Things to Consider When Buying Dog Eye Cleaners


Buying one of the top rated dog eye cleaners of 2018 is a tricky thing to do, considering that the market is filled with multiple products, manufactured by different brands. If you are having trouble with choosing a certain cleaner, we’re here to give you a helping hand. Check out the short yet informative buying guide that we have put together for your consideration.

Best Dog Eye Cleaner

What type of eye cleaner are you looking for?

Conjunctivitis is one of the most difficult conditions to manage, particularly when it comes to breeds such as the Shar Pei or the French Bulldog. In fact, some breeds are prone to developing eye problems more often compared to others, partly due to their physical features and partly because the owner might find it difficult to observe the eyes on account of the dog’s coat.

Dog eye cleaners can be split up into two main categories. While some can be utilized regularly for removing debris and for disinfecting the area around the eye, others are synthetic and can only be recommended by a specialized vet. If you’re looking for a simple cleanser, you might want to browse for natural alternatives. Antibiotic-based solutions can lead to microorganism resistance, and that’s why they should be prescribed by a veterinarian.


Differentiating infection from dirt

Some of the most common signs of an eye infection are redness, inflammation and cloudiness. Bleeding in the eye occurs rarely, and the right thing to do once you notice it is to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Cleaning debris and tear stains can be performed either with a light, soothing solution or with special eye wipes. One of the crucial rules when it comes to eye cleaning is that you should never wipe directly on the eye surface. Muck and dirt can be removed with a safe eyewash.


Managing your dog’s eye cleaning ritual

Trimming the dog’s fur around the eyes makes things a whole lot easier both for you and for your dog. If you’re having trouble handling sharp objects around your dog’s eyes, look for the services of a professional groomer and try to learn from his or her craft as they perform it.


Set an eye cleaning routine

As previously mentioned, some breeds such as the Poodle, Cocker Spaniel or Shih Tzu have a higher chance of developing eye conditions compared to others. This is why owners should set up a schedule for cleaning their dog’s eyes, as they might want to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible. Developing a cleaning routine may seem difficult at first, but consistency is key to keeping your dog’s health safe and sound.


Top Rated Dog Eye Cleaners in 2018


For your consideration and to make your buying journey as easy as pie, we’ve put together a list of the five most acclaimed products that we’ve come across. All of the following have gathered some of the best dog eye cleaner reviews, and are known for being affordable, convenient and most of all, safe to use.


Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse Liquid


1.Nutri-Vet Eye Rinse LiquidNot only is this product probably the best dog eye cleaner in 2018, but it’s also one of the most economical ones we’ve stumbled upon. Nutri-Vet has a long history of manufacturing high-quality cleaners, which is why this one has managed to acquire more than 130 5-star ratings.

The substance can be used for anything from reducing eye irritation to removing tear stains and preventing eye infections. According to some of the people who have used it with Bichon Frises, the substance is well tolerated and leaves the eyes feeling and looking clean.

This is a 100% American eye cleaner.

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Vetericyn Feline Eye Wash


2.Vetericyn Eye WashEven though it’s slightly more expensive compared to the product we’ve showcased above, this Vetericyn one has a notable advantage: it can be used with all animal species. If, for example, you’re the owner of a cat and a dog, you can use a single product for the both. Opting for the individual canine and the feline variants is also an alternative.

The eye wash doesn’t contain any alcohol, steroids or antibiotics.

Over 70% of the individuals who have purchased this variety were satisfied enough to grant it a 5-star rating, which leads us to the conclusion that it has gathered some of the best dog eye cleaner reviews out there.

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Burt’s Bee Tear Stain Remover


3.Burt’s Bee Tear Stain RemoverBurt’s Bee is a brand that has a well-known reputation when it comes to developing natural eye cleaners. This one is easy to use and can be utilized for cleaning the dog’s eye both gently and efficiently. The tear remover is non-irritating and made with 100% natural ingredients. It is both safe to use and affordable.

Customer reviews are raving about the Burt’s Bee cleaner, as a little goes a long way and it can be utilized on a regular basis. Buyers underline that it does not irritate the eye membrane. According to the same individuals, it even smells great.

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Miracle Care Eye Wash


4.Miracle Care Eye WashAs is the case with other cleaners that we have previously described, this one works both for cats and for dogs. The Miracle Care solution can be utilized for tending to your pet’s eye care routine without the fear of it causing any bleaching or irritation.

The brand has been on the market ever since 1961 and during this time it has managed to acquire quite a high degree of appreciation. Some customers prefer to purchase it along with the cleaning pads and ocular ointment manufactured by the same brand. Some buyers state that this substance manages to rapidly soften up the goop in the corner of the eye.

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Gold Medal Pets Clean Eyes


5.Gold Medal Pets Clean EyesThis is a simple isotonic solution that can prevent eye irritation and inflammation. Both the manufacturer and the customers who have bought the product speak highly of its ability to reduce eye redness after a swim in the pool. It’s common knowledge that chlorine affects the eye, and this product can largely help with any occasional eye discomfort.

If you’re looking for a popular dog eye cleaner, look no further. Over 77% of the individuals who have chosen this one have awarded it 5-star ratings, as it is both easy to use by the owners and very well tolerated by the pet.

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