Best gaming headphones under $50


Cheap gaming headphones prices


Well nothing is more precious than gaming headphones to a gamer.  A good headphone doesn’t only give you a high quality sound but also killer in looks. Most of the gaming headphones that are present in today’s market are not up to the mark. There’s a difference between normal headphones and gaming headphones from the best Logitech gaming headphones reviews. The latter is more high defined and gives you a realistic feeling of the game. But most of the headphones fail to qualify this class. That’s why we present you with the best gaming headphones under $50 which will help a lot of gamers to find what they want.


Yapster TMYB100A headphones


Best gaming headphones under $50

This headphone is for those who have tight budget yet want a decent headphone. Yes, it has got quality which any headphone at the same price won’t. It is affordable and excellent for its price. With high quality sound, it also comes with in line volume control and mute system which makes it easy to handle. It is also ideal for online video chatting and listening. The sound it produces is clear and crisp, just like any other headphone that is more expensive.

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“ Just like any other headphones you can buy in an expensive price, the Yapster TMYB100A headphones can actually provide you with the best performance and high quality in a very affordable price. This gaming headphone beats other gaming headphones because of its features.”  Joel Lambert


Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones


The ultra cool and ultra superior headset is here. Everything about it attracts gamers, be it looks or the specs, main thing is, it keeps you in the game and makes you forget real world. The ear cushions are specially designed for extra comfort and for long session of gaming. The cover on the microphone cancels all the background noises so that your co-players can listen to your command precisely. Not so high on the price yet fulfilling all the categories, this thing is certainly at top of the list in best gaming headphones under $75.

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“ I can very comfortable every time I use the Plantronics GameCom 780 headphones because it has a cooling power that makes my ear feel steady and not war. I can clearly listen to the commands of the game because this gaming headphone doesn’t attract noise in the outside environment.”  Efrain Mcdaniel


Corsair Vengeance CA-9011112-WW headphones


It’s comfortable as hell, sounds great, and looks awesome. This pretty much says it all. Vengeance 1500 is totally worth the money. The price may be a bit high but it is worth it. The ear pads remain just as new after years of use. This has been proved by many reviews of customers who bought this beast. What can be said about the sound? It’s amazing! The ear pads are superior that prevents background sounds to enter. It’s definitely a must buy!

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“ I was deeply amazed with the Corsair Vengeance CA-9011112-WW headphones because it is very nice and outgoing. The product is very stylish and fashionable that attracts me a lot to buy it. Aside from that, the quality of sound it provided is very clear and delicate to the ears.”  Efrain Mcdaniel


Ear Force X12 headphones


It is specially designed for Xbox® 360; however it is also compatible with PC and MAC. Superior sound quality along with appealing looks made it one of the best selling gaming headsets ever. Now what’s interesting about this product is that you can hear what you speak. Yes, you heard it right; you can monitor what others are hearing from you. One thing is clear; you cannot keep yourself from loving this technology.

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“ I read amazon reviews about the best gaming head phones and I was redirected to the Ear Force X12 headphones. It is strong in its appearance because it is very classy and well designed. The product is in its besta quality and features so you will find it very accommodating in the gaming world.”  Jermaine Nunez


Crayz Cart New Computer headphones


Now this is a great choice considering its price. Yes, it is a bit old fashioned and lags behind other suggested headphones but it comes on top when the category is price. It’s pretty durable for something cheap as this and sound quality is also not that bad. Its looks may have been better but it is not needless. It is Ideal for online chatting and stuff.  For gaming? Yes, it passes the test though with less marks in our best gaming headphones under $50.

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“ I am very impressed with the New Computer headphones because of the clear sounds and music it provided every time I play the game. Aside from that, the precise command and vivid instructions are well understood without making me feel worry that I can get ear problems.”  Marion Norton