If you’re here just to find the best dinnerware set and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about various products for sale in this category by looking into what actual owner feedback says and comparing the reviews and ratings there with what is in expert dinnerware review sites. Thankfully, all the product comparison and evaluation led us to what we believe is the number one choice on the market, the Corelle Square Simple Lines Square. A US-made product, the 16-piece dinnerware set boasts Vitrelle glass technology. Vitrelle is tempered glass made of two types of glass further laminated into three layers to ensure resistance against chipping, lightweight manufacture, durability, resistance to breaking, strength against stains and scratches and ease of maintenance thanks to being dishwasher-safe. The set includes service for four, perfect for a small family, with 4 each of 19.25-inch plates, 8.5-inch salad/luncheon plates, 12-ounce stoneware mugs and 18-ounce cereal/soup bowls. The microwave-safe components of the set carry oven-safe patterns that won’t wash, scratch or wear off to maintain their elegant appearance. Should the Corelle Square Simple Lines Square run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option in terms of quality and performance, the Corelle Livingware Geometric.



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In today’s day and age, dinner has ceased to be the extravagant main meal of the day that has to be savored. TV dinners are heated and enjoyed on the table in their packaging, so knowing which dinnerware set is the best is not so important as knowing which frozen dinner to serve up to the family. But that does not have to be the case, as individuals who love entertaining friends and family still want to know what are the best dinnerware sets out there.  This ensures that dinnerware set manufacturers are given immense opportunities to impress their customers with awesome features on their products.


Great color choices and patterns to match the dining room décor

White has always been the favorite choice for restaurants as it is an ideal color that is easy to coordinate. It allows the food to get all the attention it needs on a versatile neutral-hued showpieces. Thus, white dinnerware does not take away or clash with the food’s color, making white dinnerware set get the highest rankings when such items are given ratings from best to worst. You do not even have to worry that the color will fade with constant use and washing. For people who would rather go for more varicolored dinnerware, make sure the color you choose is also easy to coordinate with your existing dining room décor. You can buy dinnerware sets with multi-colored themes or metal ornamentation. Elegant dining can be enjoyed when pieces have gold, platinum or silver decorations.


Premium quality and materials

Whether you seek stoneware, pottery, melamine, bone china or porcelain, make sure to choose top ten dinnerware sets that incorporate fine craftsmanship with top quality materials. The pieces should not chip or break easily, and carry dense and scratch-resilient material. Glazing on pottery makes naturally porous stoneware and pottery dinner ware waterproof and shiny. The material should not be too brittle, though. Make sure your choice has exquisite balance and proportion, with the plates able to be laid flat on the table and the rims without warp. Handles should offer comfortable grip, and glaze should be spotless, bubble- and pinhole-free. The cups should rest evenly on saucers, lids should fit tightly onto the receptacles. Color tone should be consistent across all pieces in the set.


Right number of place settings for your needs

Denoting the number of pieces needed to set a place at the table, place setting should correspond to the number of people who eat together at dinner time. The best rated dinnerware set is nothing if one member of the family does not have their own place setting. If a dinnerware set you particularly like lacks place settings, buy more than one set. Seven-piece settings are offered by English dinnerware manufacturers that offer 7 different dinnerware pieces per setting, which can consist of a dinner plate, a bread-and-butter plate, a cup, sauce, salad plate, a soup cup and saucer or a cream soup and stand.

Also, remember to check for microwaveable dinnerware sets under your planned budget for purchase. Do not attempt to put a piece inside the microwave to find out if it can be used for such a purpose. Choose the right dinnerware for the family and you should be able enjoy leisurely dining like the Romans used to.



Products for specific needs


Best Dinnerware Set for Everyday Use


Gibson Soho Lounge Square


The Gibson Soho Lounge Square 16-Piece Dinnerware Set makes the best dinnerware set for everyday use thanks to its microwave safe and dishwasher safe premium quality. Every piece in the set boasts of traditional finishing techniques that make them suitable for a wide variety of table settings. The set provides service for 4, giving every member of the family a chance to dine in elegance and style every day. Included in the set are four dinner plates, four mugs, four soup/salad bowls and four dessert plates. Every piece is crafted of stoneware for assurance of durability and strength. Each is given reactive glaze to ensure waterproof ability and shine.


