Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Steam Wash Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung WF393BTPA

3.9 cu ft $$$ YES 27 x 31 x 38 inch A AMAZON

Electrolux EWFLS70JIW

4.42 cu ft $$$$ YES 31.5 x 27 x 38 inch B+ AMAZON


3.6 cu ft $$$ YES 29.8 x 27 x 38.7 inch B AMAZON

Samsung WF330ANW

3.7 cu ft $$$ No 31 x 27 x 38 inch C AMAZON


Buying Guide


It may be time to replace your old washer, because it keeps breaking down or ruining your clothes. Many people decide to replace their washing machine in time to take advantage of Black Friday deals. With so many options, it’s understandable that you may be a bit confused about which one to spend your hard earned money on. There are many things to consider before making a purchase and we’ve created this guide to help you choose the best front load washer for the money.


Front load washers are the most popular in the U.S, because they tumble clothing in an up and down motion that is very similar to hand washing. This will avoid wear and tear on your clothes, therefore saving you money and frustration. When you have delicate fabrics, you need a machine that will not only get those rough stains out, but do so gently. No matter how expensive the washer is, it will cost more money in the long run if you have to constantly replace clothing for your entire family.

Aside from the money you will save on clothing, a front load washer will also save on your monthly bills. They use less water and energy per load than top loading machines. They also break down less often saving you money on replacement parts and repair bills. You have enough to worry about in your daily lives and your washing machine should not be one of them.


Washing clothes can also be very time consuming and stressful on the body. Top load washers, while easy to load, can be difficult to unload for those who have trouble bending over or reaching. They are near impossible for individuals in wheelchairs. With all the physical activity that goes into doing laundry, a front load washer will make the perfect gift for Christmas to show mom that you appreciate all her hard work. GE has even taken this into consideration by introducing their RightHeight washers which make it easier for those who are not able perform strenuous physical activities.

While it may be difficult to find a cheap front load washer, when compared to top loading washers, you will see the savings in more ways than one making them a smart purchase. You can take advantage of many holiday and in-store sales to save money. Also, you can compare brands to find a washer that has all of the features you are looking for, while saving you money in other areas. There are so many benefits that your biggest decision would be to decide who makes the best front load washer for you.


Things to consider:

  • While front load washers are more expensive, you will save money on destroyed clothing, energy and water, which can really add up in long run.
  • Washing clothes can be stressful on the body and manufacturers such as GE have created machines the make the task much easier.
  • By comparing brands, you can find the washer that has all of the features you need, while staying within your budget



Top rated Front Load Washers reviews


Horizontal axis washers or front load washers have long been a standard in European countries. They use very little water and detergent and run without agitators. A front load washer first fills the inner tub’s  bottom with water, after which the tub moves the clothes through the water with the aid of gravity. Soil is removed by mechanical scrubbing action, needing less water and detergent in the cleaning process. You can score great deals on the best front load washer 2020 if you just know where to look. I’ve done research on manufacturer’s product catalogues and ended up with five top models that you should try in order to appreciate fully.



Samsung WF393BTPA


 With its large capacity of 3.9 Cu. Ft., the Samsung WF393BTPA Front Load Washer can take in more wash at every load. This means you can do fewer loads every laundry day. The Steam Wash functionality easily eradicates stains without requiring prior treatment with chemicals. Samsung’s special VRT Technology ensures quieter washes every time. This is a washer built with PureCycle technology, which guarantees self-cleaning capability. The Diamond Drum of the Samsung WF393BTPA is built with automatic fabric protection so you can wash delicates in complete peace of mind.



