If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best electric string trimmer money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best electric string trimmer on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Dewalt DCST920P1 is the best because it comes with a brushless motor that is durable and efficient. It is able to cut a 13 inch path through weeds and grass so you can quickly finish your yard chores. You will also appreciate how easy it is to advance the cutting line simply by tapping the trimmer on the ground. If the Dewalt DCST920P1 is not available in your area, you could consider the Black & Decker MTC220 as it is the second best option.


Comparison Table


Product Voltage Price Weight Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Black & Decker NST2118

18V $$$ 6.4 lb 8.5″L x 4.81″W x 41.31″H A+ AMAZON

Black & Decker LST220

20V $$$ 5.2 lb 8.5″L x 4.8″W x 41.3″H B+ AMAZON

Toro 51487

24V $$$$ 7.2 lb 5″L x 12″W x 42″H B+ AMAZON

Earthwise ST00015

120V $$ 8.5 lb 54″L x 16″W x 10″ H B AMAZON

GreenWorks 21212

120V $$ 7 lb 39.6″L x 9.8″W x 4.3″H B+ AMAZON


Buying Guide


Using plastic lines to cut greenery and to even trim right up to rocks, stems and trees, the best rated electric string trimmer works without the weight and fumes of gas-driven and gas-and-oil models. What is the best electric string trimmer? It is best to answer that by first knowing about the essential elements that make a great product.


Pivoting Cutting Head

Whether corded or cordless, the most reliable electric string trimmer is easy to start, ensuring great weed whacking jobs with no fumes, no earsplitting noise and no mixing fuel. But models with one-step action adjustment to enable edging are perfect, thanks to a swivel cutting head. Such a feature enables you to turn the head of the string trimmer up to 90 degrees, giving you freedom to manicure sharp edges along flowerbeds, walkways, driveways and sidewalks. It can be difficult to trim edges to that neat, well-maintained, no-spots-missed appearance if the cutting head is fixed to an immobile position. The string may not be able to reach those annoyingly tall weeds on the edge, so you might have to resort to manual scissor cutting. But with a pivoting cutting head, you always do a complete job.


Line Swap

It can be annoying to have to trim a really large yard or lawn and the line runs out, needing quick replacement on the spot. Thus, some people bring an extra line in their pocket while working. But the problem is, how will you swap lines? Will the trimmer you’ve been wielding let you replace the line without a tool? If it’s a genuinely highest rated electric string trimmer, it will. With such a model, you just have to use your fingertips or snap off the trimmer head to remove the old string, and put in a fresh load of trimmer line. You will not have to make a run for the tool shed to find the perfect implement to help you do the line swapping job. It should be that easy and convenient!


Line Feed

Need more line to finish the job? When you’ve got the most reliable electric string trimmer in your hands, this should never be a problem. When the model you own is geared with Bump Feed line advance, you simply tap the head of the machine on the ground and it responds with more line released. It is normal that the line wears out and breaks off as you go along with the weed whacking work, but with bump feed, more cutting line is made available to you with a simple tap to the ground. Models with Auto-Advance line feed allow you to get more line ready for trimming via two mechanisms: through a lever or button that is pushed to advance more line; and auto-sensor technology, where the unit “detects” the need for more line and advances it automatically.


Remember to choose a unit from the top ten electric string trimmers that you believe will work best for the size of the yard, garden or lawn that you have. Buying an electric string trimmer under a budget is ideal, as long as you know exactly what you’re getting and plan to optimize your purchase as best as you can.



Products for specific needs:


Best electric string trimmer with wheels


Black & Decker MTC220


Perhaps you own a small yard so buying a huge chunky mower is out of the question. To effectively address your yard grooming issues, why not get the Black-&-Decker MTC220 Cordless 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger/Mower? This is the best electric string trimmer with wheels, thanks to its mower deck built with two height adjustment selections that lower and raise all four wheels. This unique feature enables you to get three-in-one functionality in just one sleek device. You get a string trimmer, mower and edger for yards measuring up to 1,200 square feet. The MTC220 also tackles grooming for yards with difficult-to-access spaces and small inclines.


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Best electric string trimmer with edger attachment


Toro 51480


Built powerful, durable and highly versatile, the Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger packs high-end features without the hefty price tag. It’s the best electric string trimmer with edger attachment due to its one-step walk-behind edging, with which you can convert from a string trimmer to an edger in seconds. Just push the button and you get an edger that has a guide wheel, which helps you move along smoothly so you don’t cut the grass too low and expose the stems of the grass blades. Get back to using the trimmer  function by pushing the same button again. Yes, yard work can be so uncomplicated when you have the Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger on hand.


