Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Backpack:


AJust when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to accessories for your canine friend, you’ve probably just stumbled onto something you may have never seen before. If you’re a hiker and you like to bring your dog with you, you may find that a dog backpack is something you need. According to the best dog backpack reviews, they are incredibly useful!

We needn’t try and sell you on the idea of a new dog backpack, because let’s face it, you’re already here and you may have even gone so far and looked up the top ten best dog backpacks for 2018. We are fascinated by this idea and we knew we had to create a guide to help people understand what makes a dog backpack one of the best rated products for hikers and their pooches.

When you are deciding on one of the most popular dog backpacks, you will want to keep in mind the price. Generally, you can find cheap dog backpacks that offer the bare minimum for storage. These packs are ideal for short hikes through the local trails. The more expensive packs usually are good for multiple uses or for overnight camping trips. You can be certain that you can find some of the best dog backpacks for 2018 are available in both price ranges.

Next you will want to consider the size you need. Not only is the size of the dog an important factor when choosing the size of the pack, but you want to take into consideration the intended use. You don’t want to choose a pack that is too large for your dog because they will be uncomfortable and they could possibly get hurt. The writers of the highest rated dog backpack reviews suggest that you bring your pooch along with you to try on the pack. This is an excellent suggestion because not all manufacturers create their packs the same and the sizing can be different.

Now, of course if you are going to be strapping a backpack onto your dog, you want it to serve some sort of function. Some of the popular features that can be found on a dog backpack include removable saddle bags, a D-Ring that can be used with a leash, a built-in water bladder to help keep your dog hydrated, and also a reflective strip should your dog wander off at night.

While many people may frown upon the idea of putting accessories on their pets, a dog backpack can be a very useful thing if you hike frequently with your pet. You can store some of their favourite items in their pack and freeing your own pack up. We hope that since you are reading this guide, you can purchase a dog backpack and feel good about the decision. Just keep these few things in mind, and you’ll be set!


Things to consider:

  • Determine the price range that you are willing to go with. You can find quality packs in both the ends of the price spectrum. Just be aware that the more expensive the pack, the more options you may have at your disposal.
  • Make sure you choose a pack that fits your dog properly. If you can, take your dog with you when purchasing a pack so that you can see the fit first hand without having to guestimate.
  • Look at the features the backpack include. Many pet owners will appreciate the built-in hydration bladder that some packs have, so that they do not have to carry extra water; while others have removable pockets and other useful features.


Top rated Dog Backpacks in 2018


Ruffware Approach Dog Backpack


The Approach dog backpack is great for long day hikes and overnight trips. The harness frame gives your pet extra load stability and evenly disperses the weight throughout the dog’s body. The padded assistances handle helps you to guide your dog through obstacles and help them up over tricky terrain. The trail ready details like stash pockets, coated zippers and even extra gear loops make this pack a perfect accessory. The packs are available in a multitude of sizes, ranging from xx-small to x-large.

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Kurgo Max Dog Backpack


This pack is intended for dogs that range from 50 to 110 pounds and is perfect for those long hikes and overnight trips. The saddle bags that are on either side of the pack are adjustable, which helps in keeping your dog comfortable and safe. The harness features padding across the chest and back to prevent chaffing or discomfort to your dog, while the rear-mounted leash hook gives you extra control.

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Mountainsmith Dog Pack – 2011


This 3-point adjustable harness is lined with fleece and features a removable chest pad. These features give the pack extra stability and optimal weight distribution while still giving your dog the best in comfort. You can keep their dog food and treats safe from rain inside the zippered pockets that feature rain flaps. The D-ring attachment is used for a leash hook up, while the haul handle can help you guide the dog through tough terrain or tricky obstacles. This particular pack is available in three different sizes and can accommodate dogs from 20 to 120 pounds.

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Kurgo Wander Dog Pack


This minimalist dog pack is great for the brief jaunts around the pack. The heavy duty polyester features a PU coating that makes the pack weather-resistant. The pack is ideal for medium sized dogs that range between 30 to 85 pounds. You can adjust the saddle bag system to give your dog the best fit that is comfortable and snug. The pack also features four reflective trim strips to provide added safety at all angles.

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Kyjen Outward Hound Backpack


This pack is available in four different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. The removable pack makes it easy to relieve the pooch of the additional weight while you are resting while the reflective accents and vibrant colours of the pack make it easy to spot should your pet wander off. The pack features several pockets that can be used to store food and water, as well as a water bottle holder and mesh pockets on the inside of the pack.

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