Top rated Footballs in 2018


I have just recently discovered my passion for football. My training coach has been very encouraging and gave me several tips, including the importance of choosing the right football. In this case, I have scanned through several best football reviews and asked around from seasoned players and the following products are amongst those that have been frequently recommended.


Wilson F1100 Official NFL Game Football


Best Football ReviewsBeing the one that is officially used in the National Football League, it is easy to understand why this has been a frequent recommendation in the best football reviews. After all, it would have been impossible for a football to be used by the NFL if it is not superior in terms of quality. The exclusive Wilson leather that is used in this model is also worth noting, making it unique than the other alternatives that you can be possibly confronted with. The ball comes with several layers of lining that allow such to be exceptional when it comes to durability.

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Wilson F1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Game Football


Since this model is made by Wilson, similar to the case of the product that has been mentioned above, you have sufficient reason to believe that this will be an unmatched option when it comes to the best football in 2018. Equipped with firmer texture and deeper pebbles, this will allow you to feel how it is like to play like a pro since they use the same thing. It also offers excellent grip that makes it easy to throw. Many were also very happy that it looks tough and solid, which will be indicative of its ability to withstand extended period of use.

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Wilson NFL MVP Football


This is another product from Wilson that deserves to be included in the list of the top rated football in 2018. The exclusive Wilson material that is integrated in such makes it amongst the best that you will ever find within the marketplace. The ball is also tackified, which makes it a snap to grip and to throw. Another thing that is worth noting about the design is having 3-ply bladder. The latter is basically beneficial in terms of moisture control and air retention. Like in the case of other models from Wilson that have been mentioned above, this is also unrivalled when it comes to durability.

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Wilson NCAA Composite Football


As you still try to evaluate the choices with regards to the best football in 2018, you should not forget to take a look at this model, which is as promising as the three models from Wilson that have been mentioned above. Being made from composite leather, this will be good in terms of durability and will allow you to have better grip. It has been approved for NCAA use, which makes it one of its best selling points. Whether you are playing football on the backyard or in a professional field, this will surely be an option that will not bring regrets.

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Franklin Sports Night Lightning Football


Among other things, this football has been liked by many because of its increased visibility, especially when it is used at night. The neon green panels will make it glow in the dark, and hence, making it easy to be seen. The bladder is also worth commending as it has the ability to deliver long lasting air. Since it has a junior size, this will prove to be ideal for young users. For sure, this will prove to be perfect to get them started in football, giving them a fun time as they train and practice on your backyard.

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