Top rated Fire Starters in 2019


Winter is just around the corner and making fire in the chimney is going to happen on a regular basis by then. And since I broke my old fire starter I am going to need a new one. I prefer using fire starters over matches because they are more convenient and easy to use. Even simple things such as fire starters have to be carefully considered, especially since it’s one of the things that may cause accidents such as fire. That is why I had to check the best fire starter reviews first before making a purchase – to make sure which brands are safe to use.


The Friendly Swede Magnesium Fire Starter


Best Fire Starter ReviewsNever go camping without this excellent magnesium fire starter with you. It is one of the most important things that you need especially if you plan on spending a fortnight in the middle of a forest. According to the best fire starter reviews, the Magnesium fire starter is a well-made fire starter that has 3 flints of solid magnesium. Its magnesium body is designed to prevent causing stains on your clothes. It is very safe and easy to use, ideal for kitchen or outdoor functions.

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UST Blastmatch Fire starter


If you are looking for an easy-to-operate fire starter that is very economical and lasts long than most fire starter models on the market, you found the right product. The UST Blastmatch Fire starter is the most advanced fire starter out there. It is designed for single hand operation and it can produce up to 3 times more heat than what ordinary matches can. You can use it even in the rain or during a storm. This is the best fire starter in 2019 you can ever have.

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Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army Fire Starter


When it comes to preparedness and discipline, nothing can teach you these virtues better than by having a little camping experience. And one of the things you should always bring with you is a functional fire starter. The Light My Fire Original Swedish army fire starter is the best fire starter in 2019. It has heavy-duty properties making it endure extreme conditions and even unpredictable weather situations. This is the perfect camping fire starter tool you can have.

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Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter


Winter can be troublesome especially if you don’t have a heating system or you don’t know how to make your own fire. But luckily for you, with the Gerber Bear Grylls Fire starter, you don’t need to acquire survival skills just to make it through the winter. You can get a fire going as quickly and effortlessly with just a simple step. It has a lightweight design making it very easy to carry during camping or outdoor activities.

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UST Sparkie Fire Starter


When it comes to your safety, nothing should be taken for granted. Even in choosing simple tools such as a fire starter, you should check the top rated fire starter reviews to find out which products are safe and performs the best. These things can easily cause accidents such as fire; that is why nothing must be taken for granted. The UST Sparkie Fire starter is one of the safest fire starter models on the market and it is perfect for home or outdoor use.

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