Top rated Gaming laptops reviews


I am not a gaming addict but I am an avid gamer. I used to be but ever since I started working I only have little time for gaming. I do not spend a lot of time for gaming but when I do, I want my time to be worthwhile. This means I cannot tolerate a laptop that is not efficient and is prone to lags. I am looking for the best gaming laptops 2019 and I found some really good models on the internet. These items are just five of the best models that I found.


Razer Blade Gaming Laptop


Best Gaming laptops 2019Bring your gaming experience to the next level with the Razer Blade Gaming Laptop. It is packed with features that you need for the best, more realistic gaming feel. It is engineered for great performance with its powerful Intel core i7 processor. With its hyper-threading technology, it boosts the speed of your computer’s active cores, delivering a smooth and fast performance. Its 14 inch screen offers you the best gaming resolution you can possibly have.

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ASUS ROG G750JM-DS71 Gaming Laptop


Unleash the champion in you as you dominate your game with the ASUS ROG G750JM-DS71 Gaming laptop. Equipped with the latest innovations in computer technology, this laptop has the features that you need in order to make your online gaming more epic than ever. It is operated by an i7 intel core processor and it has 12 GB DDR3 memory. You can store a lot of data with its 1 Terabyte storage space. It takes 3 and a half hour of use before you need to recharge the unit.

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Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop


Enjoy your favourite online and offline games the best way possible. Choose one of the best gaming laptops 2016 like the Razer Blade Pro Gaming laptop to make your gaming experience more epic than it used to be. It runs by an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and it has 16 GB DDR3L memory. Its 17.3 inch screen displays stunning image quality, almost turning your virtual world into reality. Its built-in speakers deliver high quality audio.

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MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 Laptop


Dominating the market of top gaming laptops 2019 is the MSI GE70 Apache Laptop. It is packed with advanced features which gives it the power to deliver the best performance required for al gaming laptops. Enjoy your game 15% better than your old laptop with its powerful Intel Core i7 processor. Its 1 Terabyte storage space is perfect for downloading movies and saving documents and other files. It is designed for low power consumption so you can play longer without having to recharge often.

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Alienware ALW14-3437sLV Laptop


The number one name on the list for the top gaming laptops 2019 is the Alienware ALW14-3437sLV laptop. It boasts its 8 GB DDR3L memory and its powerful intel core i5 processor. It has a storage space of 1 Terabyte making it the best gaming laptop you can possibly have. The 14 inch screen has a great display which gives the best resolution for your high-definition gaming needs. It is designed particularly for gaming so it can accommodate really sophisticated applications for gaming purposes.

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