If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best fitness tracker money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected adequate information about the best fitness tracker on the market by evaluating actual product performance as proven by many fitness tracker reviews of 2022 and the owner feedbacks we could find online about specific products. This has made it easy to make product comparisons that have led us to the top rated product on the market, the Fitbit One, which is perfect for the perennially active and upwardly mobile user. This model keeps track of your daily activities, helping you tell your progress towards your personal fitness goals. It tracks not only the steps you take but also the distance you cover, the calories you burn and the stairs you climb, so you can make everyday activities a lot more fun and productive. It also monitors the quality of your sleep so you know if you are getting enough and whether you need professional help to improve the way you rest. It wakes you with a silent alarm, ensuring that your sleeping partner is not bothered and that you can begin another day on time. If the Fitbit One is not available, we highly recommend going for the second best option, the Fitbit Zip.


Top rated Fitness Trackers in 2022


With the way technology has revolutionized many things, getting the perfect activity monitor or fitness tracker should be easy, right? Wrong! Measuring a range of health indicators throughout the day, a fitness tracker can help you stick to your fitness goals or reassess them for their effectiveness altogether. You can check out dozens of best fitness tracker reviews and not even come close to bagging the perfect activity monitor. A fitness monitor commonly measures body temperature, heart rate, calorie intake and calories burned, activity and inactivity, distance, sleep quality and sleep time, to name just a few. You’d best pick out one from the products described below to see what health level you are at.


Learn what fitness tracker you should pick – Expert buying tips


6Technology has grown so much that it is becoming easier to track your personal fitness and health. These new technologies include wearable trackers that can monitor your activity via an app on your smartphone. Some of the most popular fitness trackers have features that can track your activity for an extended period. Unfortunately, there is a large influx of these devices and it can be confusing deciding what is the best device for your needs. We have created this guide to help you decide what features you may find most beneficial.

The top ten fitness trackers measure many different aspects of your activities. The most generic tracker will act as a pedometer and track how far you walk and how many calories you burn. More advanced trackers can track other information such as body temperature, heart rate, calories intake and how many are burned, your sleep quality; and, it can track even how your mood is affected when you exercise.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Functions Price Available colors Battery Our Rating Where to buy

Fitbit FB103BK One

Tracks steps, calories and more $$$ Black or Butgundy Rechargeable A+ AMAZON

Fitbit FB301C Zip

Tracks ditance, sets goals and more $$ Charcoal and more 1 CR2 B+ AMAZON

Polar 90047656 Loop

Monitors sleep patterns and more $$$ Black Rechargeable B AMAZON

Basis Health Tracker

Tracks heart rate, perspiration and more $$$$$ Black 1 Lithium ion C AMAZON

Samsung SM-R3500ZKAXAR

Personalized fitness motivator and more $$$$ Black 1 Lithium ion C AMAZON


When choosing the best rated fitness tracker, you will want to make sure that it is compatible with your smartphone’s platform. It is important that the tracker can synchronize with the platform you have because, if it is not compatible—you just wasted money and the device is useless. You will want to choose a device that explicitly says it is compatible with your platform and does not say “Bluetooth 4.0.” While all platforms are Bluetooth compatible, it does not mean the device will work with all platforms.

If you want to monitor your health on your smartphone and on your computer, you may want to look for a device that has computer syncing capabilities. Look for a tracker that can be hooked up to your computer through a USB cord. By uploading your information onto your computer, you will be able to have a permanent copy of your data for easy analysis and tracking in the long term.

There are a plethora of other features that you can find in high end trackers. Depending on your budget, you can find trackers that can act as a GPS device, an alarm clock, a coaching system, and a bar code scanner. Other features like social integration and expert coaching can give you additional support you may need to help you stay on track. Of course, if these features are not important to you, you can find affordable options with a few basic features.

A fitness tracker is a convenient way to keep track of your health and monitor your progress with your fitness goals. We hope that this guide was able to provide you with some insight on some of the features that you can look for when shopping for a device.


Things to consider:

  • When looking for a device, you want to keep a budget in mind. Cheaper devices offer less features than expensive models.
  • Most trackers work in conjunction with an app that can be downloaded on to your smartphone. You want to make sure the app is compatible with your platform before you purchase the device.
  • If you want a permanent record of your data, you may want to look for a tracker that can be hooked up to your computer via USB cord. This will give you quick access to your information and also make it easier to monitor your progress over time.