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Best Dinnerware Set for Families


Rachael Ray Seasons Changing


Making it the best dinnerware set for families, the Rachael Ray Seasons Changing 16-Piece Dinnerware Set lets  families enjoy laid-back meals during the week. Enjoy meals with the family while talking about what’s new with everyone. Catch up on the latest happenings at school with your children while enjoying food on the terrific dinnerware pattern of the pieces. The clean lines and impressive color combination are perfect for the modern dining room or kitchen. Have formal weekend entertaining on dishwasher- and microwave-safe pieces totaling 16 in all. The sturdy porcelain construction makes the pieces strong and durable for everyday family use. Inspired by the way winter gives way to spring to give rise to a transformed landscape, each piece features a lovely image of spring buds that begin to appear during the changing of seasons.


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Best Banquet Dinnerware Set


10-Strawberry-Street Nova-Square Banquet


Made for people with discriminating tastes, the 10 Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet 45-piece Dinnerware Set is a perfect showcase of elegance and quality. Impress your friends by showing them you know how to choose a dinnerware set that has all the elements of fine dining with 6 place settings in all, and an impressive number of pieces at 45. The pieces in the set have a modern square shape that creates an awesome-looking table. This shape also enables more compact storing compared to traditional round pieces. The clean, white backdrop allows food to be showcased deliciously. The entire set is easy to care for, and comes with serve ware and accessories including a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, a milk creamer bowl, a sugar bowl, sauce dishes, etc.


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Top rated dinnerware sets in 2022


It is a dream of every housewife to own a quality type of dinnerware set.  These best dinnerware set reviews will provide you with information about the top 5 dinnerware sets. The following are the models of the best selling dinnerware sets on Amazon: The Corelle simple lines square model, the Corelle Livingware geometric model, the Gibson Novabella model, the Rachel ray model and the Corelle Livingware model.



Corelle Simple Lines Set


Best dinnerware set reviewsIt has a very good strength because it is made of two layers bonded by the help of thermal energy.  The model is beautifully designed, has a white color and some few black lines to make the dinner set more attractive.  I like this model of dinner set because it has ability to withstand high temperatures without cracking. Its heat retaining capacity is also very good.



 16-piece dinnerware provides lovely service for four diners, with a unique square design and slight coupe shaping for gentler lines

 Four pieces each of a 10 ¼-inch dinner plate, a 22-ounce cereal/soup bowl, an 8 ¾-inch salad plate and a 12-ounce mug

 Each component is made of multiple layers thermally-assembled glass

 Lightweight, strong and absolutely chip-resistant



 Minimalist black line accents may not be to taste  of buyers who seek more classic designs in dinnerware

 Porcelain material requires careful cleaning and storage


Corelle simple lines Set was a great Xmas gift for my wife. She loved the design, although she is a very picky person. She said it was one of my better gifts for her, so it must mean it is a solid set.” Charlie Franks


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Corelle Livingware Geometric


This is another strong model of dinnerware set with high ability to withstand very high temperatures. The dinnerware is ideal for serving hot dinner when it is too cold. I love this model because it has very high heat retaining capacity and keeps the food or drinks hot for a long time even when it is very cold. Another advantage that you get from the use of this model is that it does not fade too easily hence your dinnerware set is always presentable to your visitors.



