If you are too busy to go over our carefully-researched buying guide and product descriptions below, this short paragraph should serve your information needs adequately. We have read numerous expert review sites for pet gear and compared the ratings and reviews in them with actual owner feedback. Our intensive evaluation led us to what numerous consumers consider the best dog house for sale on the market, the Petsfit Outdoor. This dog house is a consumer favorite because of its dependable cedar-wood construction that gives it an anti-rot capability for years of use. Once properly setup, the dog house remains sturdy. The bottom floor is easy to clean thanks to how the slats are not butted up against one another, which also ensures a better ventilation. A water-based paint is used on the outer surface to ensure the safety of your pet while providing protection from water. In the event that the Petsfit Outdoor would be out of stock because of its remarkable popularity, we unhesitatingly recommend the second best option, the ASL Solutions Deluxe.


Buying guide


Shopping for a dog house is just like making any investment where you have to devote a lot of thinking, often backed by research, to find the perfect one for your pet. With so many products out there on the market, how can you tell which one is great and which are simply trash?

Look at the products in the best dog house reviews that are sturdily constructed

It is always a delight to find an old dog house in the basement, isn’t it? Since not everyone is as lucky, you will have to make sure the dog house you get can literally be handed down through generations of pet owners. You need to choose from metal, wood, and plastic dog houses.

A dog house made of plastic is typically lighter than others made of a different material. Less expensive than a wood house, a plastic unit doesn’t present risks of splinters, so it is easy to transport. It is not prone to rotting, and neither will it need faithful refinishing. A plastic dog house is also easy to clean and doesn’t have pores that merely serve as nests for ticks and fleas.

Definitely heftier than plastic units, wood dog houses offer more design potentials while delivering better protection from the outdoor elements. The material offers a lot more insulation than plastic, and this makes the wood unit a good dog house for hot weather. Wood houses present a nice, natural look. That said, wood offers breeding room for ticks and fleas, but this can be reduced by getting a model made of cedar wood and employing cedar shavings as bedding.

Metal dog houses are often referred to as dog ‘boxes’ and can be used to carry dogs while serving as a temporary housing during sporting events and shows. Some pet owners choose them as a year-round dog shelter. You can find stainless steel and aluminum metal dog houses. The material tends to be a poor insulator, so you will want the house to be properly insulated.

Metal dog houses carry a premium price owing to their solid build.


Take note of special elements that make the best house design for dogs

The roof type needs to be decided on based on functional and style considerations.

The roof has to be as simple as possible. Extra dormers or gables make a dog house resemble a real home, aside from being cute. Make sure those extra elements do not contribute to any leaks in the future. A good doghouse comes with a slated roof that allows run-off when it rains. The roof should also be insulated or shingled in a practical way.

The cartoon character Snoopy’s house comes with a classic pitched roof, featuring two joined panels forming a peak. On the other hand, a single-panel roof has a gentle slope from the back to the front of the doghouse. A sun deck or loft style roof is basically a single or double-panel roof that has an attached wooden platform at the top.

The protective covering on the roof is also essential. You can choose from plain old tar paper, metal, wood, or asphalt shingles.

Ideally, the floor should be insulated and elevated a few inches off the ground, which serves as ‘dead air space’ that provides an extra level of insulation and protection from flea infestation in the soil, in addition to keeping the house and your pet from moisture.

Extended corner posts or skid plates also keep the dog house elevated above the ground. An elevated floor can also be achieved when the house is placed atop 4×4 blocks of wood, stones, or bricks.


The best dog house for cold weather should also be comfortable in warmer seasons

A dog house with inadequate ventilation means hot and stifling air in the summer, which is extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to your pet. When winter comes, improper ventilation gives rise to extreme moisture accumulation from your pet’s respiration. The moisture collects as condensation on the internal surfaces, which creates a clammy setting conducive to mold, mildew, and bug infestation.

A specific level of ventilation can be obtained from the doorway opening, but with a door flap, the ventilation is quite limited.

To introduce venting to an otherwise solidly built dog house, create a few holes in the walls just below the roof line. The airflow can also be improved using slatted ventilation openings that keep the snow and rain out.

When it comes to heating, you need to decide whether or not your pet will require additional heat to stay warm. This will depend on where you live, your dog’s breed, and its physical condition. If the answer to that aspect is positive, you also need to find an effective means of heating the dog house.



Top Rated Dog Houses in 2022


There are plenty of options on doghouses, so the dog owner simply has to do the hard part of deciding which unit is the best for their pet’s needs. While the buying guide above is designed to help make you an informed consumer, we hope the product descriptions below make your shopping experience less stressful.



Petsfit Outdoor


The Petsfit Outdoor provides the ultimate means for your pet to have outdoor shelter without requiring you to shell out plenty of cash for it. With all the features of a high-end pet shelter, this dog house supports your objective of giving your pet a solid roof over its head, and the walls and floor to keep the elements out as well.

Conveniently, the bottom floor can be removed to facilitate cleaning while the roof can be opened as well for the same purpose. The roof features a hydraulic-type mechanism to facilitate easy raising and lowering when needed. The reinforced floor supports your dog inside while keeping it off the ground.

This weatherproof doghouse is the perfect size for a small dog such as a pug, dachshund, corgi or poodle. The roof is waterproof to keep your pet from the elements. The included door flap provides an easy means for your pet to get in and out while still keeping the internal space ventilated adequately.

The house comes with predrilled holes for hassle-free assembly. It protects your pet from the snow, rain, and sun. For a solid shelter, the dog house has 12mm wall panels that are 4mm thicker compared to what most other units on the market are built with. The house is constructed of cedar wood, which has anti-rot capabilities.

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ASL Solutions Deluxe


The ASL Solutions Deluxe may just be a dog house but what a luxurious one it is! The unit features two to four inches of genuine, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation in each and every panel. This keeps your dog warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm outdoors. The well-fitted door also features insulation while making it easy for your pooch to get in and out of the shelter.

The door has a self-closing mechanism to keep intruders out. This is a literal Dog Palace suitable for medium to large dogs, including Labradors and small St. Bernards. The Self-Storing window panes facilitate an effortless repositioning for winter use. They can be kept closed during the warmer seasons.

This dog house comes with a state-of-the-art open-cross ventilation mounting that requires a tool-free setup. This is a rotationally-molded plastic dog house made from child-safe materials typically used in the manufacture of playground equipment. The integrated floor heater helps raise the temperature inside as needed to provide a comfortable winter shelter for your pet.

This is a solidly-built and pet-friendly home that any dog will love to have. The seamless design ensures that your pet is protected from the elements while staying outdoors.

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Pawhut D02-005


Built with inspiration from the lovable Snoopy’s house, the Pawhut D02-005 is a cute pet shelter that offers a no-nonsense protection from the elements. Standing magnificently at 35 inches, this dog house provides all-weather protection from the elements, so your pet stays safe and secure inside. This is a well-built pet shelter designed for the welfare of every dog weighing up to 65 pounds.

The house features an easy snap-together assembly that needs no special carpentry or building skills to put together. It boasts an all-weather polypropylene construction for resistance to weathering and friction, as well as flexibility, electricity and chemical resilience, and easy repairability.

The removable roof facilitates easy cleaning every time, so the dog house stays livable for your beloved pet. The elevated base helps ensure your pet stays dry by keeping it well off the ground when it rains or snows. This model provides a unique and lovely version of a traditional dog shelter.

The unit requires some assembly but once solidly setup, will deliver a nice living area for your pet. It comes in a lovely blending of white, green, and black along with clean, solid lines to provide a nice-looking, super-functional outdoor shelter for your pet season after season.

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