If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best electronic drum set  money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best electronic drum sets on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and overall value for the price.

Out of the products we read about, the Yamaha DTX400K stood out as the best model now available for sale. Yamaha is a company well known for producing drums, and this product is no exception. The sound quality on this set is out of this world. The interactive drum training system is a welcome addition that makes the Yamaha DTX400K ideal for beginners. Buyers praise the Voice Guidance feature that practically acts like a real life drum coach. No fewer than 10 drum kits are included in the set, for maximizing your training success.

In case you cannot purchase the Yamaha DTX400K for some reason, be it that it is out of stock or no longer available, the Alesis DM10 comes in as a close second.



Top rated electronic drum sets in 2018


Music is a major part of our lives and people go to extensive lengths to harness all creative patterns. Out of the many musical instruments one in particular seems to be wanted by thousands of people of all ages: drum sets. Which is the best electronic drum set of the many products available on the market? In order to find the ideal model, you should consult without hesitation some of the best electronic drum sets reviews and use the information towards the right end. Within a short period of time you will discover the product, capable of enriching your existing musical qualities and take them to a whole new level.


Expert buying guide on Electronic Drum Sets


For millions of people around the world music is an expression of emotions. This is why we are not surprised to see so many men and women play different instruments. Today’s musical surveys underline the growing number of drummers in the US and UK alike. In order to create smooth lyrical sounds you need to find a great electronic drum set. How to choose a great electronic drum kit is a question that puzzles thousands of young musicians. Because we wanted to help you find the most efficient product, we decided to attentively research the market. Our goal was to offer professional information on the best drum sets out there. In addition, we tried to offer people a clear picture on what makes a drum set great and thus help them know exactly what to look for.

As you probably know, a high quality drum set can add versatility and enhanced substance during live sessions. You could also opt to consult with attention the best electronic drum sets reviews, written by producers and skilled musicians. The basic operating principle of a drum set is fairly simple to understand. It usually revolves around the strong connection between rubber pads and special sensors placed inside them. When you hit the respective pad, a voltage value is sent to the sound module which triggers a particular sound. This sound will vary, coming from the drums, cymbal or other piece of the module. Depending on the velocity of your strike, a different value is reproduced, from soft to loud sound articulations. Your performance as a drummer is directly linked to your hit frequency and force.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of pieces Price Dimensions USB/MIDI function Our Rating Where to buy

Alesis DM10

6 pc $$$$$ 23 x 47 x 12.8 inches Compatible A+ AMAZON

Alesis DM6

5 pc. $$$ 34 x 22 x 14 inches Compatible B+ AMAZON

Medeli DD402

5 pc. $$ 35 x 31 x 10 inches Compatible B AMAZON

Ddrums DD1

8 pc. $$$$ 46 x 22 x 13 inches Compatible B AMAZON

Pyle-Pro PED02M

5 pc. $$ 15.8 x 32.5 x 8.5 inches Compatible B AMAZON


Most musicians already got their hands on one of the best electronic drum sets in 2018. Yet, they knew what to search for in a drum set. After consulting professional information, you will also be able to identify a product capable of enhancing your musical performance. If you want something truly special in your studio, try to find a set which has in the cymbal or drum pads two sensors. Why? Well, with more sensors in the pads, you will enjoy better sound reproduction. For example, a snare pad will produce head and rim shot, ideal for those complex parts of the song. With more control over each phase of your musical creativity, the song itself will be better.


Well, even though shopping for a brand new electronic drum set is exciting, deciding on a particular product takes a lot out of a person. Experienced or novice drummers need a drum set that can be personalised. Every phase of song development needs to be clear and without the presence of distortions. This is why when browsing through the best electronic drum sets in 2018 people take into account five important factors: sound presence, latency, pad feel, dynamic response and striking techniques. Each factor is directly attached to the drummer’s playing personality. You need to correlate information from musician testimonials. See what they use and then determine your skill level. It is important to invest in a product that can enrich your musical aspirations!


