Tips for buying the right flip flops:


If you’re a regular beach goer or someone who just loves the freedom of hiking or walking open toed, the best flip flops reviews must be a regular part of your  threading fare. It isn’t often that one can find the perfect pair of flip flops to wear for their beach sojourns and carefree walking and hiking. Although there are a lot of brands to choose from, it is still the user’s choice which pair to go for. Simple though it may seem, a great pair of flip flops can make or break your walking experience. You may even have already owned several pairs through the years.

However, it would be really nice to be able to get a hand on the most reliable flip flops in the market. This becomes an even greater necessity when one plans to use such footwear for their outdoor adventures and not just for occasional jaunts on the beach with friends and family. The primary element that attracts buyers to a pair of flip flops is the style. There are affordable flip flops that are open, which enable easy on and off and are lightweight. Such products are airy all over, with straps that hold the feet to the footbed. Straps may be thin or thick in width, depending on preference. Thin straps are simple but may cut into the skin. Thick straps offer more coverage. Semi-closed sandal types offer good foot support when walking, aside from giving more protection when you have to navigate around rugged terrain.

Another factor that can influence a buyer to get what they think will be the best rated product is comfort. A contoured footbed offers a lot in this department. Plastic foam may seem comfortable at the store, but such material will eventually flatten to a thin piece of useless PLASTIC. Besides, arch support and protection are literally zero in plastic foam. Air pockets may be cool, but arch support demands way more than such hype. Thick straps also contribute to comfort. Thin straps tend to stretch with time, making the flip flops loose on the feet. Make sure there’s some sort of cushiony padding on the inside of the strap. Material of the footbed should preferably be a bit abrasive, which helps you keep a secure foothold. Slippery material on the footbed and the sole can cause injury to the wearer, aside from causing blisters. Those that land in the top ten products promise a snug fit, neither loose nor too tight.

Strength and material go hand in hand when deciding on the highest rated flip flops. EVA, which many running shoes use in their construction, is a popular material. It offers great cushioning and good shock absorption aside from being lightweight. Nylon straps on flip flops can be resistant to breaking. Rubber offers better grip and less abrasion. Leather offers moisture absorption and can be comfortable on the feet. Phthalate-free PVC soles last long. The elastomer component called PE or polyethylene is from recycled material. Make sure that whatever material you choose for the best product for the money, the flip flop’s toe strap should be sewn directly to the sole, not simply passing through via a button or catch on the underside. What you want are durability, flexibility, strength and traction in a complete package.The best flip flops 2018 should have the elements presented in this buying guide. After going over the best flip flops reviews, you should be ready to get a great pair for your next trip to the beach. There are myriads of choices you can spend good money on, but do remember that your final purchase should reflect your personal taste and sensible buying practices.


Things to consider:

  • A style that fits your personality and the purpose you have in mind
  • A level of comfort that you need or are really happy with
  • Material and strength that are to your satisfaction


Top rated flip flops in 2018


Reef Fanning Men’s Sandal


The molded EVA midsole with integrated arch support is the main selling point of the Reef Fanning Men’s Sandal. EVA is compressed in a pressurized mold, which makes the midsole form a thick skin to help the sandal last long. The sandal offers value for money with its concealed bottle opener on the outsole. This means you don’t have to bring along a separate bottle opener when you’re planning to enjoy some beer at the beach with your buddies. This sandal is US-made, ensuring superior quality and craftsmanship. The heel measures approximately 1 inch, offering ample thickness underfoot. The sandal has quick-drying synthetic nubuck strap and contoured footbed, for all-day comfortand secure wearability.

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Crocs Modi Unisex Flip Flop


Made of Crocs’ patented closed-cell resin called Croslite, the Crocs Modi Unisex Flip Flop offers lightweight footwear that is comfortable, soft, odor-resistant, non-marking and superior gripping. This pair easily makes the best flip flops 2018 due to their signature massaging nub footbed, which has massaging nubs that apply gentle pressure to acupressure points. This feature helps relieve foot pain with every step and aids in stimulating well-being throughout the body. The flip flops are perfect for gardening, hiking, entertaining and boating. You’ll feel like you have nothing on your feet with this unbelievably lightweight footwear. Truly, Crocs has succeeded at bringing innovation to the way we view the simple flip flop.

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Teva Mush II Men’s Flip Flop


With a patterned textile thong and a cozy beach-ready style, the Teva Mush II Men’s Flip Flop makes the perfect footwear when you want simplicity without the laces and full feet coverage. Made of synthetic material, the Mush II has a textured, grippy-traction manmade sole that offers secure foothold. Its dual-density robust EVA midsole offers the right level of protection and cushioning to your feet. Enjoy an outdoor athletic style without the complications, with flip flops that carry normal cut and styling. The straps are securely attached deep into the footbed, ensuring strength and secure fit that holds the flip flop to the foot.

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Teva Olowahu Women’s Sandal


With a revolutionary style using a pretty crisscross design, the Teva Olowahu Women’s Sandal makes a sensible kind of footwear for the summer. Ladies can use this for backyard activities, on the beach or by the poolside. The sandal has a sturdy three-point thong construction, which holds the toes in place and prevents the sandal from slipping off easily from the foot. The soft Mush top sole is integrated with enhanced arch support to ensure comfortable wearing. Sturdy nylon webbing is used in the straps, offering extended wearability and impressive durability. The footbed is made of EVA, which provides ample support and impressively comfortable cushioning.

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Havaianas Top Flip Flop


Made in Brazil, the Havaianas Top Flip Flop is constructed using the finest, softest rubber. This flip flop is awesomely comfortable, making it the perfect footwear for your beach sojourns. The flip flops come in easy-wearing slip thong style and in a variety of beach-perfect colors. The molded rubber upper securely holds the flip flop to the foot, keeping it on at every step. The midsole is made to absorb shock so you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on sharp objects, seashells, pebbles and other such things on the sand. The durable rubber outsole offers excellent grip on surfaces. The flip flop is light on the feet, made for carefree beach frolicking.

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