How to Choose the Best Dog Nail Clippers


What are the absolute best dog nail clippers of 2022? If you find yourself troubled when trying to answer this question, we’re here to help. We know that the market’s filled with top-quality products manufactured by different companies. With so many alternatives out there, any customer can end up feeling baffled. Here are some things to consider if you want to make the right choice.

Best Dog Nail Clippers

The beginner’s guide to clipping your dog’s nails

Handling uncooperative dogs is a tricky endeavor, both on the part of the pet and on the part of the owner. Most people will often get scared when it comes to clipping their dog’s nails, for fear of causing bleeding.

One of the most crucial details to take into account whenever tending to your nail clipping routine is that the blood vessel is actually visible. Try to cut as little as possible in the beginning and progress your way towards the top until you get to see a black dot in the center of the nail. That black dot is the end of the vessel and provided you don’t cut it, bleeding will not occur.


What is the right style for you?

Dog nail clippers can generally be split up into two main categories: the guillotine type and the classic type. The classic ones are easier to handle and to utilize because they somewhat resemble regular scissors.

The guillotine style requires a little more focus on the part of the owner, as thicker and larger models are prone to causing bleeding. The most notable disadvantage to choosing a guillotine style clipper consists of the user’s inability to see just how much of the nail is getting removed. Guillotine alternatives can be used safely in the case of dogs of which the nails are white or somewhat transparent.



If a person isn’t comfortable with using a clipper, the product is totally worthless. If you’re having trouble deciding about a certain model, our piece of advice is to pick one that comes with a molded handle, as these are the ones that offer a superior grip.  Some units feature integrated double blades, as well as safety stops, which are known to protect against injury.

If you’re a rookie when it comes to clipping a dog’s nails, it might be better for you to choose a standard clipper that does not feature a guillotine style blade. Some are small-sized and easy to maneuver. Others address the needs of medium and large breeds, which is why they’re a bit on the chunky side.


Price and brand reputation

Purchasing the right product is a matter of trial and error. It’s best to estimate your budget before choosing an overly expensive, hard to use clipper. As a general rule, try to stick to units manufactured in the US or Europe, as some Asian alternatives tend to be less durable than their Western counterparts.


Top Rated Nail Clippers in 2022


For your consideration, we’ve selected five of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have managed to gather some of the best dog nail clippers reviews and have been characterized as being affordable, convenient and well-built.


Safari Professional W6107


1.Safari Professional TrimmerAside from being remarkably economical, the Safari unit is also one of the top rated dog nail clippers we’ve come across. The product can be purchased in two main variants: one for small and medium breeds and another for large breeds. As is the case with other trimmers, this one is recommended to use right after bathing the dog, as the nails tend to get a little softer.

The safety stop of this model is capable of preventing injury, but customers are still advised to cut off a small amount if the pet’s nails are very long.

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Epica Best Professional Nail Clipper


2.Epica Best Professional Nail ClipperEven though it might be a little more expensive compared to the formerly described Safari alternative, this Epica one has gathered some of the best dog nail clippers reviews in the world. In fact, over 80% of the people who have chosen this product were satisfied with its quality, so much so that they provided 5-star ratings.

The unit has been designed with usability and precise cutting in mind. The rubber coated handles on the clippers allow users to benefit from a safe and comfortable grip.

The neat thing about purchasing the Epica trimmer is that the manufacturers are offering a 100% lifetime warranty.

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Pet Magasin Professional Clippers


3.Pet Magasin Professional ClippersUnlike the units that we have showcased above, this one can only be bought in a large size, which means that it is safe to use with large dog breeds. Customers can opt for any of the two available color variants: pink and green.

The Pet Magasin product is a tad more expensive than others, but its ergonomically shaped handles and its stainless steel blade certainly make it pretty hard to say no to.

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee policy and a 2-year warranty.

Around 78% of the individuals who’ve purchased these clippers have provided positive reviews.

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Boshel BA-NCOO3


5.BOSHEL Nail ClippersWe’ve saved this item for the last, considering that it might be a little out of the budget of some people. Nevertheless, it’s capable of trimming nails with just one cut, allowing one to tend to his or her dog’s needs at home, without paying for expensive vet or grooming bills.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one features stainless steel blades. The BOSHEL model can be safely used with medium to large size dogs.

Both the safety stop and the ergonomic handles are innate features of this product. A plus of choosing this one is that it comes with a bonus mini nail file.

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OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers


4.OmegaPet Dog Nail ClippersThe OmegaPet alternative has a similar price to the Pet Magasin one we’ve previously described, but some online marketplaces such as Amazon sell it for half the price. The unit features stainless steel blades and a safety guard. The ergonomic handle design is part of the deal and makes it the right choice both for small and for large hands.

Buyers speak highly of the value offered for the price. Some emphasize that it is one of the most comfortable models that they have stumbled upon and that it provides excellent control. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and easy to handle.