Top rated floor lamps in 2019


A floor lamp will make the atmosphere in the room you place it in more cozy, more intimate. When it comes to this kind of lamps you will find thousands of different models which have various styles. Picking one out of so many possibilities is quite hard sometimes, but don’t worry the best floor lamps reviews are here to save the day. The most successful lamps will be shortly described below so you know what to expect from the model you buy.


Normande Lighting JM1-884 Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp


Best Floor Lamps reviewsFor a floor lamp you can’t get a more eye-catching design then with the Normande Lighting JM1-884 which is definitely worth the money you pay for it, having a great decorative purpose and also a reliable illumination function. The glass lamps have a wire décor plus the whole pole frame is finished in a wonderful dark-brown color. The main torchiere lamp works with a 100 W light bulb while the smaller one with a 40 W one. There is no doubt about it this is one of the best floor lamps in 2019.

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Adesso 3138-01 Wright Tall Floor Lamp


The Adesso 3138-01 has a contemporary design which will look simply stunning wherever you decide to place it. The whole frame is made from walnut wood which has a black paint coating. The open-box frame also will let you place some decorative items on its 3 shelves. On the top you will find the natural silk shade which covers its 150 W light bulb, which you will have to purchase separately. You will need to assemble it when you receive it, but this is a very simple process.

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IKEA Orgel Vreten Floor Lamp


IKEA’s name for home decoration items and furniture doesn’t need to be introduced and this floor lamp model looks stunning in any corner of a room in your home, illuminating a very romantic and cozy atmosphere. The handmade paper which makes up its exterior design lets the light pass it in a unique fashion being the key for the special atmosphere. The frame is made of steel so it is solid and you need to fit it with a light bulb, because it is not included in the package. The top floor lamps reviews are very positive when describing it.

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Normande Lighting JS1-161 Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp


A great piece of décor but also with a functional purpose for a small or medium sized room in your home would be the Normande Lighting JS1-161 floor lamp. The design is simple being made out of a metal bar which has a black painted finish to it and on its top you can find the white-frosted plastic shade which covers the 150 W light bulb. Some assembly will be required but this will be extremely simple, with anyone being able to do it. The sleek design is praised by the best floor lamps reviews.

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Trademark Global 72-0820 Sunlight Floor Lamp


Sunlight won’t be in your room the whole day but if you get your hands on this floor lamp from Trademark Global you will have the advantage of bringing natural like light to a room in your home anytime you want. The light bulb which will fit this lamp will give out an impressive 1300 lumens, which makes up the main reason why this lamp has the name Sunlight. Its design is simple and sleek managing to integrate itself easily in any room.

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