 Dinnerware Set includes 16 pieces of highly-functional coordinating pieces ideal for service of four people

 Construction is hub-laminated and thermally-bonded, ensuring long-term use

 Retro-inspired borders have attractive warm colors of tan, neutral brown and celadon

 Components are lightweight, strong and chip-resistant, which can prove a huge plus for buyers who want something out of the ordinary in dinnerware



 Retro-inspired design at borders are warm-colored and not overly bright

 Lightweight design may appear breakable to some users as handling can be delicate


My guests always admire my Corelle Livingware geometric Set. This dinnerware is really presentable and elegant in design, that’s why I always use when guests are coming over. I believe this is a high quality set and I so happy I managed to get it with a Black Friday deal.” Fern Farmer


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Gibson Novabella


I personally prefer this product to the two mentioned above. The plates of this model have a flattened base and their capacity is usually high. The cups of this set have a strong heat retaining capacity and therefore keep the drinks hot for a long time. Another good aspect of this model is that it is quite strong and therefore does not break easily. This suits it very well for use by children. However, this particular dinnerware set is more expensive than the above two models. Its price ranges from about $56-$70.



 Constructed of reactive stoneware, which ensures smooth and pleasant dining experience

 Taupe color is simple and unpretentious, while being elegant  and eternally classic

 Includes 16 functional pieces in all: 4 mugs, 4 dinner plates, 4 soup/salad bowls and 4 dessert plates

 Every component is dishwasher safe



 Not designed for use in the microwave, as the components may crack under extreme generated  microwave temperatures

 Stoneware material is heavy, so components may be too heavy for young children to use


I am very satisfied with this affordable dinnerware set from Gibson. I have been using it for almost 1 year and it still looks like now. The construction is durable. My son has dropped 1 or 2 pieces of the set, but they didn’t shatter into pieces or anything. I got the best deal for the money I was prepared to spend.” Cameron Jimenez


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Home Elemental Poppy


This set is perfect for a 4 person dinner with its 16 different pieces. The modern design will definitely add a bit of sophistication to your dinner, making you enjoy it even more. The plates have a square shape while the bowl has a darker color differentiating from the rest of the pieces. Because it has an advantageous price as well the best dinnerware sets reviews approve of its purchase.



 Buy three sets and you’ll get the best dinnerware set for 12 in the market today

 Smooth reactive glaze finish ensures elegant dining pleasure and impeccable class

 Set comes with 16 coordinating pieces: 4 dinner plates, 4 cereal bowls, 4 mugs and 4 salad plates

 Care and cleaning is easy as all components are microwave-safe and dishwasher safe



 Set is offered in a single color (red), leaving little variety

 Square shape and corners may not please everyone


 “I like the color and style of this dinnerware set and this is why I choose it for my dinner table. The plates seem very solid and they can be washed by my dishwasher.” – Mary Woods


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Rachel Ray Curly-Q


This is another lovely model of dinnerware set. It is cheaper than the Gibson Novabella model but is more expensive than the Corelle Livingware model.  Its price ranges from about $44-$49. The set is made of porcelain and has a high life time if maintained well.  The size of this dinnerware set is fairly large to suit your needs.  I regard this model as the best for those who care about beauty. Its beautiful design patterns are very attractive.



 The kitchen professional’s answer to how to choose a dinnerware set

 Porcelain material is durable and long lasting plus the elegant curlicue pattern is both attractive and decorative

 Cereal bowls are given an extraordinary abstract flower design on the base of the interior

 All components can be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher



 Dinner plates have a shallow depth, which can prove a disappointment for soupy, saucy dishes

 Large-capacity dinner plates not made for dieters


Rachel Ray Set was a gift, given to me by my mother. She made a very fine choice, because I love everything about it. The design is nice, it is dishwasher safe, what more could I want! If you ask me who makes the best dinnerware sets, I will surely answer with Rachel Ray.  ”  Jane Wilburn


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Corelle Livingware


1This model is absolutely fantastic. Comparing its cost and its qualities, you can see that you get the real value for your money. I find it stronger than all of the above models despite the fact that its price is lower than some of them. It has three layers of glass and its design is eye-catching.  On the research made for the best dinnerware set reviews, the price for this dinnerware set ranges from about $24-$27. This is the ideal model for you if you want value for your money.