Yamaha DTX400K


1.Yamaha DTX400K





The Yamaha DTX400K is your ideal ally for training to become a drum hero. One of the flagship models produced by Yamaha, this one will not disappoint you and will provide you with all the needed features for succeeding in your training.



297 high quality sounds are included with the kit, to provide you with a great starting point for becoming a better drummer.

There are no fewer than 10 professional drum sets included in the same kit, which means that you will enjoy great versatility in a single compact drum kit.

The interactive training functions really make it a great choice for beginners. The Voice Guidance system is there to provide you with instructions and tips every step of the way, so you can channel the great artist inside you.

Three upgrades – 3-zone snare, extra crash and real pedal action, allow you to move forward and enhance your drumming skills.



The Yamaha DTX400K is a good choice for beginners, but more advanced drummers may outgrow it really fast.

A second issue is that the pedals are not as responsive as they should be, according to some owners’ reviews.


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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece electronic drum set


Are you currently trying to find a professional electronic drum set? Well, if you are then you should consult without hesitation and with an open heart the current top rated drum sets reviews. As you probably already saw, the data points out to Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece drum set, which can help you, create beautiful music, whenever you want. This advanced and premium electronic drum set features DM10 high definition drum module which gives you the extra assistance in making quality music. It includes the exclusive Dynamic Articulation technology that changes the drum timbre, maintaining a realistic feel to the musical experience.



Carries revolutionary acoustic-feeling Real Head pads in both 8-inch and 10-inch sizes, which are dual zone pads that have genuine Mylar heads and three-flanged counter-hoops to give  real acoustic feel on demand

Dual zone tom and snare pads enable user to do rim clicks and rim shots aside from assigning other sounds including gongs, cowbells and cymbals while on the tom rims

Uncompressed samples from real cymbals and drums can be expanded by employing MIDI/USB to control software modules and instruments

Real Head Kick Pad allows use of virtually any single or double kick pedal, for versatile performance on demand



Cables come pre-cut to length so drums and cymbals have precise positioning, engineered for optimal audio delivery

Base drum module is top heavy for superior performance on deck


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Alesis DM6 USB kit electronic drum set


Best electronic drum sets reviewsCreating music is something that you’ll be able to do whenever you feel the creative shivers running down your spine. Well, if you are going on the wild side then Alesis DM6 USB kit electronic drum set is the ideal way to go. As one of the best electronic drum sets in 2018, this musical instrument will give you complete freedom. It comes with 5 pieces and cymbal pads that keep the sound clear and just to your liking. This electronic drum set comes with DM6 module that contains 108 top-notch cymbal, drum and also percussion sounds. Now that sounds pretty darn exciting, no?



Built with exceptionally realistic playing surfaces and a rugged rack system, providing 108 premium cymbal, drum and percussions instruments aside from a sequencer that supplies play-along tracks

Built with a recorder, a metronome, a mix-in jack for integration with an iPod and lots more

Natural-feel playing surfaces and rubber drum help ensure that vibration feedback is kept to a minimum

Five custom slots and 10 presets combine with USB output so notes played are sent out as MIDI signals, for effective integration with drum module software



Firmware may need updating to sound even better

Pedals designed to be used on carpeted surfaces


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Medeli DD402 Electronic drum set


Any experienced musical player understands the importance of high quality being embedded in every inch of the drum set. Well, as some of the latest best electronic drum sets reviews pointed out, Medeli DD402 Electronic drum set deserves more than your attention. This special model comes with 4 drum pads, a Hi-Hat pedal, Bass drum trigger and 3 cymbal pads which you can use without any restriction whatsoever. Furthermore the drum set comes with 108 voices, 10 drum kits, demo song and also 40 patterns which enhances the musical creation pattern. You will be able have complete liberty while creating great music.



