Top rated Digital Thermostats in 2019


With over a hundred of different models of thermostats that are available in the market, I decided to consult with the best digital thermostat reviews to make it a lot easier for me to choose which one will be perfect for my place. After hours of research, I was able to finally come up with a list of five of the most recommended.


Honeywell TH8320WF1029 Wi-Fi Touchscreen Digital Thermostat


Best Digital Thermostat ReviewsBy the time that I have finished reading the best digital thermostat reviews, I was easily convinced that this is an option that deserves attention, given the fact that many of its users have reported a high level of satisfaction in its use. If there is one thing that makes it great, it would be that it comes with an affordable price tag, although this is not necessarily the cheapest option that you will find in the marketplace. The universal compatibility of this model is also worth noting, making its applications more diverse provided that you are using C thermostat wire.

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Honeywell RTH600D Programmable Thermostat


As this model is equipped with touchscreen functionality, you can be confident that it will be exceptional when it comes to ease of use. This makes it easy for users to have it set on the functions that are desired. Another thing that makes it easy to use is the generous size of the screen that makes it easy to see the display. Additionally, being a viable candidate when it comes to the best digital thermostat in 2019, another thing that can be enjoyed from this product is that it comes with comprehensive instructions from the manufacturer that will make its installation a snap to accomplish.

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Honeywell TH6110D1021 FocusPro Programmable Digital Thermostat


Being made by Honeywell, similar to the two products that have been mentioned above, you have sufficient reason to believe that this will be a satisfying option when searching for the top rated digital thermostat in 2019. It comes with soft-touch button and extra-large display that makes it a breeze to use. More so, the Energy Star rating of this model should be also highlighted, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for a way to minimize the electricity that is consumed. With the use of such, you can expect up to 33% reduction in your monthly electricity bill.

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Lux TX9000TS Seven Day programmable Thermostat


This is another option that can prove to be best when it comes to ease of use basically because of the fact that it comes with touchscreen display. Also, it is considered to be the best digital thermostat in 2019 because of the simplicity of the user-interface. For sure, we would not want to be burdened by a product that is too much of a hassle to operate. Apart from such, it is also good that the manufacturer offers three years of warranty on the product. This device will surely prove to be effective in lowering the bills that you pay monthly for electricity from your home’s heating and cooling systems.

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Honeywell TH8110U1003 Vision Pro 8000 Digital Thermostat


By this time, if your mind is still afloat with the abundance of choices that can be possibly taken into account, you can opt to get settled with this model. This will make it possible to simplify programming and make it effortless for you to bring your energy costs to a significantly lower level. The display is large and clear, which can be easily readable regardless of the lighting condition in the room where the thermostat is going to be installed. To add, you will also find satisfaction from the fact that the installation of such is nothing to be worried about as it is very straightforward.

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