Tips for Purchasing a Top Diversion Safe:


AStatistics show that burglars spend less than six minutes inside their victims home. They only have enough time to scan for obvious places where people hide their valuables. With the help of some of the best diversion safes of 2018, you can hide your valuables right in plain sight. A diversion safe is a safe that looks like common household items. Did you know that several police departments even advocate the use of these secretive safes over the usual locked safe? While we cannot tell you which diversion safe is the best, we can offer you some information that convince you that you need a safe from the top ten list.



Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a conventional safe, the highest rated diversion safe will cost only a fraction of the price. These affordable safesoffer you a way to hide your jewelry, important documents, and other small valuables right in plain sight. Since these are so cheap, the homeowner can purchase several of them and place them throughout the home as needed. This is a good idea for homeowners who have many valuables but do not want to keep everything in one particular area—instead the valuables can be spread throughout the house.



Not only are they economical, they also save valuable space inside your home. Since these safes look like everyday objects like soda cans, candles, books and other small things, they can be placed anywhere. A big steel safe box would take up valuable floor space in the room. Because these safes are small, homeowners can put these safes in odd places like the refrigerator, in cabinets, medicine cabinet, on a bookshelf—the possibilities are endless. Since the safe is small, they can be carried with you while you travel from one place to another.


Blending In

The most popular diversion safes always looks like some mundane object that you find around the home. Because thieves often for the obvious hiding places while ransacking your home for valuables, they will easily overlook everyday objects like cans of soda, candles, books, clocks, or other simple things. The only down side of the safe blending in with other objects around the home is the chance of forgetting that the safe contains valuables.


Some people may not see the value of a diversion safe, others swear by them. It all comes down to personal preference. While we understand that a big metal safe with a physical locking mechanism may give you that extra bit of security and the peace of mind that your items are safe, a diversion safe is a neat object to have for your smaller valuables.


Things to consider:

  • If you are short on cash but you have valuables that need to be kept safe, a diversion safe is an inexpensive option.
  • The size of a diversion safe is perfect for travel.
  • Diversion safes are made for blending in with its surroundings.


Top rated Diversion Safes in 2018


For those who have valuables that they want to keep safe from burglars, nosey parents or roommates, a diversion safe is the perfect solution—especially if you are short on cash. When you look through the best diversion safe reviews, you will quickly see that many people are pleased by the decision to hide their valuables right in plain sight.


Ajax Diversion Can Safe


Best Diversion Safe ReviewsThe Ajax can safe features the same label and body as a real can of Ajax, so it blends in well with the rest of the cleaning supplies you keep under the sink. To hide your valuables, simply unscrew the bottom of the can and place small items inside. This is ideal for money, jewels, and small documents like passports and banking information. The safe is much more affordable than regular safes and many people prefer them because they often are overlooked since they blend in so well.

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Book Diversion Safe


One of the oldest types of diversion safes, the book safe features a cut out secret compartment.. Because the book looks like any other book that may be on your shelf, it can be taken anywhere. The inside compartment measures 6.5 x 4 x 1 inches, for many, those dimensionsare ideal for hiding passports, money, small documents, jewelry, and other valuables.

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Del Monte Can Safe Storage Container


The Del Monte fruit cocktail can safe features the same label as the can of fruit that you may see in the grocery store. In order to use the safe, simply screw off the bottom of the can and tuck your valuables away for safe keeping. This is a practical gift for anyone on any occasion. Because the can looks like a regular can of fruit, it can be placed anywhere you may find a real can of fruit. Burglars will be none the wiser as they look through your home for valuable objects.

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Trademark Home Dictionary Book Safe with Key Lock


One of the last places a burglar will ever thing to look for valuables is inside of a dictionary. This particular diversion safe by Trademark looks like a real dictionary and will blend in with the rest of the books currently on your shelf. Inside the book is a metal safe that has a key, which gives you the extra peace of mind in knowing that your valuables are safe, even if someone in your household happens to find your secret safe. The inside area of the book measures 2 x 5.6 x 9 inches.

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Dr. Pepper Diversion Can Safe


One of the best places to hide your valuables is right in plain sight. With the Dr. Pepper Diversion Can safe, you can store your important items in this can and it can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the items in your refrigerator, pantry, or in the car. Simply unscrew the bottom of the safe and tuck your valuables inside. The can looks exactly like a real Dr. Pepper can that you will find on the shelf of your local convenient shop. The can is even weighted to feel like a full can of soda.

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