Top rated electric brooms in 2018


It is important to keep your home clean and right to your standards. With less effort and more time to you, cleaning operations need to be done quick and easy. How can you accomplish this particular objective? Well, you need to use professional cleaning devices, capable of cleaning various types of surfaces with precision. Today, more and more people use with confidence electric brooms, cleaning devices that can handle anything. To this end you should consult with attention some of the present best electric brooms reviews, capable of becoming your best friend in cleaning easy and fast different types of floors.


How to select the best electric broom – Buying tips


Today, more and more people want in their homes professional electric brooms, designed to accurately clean different surfaces. The market’s offer on such cleaning devices is blossoming with each passing month. As a result, you have the possibility of choosing a high quality electric broom, capable of matching each room’s unique particularities. The wide range of products makes it pretty hard for you to simply narrow things down to only one product. It is important to take into a couple of factors while going through the many models available for purchase. With the right electric broom you will be able to safely clean with minimal effort every room of the house. So, at the end of this buying guide you will be able to know exactly what to look for in a brand new product.

Since not everyone has the spare time to go through the best electric broom reviews we took the liberty of doing the research with attention. People need to use a professional cleaning device whenever they have to face debris, dust or dust. The first thing that you have to take into consideration is choosing a corded or cordless model. Recent statistics showed that a growing number of men and women use cordless cleaners whenever they clean. It is easy to understand why. Such devices free people from having to deal with the hassle of relocating from one place to another. No more pesky wires hanging over your shoulders as you clean. Another important aspect relies on the cleaner’s capacity to work for more than 30 minutes. Depending on the battery’s capacity, you can opt for brooms that last even 60 minutes on a single charge.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Corded – Cordless Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Rowenta Delta Force

7.5 lb $$$ Cordless No A+ AMAZON

Dyson DC44 Animal

10.2 lb $$$$ Cordless Included B+ AMAZON

Electrolux 1030A

11 lb $$$ Cordless Included B+ AMAZON

Hoover SH20030

10 lb $$$ Corded No B AMAZON

Electrolux EL1014A

5.5 lb $$ Cordless Included B AMAZON


Finding the best electric broom in 2018 may prove to be quite a challenging task without proper assistance. Now, a good model should include an advanced HEPA filter or accurate allergen filtration system. This particular component is very important because it manages to remove even the smallest of dust particles. The cleaners should also come with a wide cleaning path, helping you cover faster a lot of ground with minimal effort. Large rooms can become a bit harder to clean if the cleaning instrument has a small opening. Furthermore you have to make sure that the electric broom comes with different types of attachments. For example: crevice tools, wands and upholstery tools can help people clean faster than ever various surfaces.

It is very important to locate the best electric broom in 2018 and use it whenever you need to clean. As so many people pointed out, the device should benefit from an exclusive warranty. This particular warranty permits you to get your money back if for any reason the broom doesn’t work. For enhanced cleaning performance you have to purchase a product that is officially approved in matters of efficiency by other people. So, it doesn’t hurt to sneak a peek at user testimonials when you’ve come to terms with one particular model.


In order to purchase the best electric broom in 2018, you need to look for:

–         HEPA filter, which manages to remove even the tiniest of dust or allergens from different surfaces

–         Special attachments that will help you clean even the tightest of spots around the house

–         Light weight construction which permits you to efficiently clean with minimal physical effort

–         Manufacturer warranty, keeping you protected in case of technical malfunctions



Rowenta Delta Force 18V stick vacuum cleaner


Your home deserves to be clean and dirt or dust free! This is where Rowenta Delta Force 18V vacuum cleaner comes into play and helps you to clean different surfaces. This model from Rowenta, features delta force cyclonic system that manages to vacuum through 3 filtration systems and picks by up to 99% of dust out of hard floors! It includes an exclusive delta suction head with one central and 2 small canal, which suction with more accuracy the area around. The cleaner has an ergonomic handle that permits you to manoeuvre easily around furniture sets. You can’t go wrong with this cleaner!



Cleaning low to medium pile carpets as well as area rugs and hard floors becomes an easy task thanks to this product that is many people’s choice for the best electric broom for hard floors 2018

Carries the revolutionary delta force cyclonic system from Rowenta, which quickly takes and pushes vacuumed air through 3 filtration systems for more suction power

Built with patented delta suction head that has one large central and two small canals so suctions is always maximized around all edges of the head

Cordless for ease of use, with an extra-large ergonomic handle, comfortable loop handle with soft grip and an excellent rechargeable battery capacity



Has a rechargeable Nickel-cadmium battery that needs some time to charge

Small head cleans small areas efficiently and may require time to handle larger areas


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Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2


Best electric brooms reviewsThe market offers a wide range of electric brooms, designed to clean various floors and help you spend little time cleaning. According to the current best electric brooms reviews, you can use with confidence Dyson DC44 animal digital broom, a model that gives you the possibility to clean without any problems. If you have a pet, then this broom will certainly get the job done. It is powered by a reliable Dyson digital motor that delivers the right force to clean. This electric broom features a motorize floor tool, accompanied by carbon fiber brushes and also an ultra-fine conductive carbon fiber.