Doing the laundry no longer needs to be a dreadful chore thanks to this washer’s mega capacity of 3.9 cubic feet, which effectively hastens the time it takes to do relatively fewer wash loads

No pretreatment necessary for stains in clothes due to this machine’s legendary Steam Wash technology, which coaxes out stains through the use of heated water that releases cleansing steam

Uses Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), a Samsung exclusive in washers that helps in promoting a quieter wash by balancing the load inside the tub smartly

With Pure Cycle feature through which the washer cleans itself automatically, offering clothes that are cleaned better and that ultimately smell better



Extra rinse can be engaged only when cycle is cancelled and then starting over


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Electrolux EWFLS70JIW


Best Front Load Washer 2020The Electrolux EWFLS70JIW Front Load Washer has patented Wave-Touch controls that activate with a simple touch. After you have activated the washing options, the selections simply fade away.  You can blend steam into selected wash cycles so clothes get that deep yet  gentle cleaning. This is a large-capacity washer of 4.42 cubic feet. It has the fastest wash cycle, with a small load finished in 15 minutes. It is able to deeply sanitize and is absolutely heavy-duty.  This front load washer has bottom-vent steam technology and varied wash motion to give you cleaner clothes.



With a host of special features including Wave-Touch™ Controls that get activated with just one touch, keeping the selected options displayed while the rest fade away, making this the best front load washer for the money

Perfect Steam™ Washer adds steam to select wash cycles so clothes get that extra deep cleansing action, resulting in whites that are incredibly, coupled with better stain removal and less wrinkles, which can reduce necessity for after-wash care of garments

Boasts of the fastest washing time at just 15 minutes for the smallest load and a Fast Wash cycle, as well as a variety of other wash cycles that include: Active Wear,  Casual, Clean Washer, Colors, Deep Clean Sanitize, Delicates, Fast Sanitize, Fast Steam, Hand Wash, Heavy Duty, Jeans, Kids Wear, My Favorites, Normal, Pet Beds, Spin Only, Steam Prewash, Stuffed Animals an Whites

Includes  Wool Cycle Options including Add Steam, Delay Start , Spin Speed, Soil Level, Temperature and Wash/Rinse Temperature



One year warranty on the tub and motor can be a bit short


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Samsung WF330ANW


Long considered the best front load washer 2020, the Samsung WF330ANW High Efficiency Front-Load Washer is super quiet. It operates without any vibration and has an extra-fast spin cycle. The WF330ANW can handle even large loads and still provide extensive cleaning and sanitizing action. It uses much less water and detergent in the cleaning process. You can barely hear the machine run, which signifies how efficiently it uses energy. More water is taken out from clothes when the machine is on fast spin cycle so drying is that much easier in the clothes dryer.



Cleans clothes better than regular top-loading machines, all without employing an agitator that tumbles clothes in the drum

With 9 preset cycles to clean different types of fabrics and four settings for water temperature, giving users a customized cleaning experience

Uses water more efficiently than other brands with a low water factor rating of 3.1, relatively lower than that of an average front loading washer

Durable stainless steel drum is resistant to corrosion and chipping, ensuring that this machine can be used longer



Front panel can be intimidating at first, but takes a learning curve to optimize its many functions and limitless options for customized washing


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Bosch WAS20160UC – Not available


The Bosch WAS20160UC Axxis has 2.2 cubic feet capacity. It has energy consumption of 120 kilowatt hours per year, making it one of the most energy efficient according to dozens of front load washer reviews 2020 everywhere. This washer can be plugged into 208 to 240-Volt electrical outlets. It can be easily installed in your laundry area without need for complex tools. The internal mechanical components are simple. This machine saves water and electricity costs by almost 40%, which has earned it an Energy Star certification.






Thanks to the GE GFWH1400DWW Stackable Front Load Washer’s energy-saving option, it has easily earned approval in many front load washer reviews 2020. This washing machine effortlessly handles the toughest stain-removing jobs including food spills and grass stains. Water temperature is boosted as the machine capably delivers unparalleled cleaning and sanitation. Select cycles can be programmed to use cold water without expense on washing performance. You can throw in larger items including jackets, blankets and comforters and this machine will still wash them with ease.