Top rated drafting tables in 2019


If you are an amateur or a professional then your holy place where all the magic happens is the drafting table. If you don’t have one yet and you are searching for one then the best drafting tables reviews will have all the answers. It won’t take you long to read them and you will surely discover the table which has the best characteristics for yourself. Don’t buy the first thing you see because you will often make the wrong decision.


Studio Designs Vision Craft Station in Sliver/Blue Glass


Best Drafting tables reviewsWith this drafting table made by Vision you can surely carry on your work in the best conditions possible. The tempered blue safety glass gives the whole table a very eye pleasing design which will make you even more focused on the task at hand. Get yourself well organized as well through its 3 plastic molded drawers which slide out very easily. The main frame is made out of stainless steel which grants it extra durability. Many are viewing it as one of the top rated drafting tables in 2019 because it comes with the complete package.

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Alvin CraftMaster Drafting-Drawing Table


A nice overall design and a top functioning value make out of the Alvin CraftMaster one of the best drafting tables in 2019. As this wasn’t enough the table also has an affordable price range so not only professionals can afford it. Tilt it to your preferred incline, from 0 to 30 degrees. You will have 6 drawer storage units in total so you can place in them a lot of work essentials and at the same time you will always be aware of where they are. A plastic instrument tray-both will also be there so you can use it.

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MiniMaster Drafting Table


The Minimaster Drafting Table while having a standard design will prove to be a quality place where you can do some technical drawing or other different tasks. You can get it in 2 different colors either the classic cherry finish or the pure white one. The corners are rounded so no accidents can occur and for mobility this table uses 4 maneuverable casters. The simplicity and the practicality of the design of this model have made the best drafting tables reviews recommend it.

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Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower


You probably won’t find a drafting table more complete than this one form Studio Designs which has not 1, not 2, but 6 top angle adjustments form a flat surface to a 40 degrees incline. There are 4 art trays to keep your pens and other necessary utensils, but it is optional to have them because they are removable. Being one of the best drafting tables in 2019, the Studio Designs 10057 even has 2 cup holders so you have everything you need in order to stay focused on your work.

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Dorel Asia WM3514 Drafting And Craft Counter Height Desk


The durable wooden construction makes out of the Dorel Asia WN3514 a very good choice for a drafting table. While simple in construction this table is stylish as well with its espresso finish. Organizing your files and utensils is very important and this is why you will have at your disposal three shelves and two drawers with a lot of space for storing different items. The main work surface can also be tilted so you have the optimum work position.

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