Professional Buying Advice for Double-Edged Razors


Double-edged razors provide users with a traditional shaving experience in a more convenient package. They have a long handle with a cutting head into which the blade is inserted. The head has openings on either side to allow for double-edged shaving. Many users who have tried them out now swear by them, saying that they give them a closer shave than they could get even from electric shavers. However, choosing the right one can be difficult since there are so many models out there. Here are some of the features that you need to look out for:

Best double edge razor

The length of the handle

Compared to cheap disposable razors, double-edged razors generally come with longer handles which allow you to get a closer shave without having to press too hard. In addition, a long handle may be more comfortable for people with long hands to use. Ideally you should hold the razor to see how it feels in your hand, but if this is not possible, look at the length of the handle to see how it works for your particular hands and face.


The weight of the razor

When a double-edged razor is perfectly weighted, shaving is very easy. On the other hand, if the distribution of the weight is unbalanced in either the head or the handle, shaving can be more difficult. In addition, a balanced razor allows you to maneuver it around your face at the right angle to give you the best shave and avoid nicks and small cuts.


The exposure of the blade on either side of the head

When you look at the top of the razor, you should see that there is equal exposure of the blade on either side. If the exposure is unbalanced, there is greater risk of injury when shaving.


The construction of the razor

You should consider the finish of the razor as well as how well it’s constructed. The better the construction, the more durable the razor will be and the longer it will last. In fact, the best razors could theoretically last a lifetime and can even be passed on to your descendants with proper maintenance.


Top Rated Double-Edged Razors in 2018


Now that you know what features to look out for when buying double-edged razors, you can start searching for the one that suits you the best on Amazon and other online sites. If you still need additional assistance, please feel free to look over our recommendations for the best double-edged razor.


Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor


1.Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorThe Merkur has earned some of the best double edge razor reviews from Amazon reviewers, nearly 80% of whom have given it five-star reviews. It is an attractive chrome-finished razor with a long handle for reaching hard-to-reach spots on your face to give you a closer shave. The Merkur also has a double-edged design that allows you to more comfortably shave using both sides of the razor. The package comes with a standard Merkur blade although a variety of blade types are available as refills, including the Bluebird, 7 am, Shark, Derby and Feather, which can be bought in a starter variety pack (sold separately). It can also be used by women, simply by swapping the included blade with the right variant.

Amazon reviewers have mostly positive things to say about the Merkur. Many pointed out how sharp the blades were and not only gave them a very close shave but also ensured that there was no irritation in the areas being shaved, even when it was being used by a woman. The razor itself was very durable and able to withstand being dropped with minimal damage. All in all, the Merkur was seen as a very satisfactory purchase, and one that could potentially last a lifetime.

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Parker 96R


2.Parker 96R Long-Handled Double-Edged RazorParker has long been known for the quality of its razors, and so it should not be surprising that the long-awaited 96R is one of the top rated double edge razors 2018, according to Amazon reviewers. Nearly 85% of reviewers gave the product five-star and four-star ratings. The 96R features a solid brass frame with a nickel head, as well as Parker’s proprietary butterfly-doors that easily twist open to allow you to change the blade. To ensure a safer shave, the handle is textured so you can get a tighter grip. The length of the handle also lets you shave more comfortably. The package comes with five Shark blades so you’ll enjoy close shaves for a long time before you need to buy refills.

Given the high quality of its construction, it should not be surprising that the 96R has been getting some of the best double edge razor reviews on Amazon. One aspect that reviewers pointed out was how the blade was perfectly weighted to allow users a close shave without having to press down too hard, since the weight itself allowed the blade to do the work. All in all, it provided reviewers a very satisfying shaving experience.

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Perfecto Double-Edged Long-Handled Razor


Perfecto Long-Handled Double-Edged RazorThe Perfecto is easily one of the best double edge razor 2018 models, with 84% of Amazon reviewers giving it a five-star rating. It has a heavy chrome finish with a double-edge design that ensures that users get a very close shave every time. It easily glides over skin to provide a smooth shave with minimal risk of nicks and small cuts. In addition, it features a knotted long handle that is appropriate for all hand sizes and provides a non-slip surface and a tighter grip.

One of the aspects of the Perfecto that reviewers most liked was its versatility. For example, one reviewer pointed out that he was able to use this double-edged razor to shave his head. Many lady reviewers also found it appropriate for use in shaving legs and underarms since the sharp blades provided a gentle shave that did not irritate the skin. Others pointed out that it was very affordable but comparable in quality to more expensive blades. In addition, it was easy to disassemble for cleaning as well as replacing the blade. All-in-all it provided a very satisfying shaving experience for users, combining the convenience of a disposable razor with the close shaves provided by traditional straight-edged razors.

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