Carries the legendary Dyson digital motor that works 3 times faster than conventional motors, making this the most power-efficient cordless vacuum

Comes with a special motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes to enable efficient cleaning of various types of surfaces

Ultra-fine conductive carbon fiber brushes provide effective cleaning of hard floors while rotating nylon brushes draw out ground-in dirt from carpets

Provides 20 minutes increased run time, which also means 20 minutes of high constant suction, to help finish cleaning jobs in less time



Small lint bin needs constant emptying thanks to the vacuum cleaner’s powerful suction power

Power brush is just big enough for small jobs


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Electrolux 1030A Ergorapido Ion Bagless stick vacuum


Investing in a reliable vacuum cleaner is important because thus you keep your home cleaner than ever. In the present you can opt for one of the best electric brooms in 2018 from Electrolux, 1030A Ergorapido Ion bagless, a model that cleans any type of floor. Powerful, easy to manage and quite affordable, this cleaner offers the cleaning benefits of a handheld vacuum and of a stick vacuum. It is powered by a lithium 18V battery that allows you to clean for 30 minutes straight with interruptions. Furthermore the cleaner comes with a LED headlight that shows the cleaning path with ease.



Combines the exceptional benefits of a stick vacuum and a handheld cleaning tool, with the handheld fitting right into the stick vacuum and that can be detached by a simple push of the release buttons located at the sides

Has a charging time that is four times faster than other brands in the same class, with a lithium battery that provides 50% more power than other brands

Always operates at full power during the entire cleaning period, with a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry all over the house

Stick vacuum has a swivel head that turns 180 degrees on the floor base, making the vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver around furniture legs



Not meant for cleaning of carpets

Built heavier than other models to accommodate powerful cleaning features


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Hoover SH20030 corded cyclonic stick vacuum


Finding the best cleaning device sounds like a real challenge, given the multitude of products available on the market. Given the present top rated electric brooms reviews, it’s easy to understand why thousands of people use Hoover SH20030, a sleek cordless cleaner, capable of handling any cleaning job. This lightweight cleaner includes a powerful WindTunnel technology that removes dirt, dust and stains. Due to its multi-cyclonic cleaning core and the 20 feet cord, this advanced device is powerful enough to clean different spaces and floors. Furthermore the cleaner can be used to clean under beds, tables, furniture and other places.



Long cord measures 20 feet, which eliminates frequent switching of outlets just to complete the entire cleaning job for the house or just a room

Gets into hard-to-reach or confined areas and spaces thanks to the sleek design and comparatively slimmer profile than other brands in this product category

Featured many times in countless best electric broom for hard floors reviews thanks to its being a powerful upright vacuum cleaner with an incredibly lightweight body

Offers convenient and easy draw cleaning power to handle accidental breaks and light spills, with full-strength suction energy and an efficient multi-cyclonic cleaning core



Reclines back to a limited degree to clean under beds, and does well under edges of chairs


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Electrolux Ergorapido EL1014A cordless cleaner


Are you ready to clean easy and fast any type of surface? Well, if you are then you should consult the present user electric brooms testimonials and understand better why thousands of people use with confidence Electrolux EL1014A cordless cleaner. This sleek and ultra-light vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning different types of bare floors. The bagless design, gives you more precision during various cleaning operations. It weighs around 5-1/2 pounds and measures around 42 inches, being the ideal cleaning device to handle around the house. Due to the cyclonic wind technology this cleaner manages to pick up dirt fast and easy.



Ideal choice for quick cleaning and pick-up jobs, with slim and lightweight profile and cordless vacuuming power

Revolutionary bagless design integrates a no-touch dust cup plus a snap-spring filter, for efficient elimination of dirt and easy emptying while eliminating the costs of replacement bags

Two-position switch allows choices between high and low power and back again in a snap, with  a motorized brush roll that helps in the thorough cleaning of tile, hard wood and other bare floors

Wall-mountable charging station also doubles as a convenient and easy storage place for the unit, with the vacuum cleaner only needing between 15 to 20 hours to completely recharge when the battery is fully drained



Needs to be supported when taken off the charging unit

Does not have the suction or power level of regular-sized vacuums but works well for quick pick-ups and touch ups


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