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Best string trimmer for mowing lawn


WORX GT 2.0 WG160


The WORX GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Trimmer/Edger offers three-in-one versatility that lets you do edging, grass trimming plus mowing, making it the best string trimmer for mowing lawn. The dual position wheels work efficiently to enable conversion to a mini-mower, giving you detailed trimming in hard-to-reach areas and around landscape. The machine has a large 12-inch cutting diameter, so you can do more trimming at every pass.  It  easily converts from a trimmer to an edger in seconds, requiring no tools. And because it’s cordless, you don’t have to be limited by reach when you have to go around the yard to the far edge. The string trimmer’s 20-volt cordless max lithium battery gives you high power and longer runtime.


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Top rated electric string trimmers in 2021


If you are looking for the perfect equipment to have in maintaining your backyard, you should consider the models of electric trimmers that will be mentioned in this article. These models have been given positive feedbacks in numerous best electric string trimmer reviews, which can be an assurance that they are dependable options, given the multiplicity of options that you can find in the marketplace.


Dewalt DCST920P1



Trimming back weeds and tall grass from around trees and flower beds doesn’t have to take all day if you have the right lawn and garden tools. This electric string trimmer by Dewalt is easy and convenient to use. It is capable of cutting a 13 inch path through tough weeds and tall grass so your yard always looks neat and well maintained. It comes with a brushless motor that is designed for durability, and when this is combined with the patented gear system it is also extremely efficient. The speed is adjustable making it easy for you to conserve battery power so you can finish trimming larger yards without having to stop and recharge the battery.



Weighing only 8.5 pounds this electric string trimmer is lightweight and easy to control.

It comes with a 20V lithium ion battery and convenient charger so the trimmer is always ready to go.

The brushless motor is designed to last and provide you with an efficient performance.

With the included warranty you can have complete confidence in your purchase.



Some consumers have reported that after a few uses it seems like the battery is not holding a charge as long as it should. While this can be frustrating, it should be noted that over time it is normal for reusable batteries to have problems staying charged and this is usually a sign that it needs to be replaced.


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Black & Decker LST220


Because this model makes use of 20-volt lithium ion battery, it is regarded as having longer functionality compared to other models within the product category that make use of standard batteries. It is also good to mention that the battery, in spite of being packed with reliable power supply, is very light, so as the unit itself. With the battery attached to the product, the total weight of this trimmer, which also transforms into an edger, is only 5.2 pound, making it easy to maneuver since it is lightweight.



Received high marks of efficiency from the current best cordless electric string trimmer reviews, written by gardening specialists

Incorporating flexible cutting transitions from trimming to edging actions the string trimmer helps people perform high end cutting on weeds and grass with limited effort

Benefiting from an exclusive 2 year warranty and powered by a reliable 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery the trimmer delivers precise cuts when needed

Energy Star rated this trimmer and edger uses professional automatic feed spool which maintains fluid functionality without getting into bumps during tasks



Does not include a detailed operating instruction manual but it comes with brief descriptions on each trimming function


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Earthwise ST00015


In looking for a trimmer, one of my primary considerations is its ease of use, especially if I anticipate using such in a large area and for a prolonged period. In this case, one ideal option is this model from Earthwise, which, according to many users, is a breeze to operate. Hence, it has allowed them to do more within a short period of time. It is loaded with adjustable features that can be tailored to the specific needs of its users.



Designed by skilled Earthwise engineers to deliver amazing trimming performance the ST00015 is powered by 6.25-amp motor which easily cuts through twigs, weeds and grass

It features a fully adjustable handle and head that permits users to safely adapt to front and back yard grass unique characteristics

The electric string trimmer maintains a quiet trimming performance while the grab handle and solid telescopic shaft ensure accurate results during each task

This powerful trimmer includes a motor that operates at speeds of 7500 RPMs more than enough to cut down different types of surrounding grass



Does not include a detailed user manual but more information can be consulted at professional gardening websites


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GreenWorks 21212


While not the newest electric string trimmer on the market, the GreenWorks 21212 is still viewed as a reliable choice. If you go over the fact that it’s corded, which is a slight disadvantage, you can appreciate its powerful 4 amp motor. While not as maneuverable as a cordless model, it still can offer a precise cutting path. Also, its telescopic shaft can be adjusted depending on the height of the user. Another advantage for this trimmer is its price range, which is insignificant compared to other models. If you are looking for an affordable trimmer, then our experts suggest buying the GreenWorks 21212.



