How to Purchase a Top Dimmer – An Expert Buying Guide:


People are interested in the best dimmer reviews for a few reasons. One of those reasons is to be able to conserve electricity and keep power  down. Another is to stylize the level of lighting to obtain a relaxing ambience, simply for task or mood illumination. While you might want to have bright lighting for reading, the best rated dimmer can give the family a better viewing experience in the entertainment center of their home when light is not as glaring, harsh or strong. With a dimmer or dimmer switch in place, lighting can be adjusted to the ideal level with just a flick of a switch, a touch of a knob or a press of a key on a remote control. A dimmer can also extend the life of a bulb. It is a fact, however, that not all types of bulbs can accommodate a dimmer switch.


Dimmer Types

Choosing a highest rated dimmer necessitates first knowing what type of dimmer you want to employ for whatever purpose you might have. For a single area where you want just one dimmer to  control illumination levels, a single pole dimmer is fine. Three- or Four-way dimmers are designed with a single dimmer to control all lights, with one or more switches located in other locations. Plug-in dimmers  are employed for dimming bulbs on table or floor lamps. Full lighting level control can be achieved from four or more locations with a most reliable product that is of the multiple companion kind.

Another way by which dimmers are classified is based on whether the product is of the resistive or inductive type. Large-scale dimming systems beyond the domestic range are inductive. Resistive dimmers are further differentiated into leading edge and trailing edge units. Mains voltage halogen bulbs, incandescent lighting, constant current LED drivers and most electronic low voltage transformers use leading edge dimmers. Trailing edge dimmers can be the best products for the money thanks to their sought-after features such as silent running, smooth control and multi-way capability. They are utilized with halogen, incandescent, LED lamps, and toroidal, wire-wound and laminated transformers.


Control Options

What is the best dimmer available in the market? The answer depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the way you control the functionality of the product. Slide controls let you select from a slide-to-off design or preset level when the slide control is moved to the corresponding position. Toggle control just requires flipping of the switch to make the level of illumination revert back to the most previous setting used. With a rotary dimmer control, a rotating knob just needs to be turned to the desired level. Rocker control switches use a smaller component to return to a preferred level.

Tap control types provide  a button or touchpad controls as well as a button that works to return to a preset level. These types typically incorporate LEDs as indicators for current setting. Built with multiple buttons, a Scene selector dimmer control lets you activate your favorite lighting level instantly.


Wattage/Bulb Type

When you make your selection from among the  top ten products in this category, make sure that its wattage rating corresponds to or is higher than the total wattage of all the bulbs, lamps or lights that will be controlled by the dimmer. Do not get a product with lower wattage rating than what you require to go with your lights just because it looks great for your space. This is also a way to stay safe.

Whichever bulb type you want to use with the product, whether it is halogen or incandescent, Electronic Low Frequency (ELV), Magnetic Low Frequency (MLV) or dimmable compact fluorescent light (CFL), determine if the bulb supports dimming technology.


Things to consider:

  • Dimmer classification that matches your purpose and electrical layout
  • Control options that effectively serve your needs
  • Wattage and bulb type that goes with the technology


Top rated Dimmers in 2018


Finding the best dimmer 2018 involves having a bit of knowledge on how such a product works, if your choice is appropriate for the purpose it will have, and if support between the dimmer unit and your lighting and electrical components is not a problem. There are lots of brands and products in the market, so try to narrow everything down to only a few choices.


Impact D1000 AC Dimmer Control


Designed for incandescent or quartz halogen lamps, the Impact D1000 1,000-Watt AC Dimmer Control is a great way to save on electricity costs by reducing the brightness levels of your lighting fixtures when you want to. The products has a lightweight construction, weighing just a pound and having compact, clean lines. The sliding hand or footswitch thermostat runs smoothly. The D1000 comes with a US 3-Prong Wall Plug and Input, for simple integration with your  AC outlet and lighting fixtures. The product carries a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as an assurance of good quality and reliable functionality.

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Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer


Raved about in best dimmer reviews, the Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-In Lamp Dimmer makes it easy to switch lights on and off. The product comes with a six-foot cord and is rated at 300 watts. Use it for floor or table lamps or a 120-volt halogen or incandescent bulb. The dimmer can be placed on a tabletop for convenient operation. It has softly-glowing LEDs that indicate the level of dimming. It has received UL approval for indoor use. This single-pole dimmer switch features slide-up mechanism to brighten, slide on/off,, and slide down to dim. It needs no tools or wiring so you can use it out of the box.

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Insteon 2457D2 LampLinc Plug-In Lamp Dimmer


With maximum load of 300 watts, the Insteon 2457D2 LampLinc Plug-In Lamp Dimmer lets you control a lamp wirelessly, helping create elegant whole-house mood lighting quickly and efficiently. You can control lights remotely from any area of the house from any Insteon-compatible controller and using a handheld remote, wall keypad, mobile phone or PC. With this product, you can intensify or reduce brightness, switch on and off. The dimmer switch allows you to select on/off fade rate and levels on preset ON. You simply plug the unit into your AC outlet and plug the lamp into the bottom. You can then use an Insteon-compatible device to employ the Plug-n-Tap program.

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Westek A6553CSC 3-Level Touch Dimmer


Designed for halogen and incandescent bulbs and multiple transformers, the Westek A6553CSC 200W 3-Level Touch Dimmer helps you shave off costs on electricity. It accepts up to a maximum of three Westek transformers, each with 60-watt rating. With the Westek A6553CSC, you can control accent lights from any part of the house. Just plug the transformer for the accent light into the dimmer switch, then plug the dimmer to an AC outlet. This product provides three dimming levels for display cabinets, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers and bookshelves. The A6553CSC comes with an 8-foot touch wire for attachment to a hinge and touch pad, plus a 14-inch power cord, so you don’t have to make separate purchases.

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Linear PD300Z-2 Z-Wave Plug-In Lamp-Dimmer


If you want the best dimmer 2018, get the Linear PD300Z-2 Z-Wave 300-watt Plug-In Lamp Dimmer. With this device, you get remote control and wireless functionality for plug-in lighting fixtures, even those that are permanently-installed and controlled by Z-Wave switches or dimmers. With it, you can use a wall controller, remote, tablet or smart phone to get wireless Z-Wave on/off plus light level control. The AutoSense feature is an intuitive element that senses whether you want to switch the light on or off and responds to your command instantly, eliminating the need to access your controller. A plug receptacle for ‘always-on’ pass through not controlled by Z-Wave lets you plug two items into the AC outlet even when one of them is Z-Wave controlled.

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