Top rated electric kettles in 2019


An electric kettle in your kitchen has a very defined use and that is to warm you water so you you can make some delicious tea, hot chocolate or any other hot drinks. The market offers a wide variety of ketles and choosing the right one is not as easy as it seams. With a lot of products that are not of a high standard, reading some suggestions by other users is the way to go before making a decision. Here are the top electric kettles in 2019 after putting them to the test.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity (liters) Price Power (W) Material Our Rating Where to buy

Proctor Silex K2070Y

1 $$$ 1000 Plastic/Stainless Steel A+ AMAZON

Cuisinart CPK-17

1.7 $$$$$ 1500 Stainless Steel A AMAZON

Hamilton Beach K6080A

1.8 $$ 1500 Plastic B+ AMAZON

Aroma Hot H20 X-Press

1.5 $$$$ 1500 Stainless Steel B AMAZON

Presto 02703

0.95 $$ 750 Plastic/Stainless Steel C+ AMAZON



Proctor Silex K2070Y Electric Kettle


Best electric kettle reviews

The Proctor Silex K2070Y is a very popular electric kettle and this is because it is very reliable. With a 1 liter maximum capacity it boils your water in no time so you may have your delicious tea. I liked about it that the spout is nonspill so no unwanted accidents with bioling watter occur. It also shuts itself off when the water has reached its optimum temperature so you can let it do its job and you go about your usual business.

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I am happy to have the Proctor Silex K2070Y Electric Kettle at home. This is the product I always used especially in the mornings. The product easily warms the water and will stop the heating process once it reached the high temperature. The product is all I need. You can have this from Amazon.” Marion Schmitt


Cuisinart CPK-17 Electric Kettle


I really like the Cuisinart CPK-17 because its main body is made out of staineless steel for a good purpose and also for a great looking design. A huge capacity is managed by it being able to boil 1.7 liter of water. Also it can keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes in case you just forget about it for whatever the reason. These features and more, make out of it one of the top electric kettles there is.

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The Cuisinart CPK-17 Electric Kettle has the ability maintain warm water even in 30 minutes duration because of the stainless coating the product has. It also has a very nice design which makes it good to the eyes. This product has the perfect blend with my kitchen. Buy one now!” Virgil Sipple


Hamilton Beach K6080A Large Kettle


The best electric kettle reviews are very pleased with the performaces of the Hamilton Beach Large kettle. The capacity is one of the biggest I have seen with 1.8 liters when it is fully loaded with water. If you want to put it to the test you will see that it is much faster than a microwave even when it has full capacity. It automatically shuts off when the water has boiled and you don’t have to worry about spilling any hot water, because it is drip free.

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The Hamilton Beach Large Kettle automatically stops once the heat was reached. You don’t have to make anything but just to wait. This is the best thing about the product. It can warm up to 1.8 liters of water so it can accommodate and serve many people at a time. ”  Randi Evans


Aroma Hot H20 X-Press Kettle


One of the top electric kettles in 2019 which will boil your water in no time so that you can serve your hot drink is the Aroma Hot H20 X-Press. The big water capacity of 1.5 liters which gets boiled in just one minute is the feature that pleased me the most about this kettle. The handle is made from a meterial that doesn`t get hot so you don`t have to be afraid of getting burned when you pick it up.

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You don’t have to wait for so long with the Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20 Kettle. This kettle is very much effective in heating your water instantly while doing something. You don’t have to worry in touching the electric kettle because its body doesn’t get hot easily. The product is all you need to have.” Grace Raymond


Presto 02703 Electric Kettle


The Presto 02703 resembles somewhat the kettles of older times but with a bit of futuristic design as well, a look that I personally like very much. A big variety of hot drinks, soups, gelatin desserts can be done after you have boiled the water super fast in this small but very useful device. The best electric kettle reviews have a very good opinion about it, praising its design sand features.

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The Presto 02703 Electric Kettle is a very stylish kettle it was designed with modernity. The futuristic scheme and coating is another story of this electric kettle which I like the most. It is also easy to use. you can make other things while waiting for the water to become warm.” Mary Widmer