Top rated Exhaust Tips in 2019


I have read tons of the best Exhaust tip reviews available on the web, but have not found most of them really helpful on the overall. Not only do they push certain popular brands that cost so much, but they also do not do justice to their purpose of making you a more informed buyer. Aside from being geared to replace factory-produced exhaust components, good exhaust tips should be able to reflect the car owner’s personality. Thus,  sound, car performance and visual appeal should be taken into account. More importantly, however, aesthetics should play a more minor role when the tailpipe size, the outlet size, the style, length and shape of the exhaust tip are considered. Here are five brands I deeply consider winners in all categories.


T5113BLK 12″ Black MBRP Exhaust Tip


Best Exhaust Tip ReviewsEasy to install and easy to clean. These are but two of the factors that should make this product the best Exhaust tip in 2019. Your exhaust system deserves the personalized upgrade that this product can give you in good measure. It is of stainless steel material, so you are assured that they just remain great looking a long time after your cheaper brands of chrome tips have been totally consumed by rust.  As the product requires no professional welding work or clamp-on job to get attached to your car’s tailpipe, it is quite easy to find an exhaust tip that will be to your liking. It is guaranteed not to fall off easily yet is less likely to get stolen than clamp-ons.

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EX-5016 Stainless Steel DC Sports Muffler


This top rated Exhaust tip in 2019 can fit a tailpipe neatly with its inlet measuring 2 ¼ inches. The product has an outlet measuring 3 ¼ inches. It is 16 ¼ inches long and is polished to a mirror-like finish. It is built of 100% stainless steel for a comparatively longer lifespan than chrome ones. It is also more resistant to corrosion and chipping than its chrome counterparts. It has a round shape that gives an impression of great automotive power. The slant cut adds subtle sophistication to the package. You can add stronger horsepower to your vehicle while reducing back pressure for it with this exhaust tip. It also improves your car’s looks and gives it a deeper tone.

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Gibson Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip


Make your vehicle look awesome and mean while looking really sporty with this unique product recognized in many best Exhaust tip reviews. It is of highly polished stainless steel, so it can outlast even your most expensive chrome exhaust systems. The brilliance of shiny stainless steel remains even brighter as this exhaust tip won’t rust, flake or chip like chrome does. There is a built-in clamp at the end of the exhaust tip, making the product easy to put in. Get that neat, customized look from this product that measures a foot long, and with an inlet of 2 ½ inches. The 6” x 2.75” rectangular outlet provides a terrific means of adding a unique geometric whimsy to the car.

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EX-5022 DC Sports Anodized Muffler/Exhaust Tip


The anodizing treatment that this best Exhaust tip in 2019 gets at the factory gives it a protective layer for more resilience against wearing from usage, creates a colorful and clear finish, gives it a thick outer coating that prevents oxidative damage, and makes it sturdier. The product is 15 inches long and has a 4-inch outlet and a 2.25-inch inlet. This product makes your vehicle look wicked with its aesthetically pleasing appearance. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With this exhaust tip, you can reduce the back pressure of your car while increasing its horsepower. A silencer is included should you want your car to be unobtrusive.

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Flowmaster Rolled Angle Polished Exhaust Tip


You don’t need too many tools to attach this to your tailpipe, as it requires only a wrench to install. You can get instant style and satisfaction with your car. Should you want to change styles or switch to a different look, this exhaust tip is also easy to remove. It has a rolled edge for a cleaner look, aside from a super shiny round tip. The manufacture’s logo is embossed near the three-and-a-half inch tip. It is angle cut for a meaner look. Show off your vehicle’s awesome power by installing this product and have your friends talking about your sophisticated tastes for a long time.

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