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When you are choosing a line for your rod, it is essential that you know which fly fishing line is the best for your particular rod. Most anglers only use one kind of line for their favorite rod. Rod manufacturers print a number on the rod that indicates the best line to use for that rod, and many anglers take that number as something that has to be followed. That isn’t always the case. In fact, some suggest that you choose up to as much as two sizes different.

While it may be confusing when it comes to choosing what’s the best fly fishing line for your rod, we have looked through some of the best fly fishing line reviews and we have created this guide to help you choose the most reliable line to use with your specific rod.

Firstly, make sure your line matches the fishing conditions. If you are fishing in rougher waters, you can use a short leader with a dry fly, whereas if you are fishing in calm waters with that same set up, you wouldn’t catch a thing. Many anglers feel that the best fly fishing lines in 2021 are generally heavier than what the manufacturers recommend, because the heavier line makes it easier to make a smoother cast.

When you are choosing new fly fishing line, know that the core of the line determines the strength and how much stretch is in the line. The core is constructed to be stronger than any tippet that will be used with the line. So, if you are using a 2 weight line, it will usually break at 20 pounds, while a heavy saltwater line may be able to handle over 40 pounds.

The stretch is important because it determines how well the line will function. If the line has too much stretch, it’ll be flimsy and be hard to control; while not having enough stretch will cause memory issues.

The best fly fishing lines of 2021 have a coating that increases the weight of the line and it is a necessity so it meets the exact weight standards that have been set the industry. The coating on the line determines if it will sink, or if it will float; and, this coating has little “balloon” like structures mixed into the coatings that allow for the best control. One caveat to this is if the line is too thick because of many micro balloons, the line will be harder to cast.

When scanning the best fly fishing line reviews, we have found that some of the newer floating fly lines use hydrophobic agents that make their coating water resistant, which allows the line to float better than the competition with the same density.

Of course, when you are choosing a line, you will want to think about how much energy will be used during the cast. This is reflected in the taper of the line. Shooting tapers are among the highest rated lines because it can greatly increase the distance when you cast out your line.

We hope that when you read through the best fly fishing line reviews, you will have a better understanding of why these particular lines called the best rated and recall the important details presented.


Things to consider:

  • You want to make sure the weight of the line matches the type of fishing you want to do. Heavier lines should be used if you are casting for distance, as it provides a smoother cast.
  • Make sure you choose a line with a strong core that has a little bit of give to it. This will ensure the line is easy to manage when it matters most.
  • Look for a line whose coating is appropriate for the type of fishing you are doing. You will want a line that sink in rougher waters and a line that will float a little in calm water.



Top fishing lines in 2021


Now that you know some things about what you should be looking for when buying fishing line, it’s time to read about the most popular lines available in 2021. Read our reviews so you can get just the right one for your fishing requirements.



Rio Gold Fly Line


The line has a unique taper design that gives you incredible loop stability, thanks to the unusual weight distribution from the rod when cast from close range. The front taper gives you an excellent turnover and presentation of flies that range between #22 and #2. This makes it an awesome general-purpose fly line that is available. The back taper is ideal for mending and for roll and one-handedspey casting. You’ll find that the color change from the head to the line makes it simple to spot the best loading point for each cast.

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Scientific Anglers Supra Floating Fly Line


This particular line has been created from the popular Ultra 4 Freshwater fly line. The high quality line is suitable for any application and the versatile tapers are designed for a wide variety of flies and can be used in many different weather conditions. The core of the line is a braided multifilament nylon, but the coating is formulated 3M PVC integrated. It is specially designed with advanced shooting technology, which gives you incredible performance over other lines in the same range. The double taper style features a longer front taper that gives you supreme accuracy from a short range.

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Scientific Angler Air Cel Fly Line


This is considered to be the original, modern floating fly line because it gives you top notch durability and buoyancy that you can depend on. The 3M PVC coating has been created with special internal lubricants that will enhance the slickness and increase the shoot-ability. This, combined with UV inhibitors, makes the line incredibly long lasting and durable. The weight forward taper is a mid-length head that is suitable for general fishing in typical conditions.

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Crystal River Fly Line Weight Forward #5


This line is great for when you are trying for far casts. It flies out of the reel smoothly when double pulled and rests on the water. The high performance line features a specially braided core that ensures a long life and incredible flexibility. The weigh forward taper lets you make casts up to 80 feet with normal sized flies. You will find that this versatile fly line can work exceptionally well over a variety of conditions.

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Crystal River Fly Line Weight Forward #6


This line is great for when you are trying for far casts, it can add up to twenty feet onto your distance when casting, and when paired with a high quality rod, you can expect at least fifty feet added onto your casting distance. The high performance line features a specially braided nylon core that ensures a long life and incredible flexibility. The weigh forward taper lets you make casts up to 80 feet with normal sized flies. You will find that this versatile fly line floats wonderfully and can work exceptionally well over a variety of conditions.

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