Portable drum set made to be the best electronic drum set for beginners, with a compact yet lightweight design that makes it ready to use in just minutes

Bundled with ten kit sounds that are unique from one another so aspiring drummers and musicians can start playing immediately

Comes with snares, drums and a foot pedal all made of superior quality and durable elements to offer better value down the road

Musical tones can be created easily with option to employ multiple connectivity via a plug-and-play system



May not carry the full features of a professional drum set but still approximates more expensive platforms to help budding musicians find their niche

Compact electronic drum kit meant for home use, not professional purposes


“I think that for practicing at home this drum set is one of the most reliable models in the market. The snares, its pedals all work well and I am quite satisfied for my purchase. I bought it on Black Friday for a price under $375.” – Lee A. Norton


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Ddrums DD1 Electronic drum kit


Are you shopping for a great electronic drum set, capable of becoming a real source of quality music? If you are then you need to learn more things about Ddrums DD1 electronic drum kit, a model which can be used without any problems whatsoever. This drum set is a great addition to any musician, offering a great musical experience. It is ideal for tight environments where space represents an issue. Easy to and pretty fun to manage, this drum set is a great alternative to your acoustic drum set. Furthermore the drum kit comes with 20 preset kits, 50 preset songs and 10 user kits, ideal for any musical endeavour.



Five-piece system carries the exclusive Ddrum module that incorporates a wide array of 218 Ddrum quality percussion and drum sounds  aside from 10 user-programmable kits, 20 preset kits and 50 preset song selections

Comes with a crash cymbal pad, a hi-hat controller pad, a kick drum pad with stand, a ride cymbal pad and four single-zone drum pads, for that immersive, professional quality without the complications

Solid rack system provides rigid support to all electronic drum kit components so the aspiring musician can enjoy full sound without worrying about kit strength

218 sounds broken down into: 64 miscellaneous percussions; 14 high hats; 22 cymbals; 24 electronic toms; 42 accessory toms; 12 electronic snare drums and 40 accessory snare drums



Bass drum not sensitive enough, only to give way to other components

Sound selection limited to support the lower price tag


“Now I know what’s the best electric drum set for home use, the Ddrums DD1. I have all that I need to practice and create, although there is a small inconvenience with the bass drum, but nothing too serious. My wife managed to make the best Christmas present ever through this set.” – Erik Osterhout 


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Pyle-Pro PED02M electronic thunder drum kit – Not available


Looking for a great drum set can be pretty hard without the right information, yet somehow you shouldn’t give up. Today, a growing number of people are using with confidence Pyle-Pro PED02M electronic thunder drum kit, which can create great music, in the right hands. This compact and all-in-one musical solution features 11 pre-set drum kit with around 4 variations. Furthermore the kit includes a built-in metronome, 2 cymbal pads and advanced drum rack. It also has a built-in MP3 player and recorder, A-B looping learning feature and a sound generator of 16 bit/44.1 kHz 3D sound high quality stream.



Engineered to feel and sound like an actual drum set minus the bulky size and heavy weight of real drum components, to provide a contemporary spin with pre-recorded songs and sound kits including hard and soft rock, pop, jazz and electronic beat and a host of others that can be recorded

Digital sound module with console control enables the system to communicate with, control and synchronize with drum machines, samplers, sound cards, MIDI controllers, synthesizers and computers in order to deliver peerless audio fidelity

Makes it easy to sync MP3 files from a PC’s media library and incorporate them with the system to create head-blasting music and rhythm via the line in and line out, headphone jack, MIDI in and out and SD memory card slot

Digital sound module built with LCD screens and a host of configuration controls so user can create customizable and truly unique rhythms



Complicated set-up and components may not make this the best electronic drum set for beginners, as it is more a professional drum kit

Poorly executed diagrams for the set, which can require a modest amount of research to put together optimally


“I’m not sure which electric drum set is the best, but I’m positive this is one of the top 10 models in 2018. It sounds great when I play it and the only problem I had with it was when I set it up.” – James Sims