Fitbit FB103BK One Wireless Activity Tracker


Best Fitness Tracker ReviewsThe Fitbit FB103BK One Wireless Activity Tracker lets you gauge how active you are as it serves as a pedometer to track the steps you make during the day. It even measures distance, stairs climbed and calories burned, giving you a sense of fulfillment when you’re reached a specific milestone. The FB103BK  does this by showing you badges that you earn, with viewable graphs and charts that demonstrate your progress. Lots of top fitness tracker reviews mention the Fitbit FB103BK thanks to its diminutive size and discreet profile. You can wear it inside your bra or on your belt or have it in your pocket.



Employs various proprietary online tools and mobile apps from Fitbit to give data on food and activities so users can create great Food Plans as well as information on everyday activities

Wearing it on the wrist at night while sleeping helps to gather data on a person’s sleep cycle, producing graphs on a personal Fitbit dashboard so one can know how restfully they sleep

Provides feedback on the day’s activities at real time to help individuals create fitness goals, stay active and keep going, measuring distance travelled, counting stairs climbed and steps taken as well as calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep

On creation of a free personal account at Fitbit.com and consequent registration of the device, the user enjoys the privilege of getting their activity data synced to 3rd generation iPad, iPhone 4S, Macs or PCs and gets real time access via a personal Fitbit dashboard



Small size of sleep data graph makes it hard to view

User has to input their swimming and  biking activities on the dashboard as the device is not designed to do that


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Fitbit FB301C  Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


Designed to be the best fitness tracker 2022, the Fitbit FB301C  Zip Wireless Activity Tracker can be made to sync automatically with Bluetooth Smart ready devices, including third generation iPad and iPhone 4S and later models. You can sync it with your PC. With the Fitbit FB301C , you can share your activities with friends or go on health activity tournaments by keeping track of calories burned, distances covered and steps made. Goals can be set and progress monitored, with milestones earning badges to give you a real sense of fulfillment.



Makes shared activities more fun by allowing by allowing multiple users to connect with each other so they can compare their activity stats, share their progress while being active and just engage in friendly competition on who does what in better time

Powered by legendary Fitbit accelerometer technology, the device provides precise info on all-day activity, basing calculations including burned calories on one’s personal profile to give more accurate figures

One gets a full picture of how they’re doing on their fitness regimen, whether they’re doing something right, or if they need to improve on their goals and activity levels



Only syncs with Apple phones

Time active chart counts sleeping times as sedentary


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1.3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

The easy-to-use 3DTriSport is perfect for kids.You can jog or walk your way to better health with this model that may not come from the world’s most popular brands of fitness trackers but does what the pricier units can do for less cost. You can simply enjoy your everyday activities while being able to monitor your progress with this innovative product.




This fitness tracker boasts the revolutionary Tri-Accelerometer (Tri-Axis) technology that measures steps accurately whether the user is positioned horizontally, vertically or flat. In addition, it can be worn around the neck, in a pocket, on the belt or hip, or even in a bag or purse. It smartly tracks your steps with its built-in Tri-Axis digital pedometer, packaged in a lightweight and impressively compact unit.

Track the calories you burn, the distance you cover, the steps you take and the time you spend exercising, with all information displayed on the easy-to-read screen. This model tracks distance in either kilometers or miles, while ensuring extreme accuracy whether the unit is placed in your bag, pocket or purse, or hung on the provided belt clip or lanyard. The unit ships with a lithium battery for reliable power, plus an instruction manual to thoroughly familiarize you with its use.



Designed to provide 100 percent satisfaction, this fitness tracker has not been designed to reset automatically for the next day, necessitating that you do manual resetting. This can be quite inconvenient for those who easily forget but it ensures that the device is able to deliver consistent performance. It isn’t a huge deal breaker and even helps you stay on track and keep a constant schedule everyday.


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PLAY X STORE Bluetooth Smart Sports

2.PLAY X STORE Bluetooth Smart Sports Bracelet

The PLAY X STORE Bluetooth Smart Sports is your perfect fitness companion. It stays with you everywhere. You can keep a reliable health record to ensure you stay on track towards your fitness goals, helping you have fun while exercising, jogging, walking and doing everyday activities.