 Dinnerware set provides service for four people who want something classic on the dinner table

 Each component is made using exclusive thermally-bonded vitrelle glass, which ensures durability

 Every item in the set is designed to be durable, lightweight and chip-resistant

 Timeless pure-white design goes well with various flatware and table linens



 Design-less dinnerware components may be plain and flat for some users

 Large dinner plates are not built for serious dieters as the plates  can be loaded with a lot of food


I wanted a simple all white, yet cheap dinnerware set and this one from Corelle, was exactly what I was looking for. It’s easy to clean and after serving my family’s dinner on it I recommend getting this model. I find it to be one of the most reliable dinnerware sets I have ever used. ” Rachel Soto


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Dinnerware sets. What to Look for:


dinnsetA special meal is always cooked by someone when guests come over. In this scenario, your dinning room must look its best when preparing for such a night in the company of others. On your dining room table, the center piece will be your dinnerware set. A complete one should have all the pieces needed to serve dinner and should have a very pleasant design too. But the question arises: How do I find the best dinnerware set? The answer to this question will be detailed in the following paragraphs and at the end, you will be able to pick out the best dinnerware set in 2022.

There are certain rules you need to follow when looking for a dinnerware set, so you purchase one with a nice design and a high quality level. Not only looks matter, you also have to know which materials will make the set pieces durable. If they are sturdy, the set will not break the first time you put it in your dishwasher. The first thing you should do, when searching for a dinnerware set, is to determine for how many people you are going to need it for. Normally, the set is for 4 people and this regularly amounts to 16-20 individual pieces. The next thing to think about is what kind of dishes you normally make. If you cook often Asian dishes, you can opt for a rectangular dinner set with just a bowl for rice or soups.

For creating this buying guide, we have used a professional research method based on our team’s experience. We didn’t leave out reading reliable dinnerware set reviews either.

The type of the design is entirely up to you: if you like a more colorful design or a plain one, if you want a modern design or a classical one and so on. We recommend you to get a set with 4-5 pieces for every person. With this number of individual pieces, you will be able to serve all types of dishes properly. Also, make sure the set is sturdy enough to be placed in the microwave or dishwasher. It should be able to take on a complete wash cycle, without it breaking up into pieces.

Next we are going to present the reliable materials from which dinnerware sets can be made. The most commonly used is plain porcelain, which is a hard and durable material and it will resist easily to high temperatures.

Fine Bone China is a material which is generally used for white dinnerware sets. This is because it renders the set the purest white color. Earthenware is used as well, when a set is glazed, so it becomes nonporous. But you won’t encounter it as often as porcelain for example. Finally, stoneware is very durable, but again not so often used. When it comes to washing, a set has to be sturdy enough to be placed in a dishwasher. Although, you should be careful on how you place the set inside it because you might end up with shattered pieces.

These tips will prove helpful when choosing a reliable set . As an extra source of information about different sets you should check out the best dinnerware sets reviews and customer reports. Both sources will do a thorough analysis of the set you are thinking of buying. Hopefully, with the help of these simple tips, you will find the best dinnerware set in 2022.


Things to consider:

–          4-5 different pieces for each person;

–          A complete set should be for at least 4 persons;

–          Has to be dishwasher and microwave safe;

–          A design to your liking;

–          Should be made from porcelain or fine bone china.



Unavailable products


222 Fifth Winter Cardinal Round


If you want style in your dinnerware set then an excellent option can prove to be this one. The set is made out entirely out of porcelain from China, being durable and helping its decorative value as well. You can use it for warming things up in the microwave or you can wash it in a dishwasher without the set’s pieces suffering any damage. Many think of it as one of the best dinnerware sets in 2022.



 Provides service for four people with 4 units each of salad plates, mugs/cups, round dinner plates and bowls

 The lovely minimalist design offers an attractive appeal on your dinner table

 Constructed of fine porcelain china that offers top quality and exceptional beauty

 All components are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, which ensures easy use in the modern kitchen as well as effortless clean-up



 Classic round shape may not present an all-unique look

 Design may be a tad minimalist for more complex tastes


“I saw it for sale, I checked out its description, I loved the design and now I use it for my family’s dinner. I don’t have to worry about cleaning it because the dishwasher does this for me.” – Vanessa Chambers