A large 13 inch cutting path, to get the job done quicker

A powerful 4 am electric motor

Environmentally friendly unlike gas string trimmers

An affordable price, much lower than cordless models

A very long power cord for increased mobility



Because it has such a powerful motor, it can prove to be slightly on the heavier side for some users

The adjustable shaft may prove a bit short for taller users


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Black & Decker NST2018 – Not available


In reading various best electric string trimmer reviews, one that I found to be a reason for the satisfaction of the users of this model is the gear drive transmission, which is a patented innovation from the manufacturer. Because of such feature, the torque of its engine is optimized, allowing its superior trimming capability. In addition, another good feature in this model is the telescoping shaft that can be easily adjusted depending on the height and preferences of the person using the product.




Black & Decker NST2118 – Not Available


Best electric string trimmer reviews

The Power Drive Transmission technology is one of the features that I liked most about this electric trimmer, which has also been lauded in numerous best electric string trimmer reviews. Because of such innovative feature, this trimmer is more powerful and dependable. Additionally, another thing that I liked about this model is it is a snap to launch its functionality. You simply need to pull the trigger and you can already conveniently use it to trim the grasses on your backyard.



Designed by the amazing engineering Black & Decker team, the NST2118 string trimmer is powered by 2 18-volt batteries for smooth gardening tasks and precise cuts on weeds and grass

It incorporates PowerDrive transmission which directs power from the motor to the sharp cutting string which allows users to get the job done in record time

Considered the best cordless electric string trimmer 2021 this product easily converts from trimmer to edger, depending on the cutting needs

Benefits from 2 exclusive manufacturer warranty and 30-day positive results guarantee which permits people to use it without reservations



Some users consider the string trimmer a bit heavy to manoeuvre due to the 6.4 pounds weight




Toro 51486 – Not Available


One thing that makes this trimmer from Toro a good choice is the Auto-Feed Trim Line, which automatically chooses the right cutting length for the grass that is being trimmed. In addition, it also has Power saver Adjustable Cut. With this, you can change the cutting length and lower it by as much as two inches in order to save on the consumption of power. This trimmer is powered by a 24-volt battery, which provides more than enough that will be needed for a day’s job.



Powered by 24-volt max lithium-ion battery this amazing electric trimmer from Toro delivers the necessary power for even the most challenging of gardening tasks

Weighing only 8 pounds the electric trimmer features a special 12-inch cutting width which permits users to get the job done in record time and with minimal physical effort

This trimmer doesn’t include an extension cord which allows people to easily trim down front walks, driveways and even patios

Features a unique automatic feed line system which manages to enhance the overall trimming functions irrespective of the grass characteristics



Some assembly might be required (first of all consult with attention the instruction manual for quick results)




Electric string trimmers. What to Look for:


Caring for a small or medium sized lawn is hard work, especially when dealing with ornaments and trees. Fortunately there are special gardening instruments that can provide proper assistance during various tasks. According to some of the latest online surveys it seems that a growing number of gardeners and landscaping specialists use with complete confidence electric string trimmers in order to cut out of place weeds and branches. The wide range of trimmers available on the market makes it pretty difficult for people to pick only one product within a short period of time. If you are looking for a professional string trimmer, this article will undoubtedly offer aid in the maze of models available for purchase.

It is very important to have an accurate understanding on what makes the electric string trimmer great. Now, we took the liberty of testing with attention 20 of the most used models in 2021 for over 80 hours. At the end of the test sequence we were able to write the best electric string trimmer reviews, which you should consult during the selection process. Using a professional string trimmer ensures amazing results. At the end of each trimming session, you will be able to set the basis of a beautiful lawn with absolutely no mishaps. A good string trimmer is lightweight and features a comfortable handle. Users need to easily manoeuvre the string trimmer and thus spend only a couple of minutes in the yard, trimming away out of place grass. Usually a steady string trimmer will weigh from 5 to 10 pounds, more than enough to handle even the toughest of trimming tasks.

With the best electric string trimmer 2021 you will be able to get the job done in just a couple of minutes. Now, you should also know that most string trimmers have a working radius from 50 to 100 foot from the electric outlet (extension cord). These models are perfect for small and medium-sized yards. Anything over 1/4 acre requires the use of additional extension cords, for fast access to the respective areas. Minor trimming tasks like cutting weeds and grass become easier to handle and with minimal effort on your part. There are a couple of things that you need to take into account before deciding on one single product. One of the most important components of a string trimmer is the swivel cutting head. Responsible with all the cutting actions the swivel cutting head turns op to 90 degrees and thus reaches more delicate areas.

How to find the best electric string trimmer 2021? Well, this is a tough question but easy to answer once you go through specialist recommendations. You should also spend a lot of time in learning about trimming techniques. It is important to safely manoeuvre the trimmer in order to cut near sidewalks, flower beds and also different types of driveways!


Things to consider:

  • Swivel cutting head that can turn to 90 degrees
  • Enhance manoeuvrability around obstacles
  • Powerful motor and working radius up to 100 foot