A Professional Flute Buying Guide:


The flute is a beautiful instrument, and no orchestra is complete without them. Able to play light trilling melodies, it is also one of the most popular instruments to learn. While only you can decide which flute is the best one for you, we can help you make an informed choice so you end up with an instrument that you will love.



When you are trying to decide what are the best instruments or brands, you also want to consider the model of the flute. Almost all new flutes are constructed from metal, but there are some that are made from wood. There are two flute models to choose from, and the best flute reviews recommend that beginning players use the plateau model. Flutes that use the French model have open centers in five of the keys. This requires you to press more firmly on the keys to prevent air from escaping, which may be a problem when you are first learning to play.


Additional Variations

There are also different styles to consider that can include a thinner metal construction, and the addition of a B foot joint. The thin wall on the instrument will produce a more responsive, higher sound, but it can be difficult for students to control when they first start playing. A B foot joint gives you the option of playing an octave lower, which is great for composing. Other instruments include an open G-sharp key, which is also an indication of the flute’s quality.



Some additional features to look for in a flute include the size of the mouth hole, which should be average. You also want to make sure the rolled edges of the holes are above the opening to prevent air leakages, and that the screws can be adjusted. The flute should also meet the pitch standard which is followed by the United States and most of Europe. You will also want to make sure that the flute is properly constructed, including supporting metal bands soldered to the body.


Buying a flute is an investment, which is why you want to find the best instrument for the money. This includes checking the construction, and ensuring that you pick a model that you can play. With the right musical instrument you could soon be playing in your own little orchestra.


Things to consider:

  • Most flutes are constructed from metal, but there are two different models to choose from. The plateau model is ideal for beginners, while the French model requires a little more expertise.
  • Different variations on the flute can give you more playing options, which is an advantage if you are composing music.
  • There are several features to look for on a flute, and it can make the difference between buying a quality instrument and wasting your money.


Top Rated Flutes in 2021


A flute is an elegant instrument that is beautiful to hear. There are several types and variations, and every flute will play a little differently. The best one for you will often depend on which instrument feels right in your hands.


Gemeinhardt 2SP Series Student Flute


This beautiful silver plated flute is designed to give you a lifetime of enjoyment. It uses the plateau model, which is ideal for beginning players. Since you do not have to worry about air escaping from the keys, you can concentrate on learning how to play. It has a rich sound that isn’t tinny, and is designed to be easy and comfortable to hold and play. The flute is affordable, which is always a bonus for student musicians, and it also features a C foot that even adult players can enjoy.

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Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute


Best Flute ReviewsYamaha is a well known manufacturer of musical instruments, and it is no exception with the silver plated flute. The flute plays in the key of C, and produces rich and vibrant tones that any student and teacher will love. The flute is designed to be durable, and also uses the plateau model. With the closed keys, it is easier to play and experiment with the G-sharp key. It is fun and easy to play, and it also fits comfortably in your hands. The carrying case is also included to keep your instrument safe. According to the best flute reviews this is the perfect instrument for students and adult players.

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Merano Nickel Silver Flute


While this flute is designed for student band players, it can also be enjoyed by adult players. The nickel plated body is designed to weather all conditions, making it the ideal flute to play in the school marching band. The padded keys prevent air from leaking so your tone always rings clear, and you get the added advantage of the split E key. One of the reasons this is considered one of the best rated flutes is the addition of the G key. There are also adjustable screws so your instrument will always be able to play beautifully.

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Mendini MFE+N+SD+PB Nickel Plated Flute


Considered one of the best flutes in 2021, the nickel plated body is beautiful and elegant. It uses the plateau model for easier playing, and includes both pads and key bumpers. This ensures that the keys are always pressed firmly down, and prevents air from escaping. There are 16 keys that also includes the split E key, and an offset G. The flute easily comes apart, and can be safely stored in the included case. It is an ideal model for anyone just getting started, or for adult players who need a high quality and affordable instrument.

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Hisonic Signature Series 2810N Flute


This is considered the best flute in 2021 with American made pads, and its durable nickel plating. The gleaming finish is beautiful to look at, and the instrument has a rich, full sound. The closed hole design is ideal for beginners, and even adults enjoy not having to worry about air escaping from the key holes. The 16 key flute plays in the key of C, which is the standard for all of these instruments. The flute’s affordable price make it ideal for students on a budget, or as a fun, practice instrument for adult flutists.

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