Well designed and with a high-end styling, the PLAY X STORE Bluetooth Smart Sports comes with a cool, pure black smart bracelet attachment system. Offering minimalist style with its simple profile, this product features a strap made of environment-friendly, non-toxic TPU material that enables you to wear it easily on your wrist like a watch. The ultra-light device weighs only 1 ounce, perfect for everyday wearing. The adjustable strap ensures an easy fit according to your wrist size.

This fitness tracker accurately records daily steps and distance covered and lets you analyze data comprehensively for every state you are in. It shows your consumed calories. It provides a more extensive analysis of your sports achievement. To prevent you from living a sedentary lifestyle, it enables you to make a plan and reminds you on time to stick to your daily plan.



At its price, this fitness tracker with heart rate monitor feature offers the best value for money. One user has commented that the band has a tendency to come unclasped or to slip off. However, the band material shakes when your synced smartphone goes beyond 16 feet of distance from it to prevent the loss of your portable gadget.


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Polar 90047656 Loop Activity Tracker


Enjoy healthful living with the Polar 90047656 Loop Activity Tracker. Worn on your wrist, the Polar 90047656  enables you to accurately track your day-to-day activity or inactivity levels.  It provides motivation and guidance so you can keep at your goals with determination. Aside from showing you how many steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burned and your overall daily activity, the Loop Activity Tracker also monitors your sleep patterns and displays time of day and activity feedback on its unique LED display. Use free updated Polar Flow app and training community platform that you can sync automatically through Bluetooth Smart.



Activity tracker crafted in the USA, ensuring top quality and performance as the best fitness tracker for android by using the Polar Flow web service and the free Polar Flow app to track daily activities and inactivity with quantified data and alerts sent to a smartphone

Gathers data on sleep patterns and also provides accurate heart rate readings by employing patented Polar H6 or H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor accessory

Helps users reorient their daily activities through the use of free services that offer more analysis and guidance for users, providing activity graphs that let individuals view their periods of being active and inactive during the day, for easy comparison and convenient planning next time



It doesn’t come with a silent alarm to wake the user up when needed

Has none of the new smart apps in more expensive brands


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Basis Health Tracker


What more can you ask for from the only complete activity monitor numerously mentioned in best fitness tracker reviews ? TheBasis 900-00001-03 Fitness-Sleep- Stress Health Tracker displays perspiration rate, heart rate, steps taken, skin temperature, and caloric intake and calories burned. Wonder no more how your fitness program is going when you have the wrist-worn health tracker with you. An elegant strap upscales the older Carbon Steel edition to give you exceptional water resistance in the 2022 product edition. You won’t even need to press buttons to track your progress during various fitness activities.



Helps people get fit while stressing less and sleeping better by using a number of sensors to track heart rate, temperature, motion, perspiration rate and more, making this the best fitness tracker for crossfit

Enables users to incorporate small alterations to their daily habits so they can get better motivated to move towards their goals in a much better way through the use of revolutionary Body IQ technology that turns collected activity data to non-complex and usable insights such as Resting Heart Rate, REM and Deep Sleep

Packaged with ability for wireless syncing with select iOS and Android phones, as well as a PC or Mac to make things less complicated

Goes anywhere with the user, rain or shine, with a rechargeable battery that not only lasts over four days but also comes with a quick-charge USB Connector



Doesn’t show distance traveled

Website data not downloadable


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Samsung SM-R3500ZKAXAR Gear Fit Fitness Tracker


Have the best fitness tracker 2022 on you and you’ll never lose the motivation to do more. Activity tracking is constantly switched on so you are always prepared to tackle any activity or adventure. The Samsung SM-R3500ZKAXAR Gear Fit Fitness Tracker is designed to be water and dust resistant yet durable and light. A curved AMOLED display lets you see what has been monitored. What’s more, the Gear Fit Fitness Tracker gives you ease of control over basic smartphone functions including alarms, message quick replies and call reject.



Designed with a dustproof and water-resistant body, making the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker/ Smartwatch the best fitness tracker for cycling

Works great for avid bikers who like to cover miles in more than just a day thanks to the device’s ability to run up to three full days on just a single charge

More than an average fitness band due to the 1.84-inch Super AMOLED® display that shows emails, texts and alerts on, so one stays updated while they’re working out

User can simply tap the device to dismiss calls or disregard alarms, or even customize received alerts from other apps outside of the Samsung platform



Does not automatically set brightness levels for optimum viewing


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