your character and where it is more likely that you will end up winning.

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”I have with me my ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED Gaming Monitor. I can say that this gaming monitor provides me with the satisfaction I am looking for a product. I never experience any hassle while playing in this monitor instead it provides me of more excitement and thrill anytime I play. ”  Roy Bush


Asus VS228H-P Monitor


The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology has been cited as one of the most significant reasons for the inclusion of this model in the list of the best Asus gaming monitors reviews. With such, there are easily accessible buttons on the screen that make it easier to choose the optimal setting to increase the quality of the video output. Another remarkable innovative feature that is found in this gaming monitor is the LED backlight, making it an excellent choice if you are concerned about energy efficiency.

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”Many have already experience the beauty of the Asus VS228H-P Gaming Monitor. This product is very functional and performance level. It produces sounds that are very nice for the ears. Aside from that, you can easily adjust the settings in the set up that makes you comfortable to play in it. ”  Troy Smith


ViewSonic VA2406M-LED Monitor


Among other things, one that is often highlighted in the reviews about the best gaming monitors under $150 about this model is its environmental sustainability. Aside from the fact that it does not use mercury, it is also known for minimal power consumption. In addition, the ability of the unit to adjust the contrast ratio depending on the lighting condition is another thing that is worth commending. Because of such, you can expect the best quality of output that can improve your gaming experience.

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”The ViewSonic VA2406M-LED Gaming Monitor is a very commending product that I want to share with you. I have this for almost a year ago and I can say that the product has the quality that makes it outstanding and everlasting. You will love to have this product for good. ”  Vernon Gomez


Asus VE228H Monitor


For many people who have used this gaming monitor, one of the things that make such great is its design, which is not only simple, but also user-friendly. There are easily accessible hotkeys, allowing you to control the unit based on your preferences. The Smart Contrast Ratio Technology by Asus is also worth giving an emphasis, as it makes sure that the outputs are bright and sharp. Lastly, it has built-in speakers, allowing you to save space on the table for such peripherals.

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”The images produced in the Asus VE228H Gaming Monitor is very clear and crisps that’s why you will never encounter issue about distortions. The sound is also great and one of a kind. If you like to change the contrast, you will just move the setting pattern. That’s how easy this product works. ”  Ronald Carter


AOC E1649FWU Monitor


This monitor is different from the models that have been mentioned earlier basically because of its size. It is small and lightweight, making it an excellent choice when you are considering portability. Even if it is only 16 inches, it offers generous space for viewing. Many were also extremely satisfied with the sophisticated appeal of this unit. Lastly, it will also prove to be a good choice when it comes to connectivity, and it can handle multiple USB connections.

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”I really love this AOC E1649FWU Monitor because it is small and portable. The lightweight feature of this product makes it easy for me to handle it and transfer it anywhere where I want to. Aside from that, the product is durable. Moreover, you can buy it in a very minimal price. ”  Bryan Henderson