Digital Photo Frames – What to Look For:


People love to take photographs and document every moment of their lives. A digital photo frame is an excellent way to display those photographs without putting holes in the walls or having to manually change out the photographs that may be displayed on the mantel.

You may be wondering how you are to choose among the highest rated digital photo frames. While it is no secret that there are a lot of options available, it is possible to find the best digital photo frame for the money. We have created this guide to help you know what are the best features you should be looking for.


Resolution and Aspect Ratio

When it comes to digital photo frames, people tend to not think about resolution. Many times, they believe what they see on a computer screen will be the same as what is on the photo frame. This isn’t the case because although the picture may be high definition, the frame has to be able to handle the higher quality resolution. Luckily, there are digital frames available that show high definition photos.

As for aspect ratio, there are two ratios that are typical for cameras. The 4:3 aspect ratio is most common for normal point and shoot cameras. However, if you have a high end or DSLR camera, you will produce photos with a 16:9 aspect ratio. You will want to choose a photo frame that features the same aspect ratio as your camera. By choosing the wrong ratio, it will either leave blank spots on either side of the photo (if the ratio is too high) or cut off some of the photograph (if the ratio is too low).

Landscape, Portrait, or Both

When we take photographs, we rarely stick to a single orientation—we like to switch between landscape and portrait. You will want to find a frame that can switch between the two orientations. By not choosing a frame with this feature, you run the risk of displaying photographs that are very different than they are intended to be displayed—some frames only display horizontal photos and other frames only show vertical.


Web Enabled Frame

One of the aspects of social media is the ability to share our photographs with our friends and family. When you are trying to choose which digital photo frame is right for you, you may want to factor in how many photographs you have posted online. By choosing a device that can connect to social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa, you will have a large library of images to display on your frame.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Remote  Price Screen Size Internal Memory Customer Rating Where to buy

Pix-Star PXT510WR02

YES $$$$ 10.4 inch 1 GB A+ AMAZON


YES $$$ 8 inch No B+ AMAZON

ViewSonic VFD820-70

No $$ 8 inch No B+ AMAZON

Aluratek ADPF08SF

YES $$ 8 inch No B AMAZON

Coby DP700WD

No $$ 7 inch No C+ AMAZON


A digital photo frame can be a fantastic way to show off your memories without countless picture frames cluttering every inch of your home. All you need is one digital frame and the memories will go through the slideshow, one by one.


How to choose a good and affordable digital photo frame


Technology has changed the classic photo frame and has made it digital. In its new form it’s able to display an impressive amount of photos and even videos of important moments. If you want to purchase a digital photo frame, the market has a wide array of models. To get yourself the right one, a good idea would be to read the best digital photo frame reviews. They describe different frames with their pros and cons, to make you aware of vital features for a top notch model.

The first thing you should consider is the image quality. Some frames might produce a glare effect, so read customer reports before you buy a certain model. Another visual feature to look out for is the resolution, 800×600 for basic models, getting better and better for top frames. We believe that anything lower than the resolution mentioned is not acceptable. Then you should see if the size of the screen is up to what you have in mind. An average digital photo frame measures 8 inches, being able to support a widescreen aspect ratio, like modern day HDTVs.

Additional information about digital photo frames was gathered by us from reading professional websites reviews. With their help we have managed to put together this expert buying guide.

The menu and controls should be simple and easy to learn. A digital frame must be fitted with a memory card slot, so you can enlarge the internal memory. The next step is to choose what kind of slideshow you want your pictures to appear in. If this feature is important to you, go for a frame with a lot of different slideshow patterns. Also, you will have a slight advantage if the controls are placed on the front side of the device. Such controls will not make you tilt the frame every time you decide to change a slideshow or add a picture. The menu should allow you to adjust the brightness of the display, the type of slideshow and the timing between picture changing.


Best Digital Photo Frame for Video


NIX X18-B High-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor


For the leading name in digital photo frame technology, this Nix High Resolution digital photo frame is considered to be one of the best digital photo frames for video. With this device, you have the ability to play MPEG-4/.AVI videos as well as JPEG photographs. The motion sensor detects movement and will resume playing your photograph slideshow or the videos. The device is equipped with 16GB of memory on a USB thumb drive. The included thumb drive allows you to conveniently move your photographs from your home computer to your frame. The frame also features a remote control, allowing you to control what is displayed on the photo frame.

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Wi-fi is definitely a huge advantage, but a frame with such capabilities is, usually, more expensive. Nonetheless, having a digital photo frame with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth gives you many different options. The frame’s ability to play videos is an optional feature as well, which only the best digital photo frame in 2019 or high-quality models can support.


Best Digital Photo Frame for the Money


ViewSonic VFD820-50 Digital Photo Frame


The ViewSonic Digital Photo Frame is considered to be one of the best digital photo frames for the money because it is an affordable device that features a high resolution 800 x 600 display. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to move from the calendar and clock features back to the picture slideshow. This is not an average digital photo frame as it features the perfect 4:3 aspect ratio which is ideal of displaying your favorite memories. The sleek design of the frame blends into any décor and the LED backlight with a light sensor can illuminate your photographs while still saving energy.

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Other extra features that might come in handy are:

– a remote control;

– a USB port;

– easy connectivity options to both Windows and Mac systems.

If you can get a digital photo frame with all the features presented above, then you can consider that you have found the best digital photo frame in 2019. Don’t purchase the first thing you see, analyze different options and then invest in a specific model.


Best Digital Photo Frame Under $100


NixPlay W08A Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame


One of the best digital photo frames under $100 is the NixPlay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame. This device allows you to connect to various social media platforms and display photographs that you’ve uploaded to your accounts. The frame is compatible with iPhone and Android and you can send your photographs directly to the frame. You can also sync photographs from Facebook, DropBox, Picasa, and even Instagram. You can link up to ten different frames to the NixPlay account. This allows you to display your photographs with anyone, anywhere in the world. With the NixPlay account, you can customize the slideshows for every frame.

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Things to consider:

–          No glare;

–          A resolution higher than 800×600;

–          A decent aspect ratio;

–          A memory card slot;

–          Easy to use controls;

–          Good connectivity options.


Top digital photo frames in 2019


Best digital photo frames under $75 that gives user friendly navigation and has frames that display pictures in high resolution are highly in demand. Digital frame nowadays comes with either touch screen or a remote control or both. No matter what features they have, their main purpose it to be used to display your great memories in the best way possible. Here is the list of the most popular digital photo frames in 2019.



Pix-Star PXT510WR02 digital photo frame


This product has all the features that can be found in any best digital photo frame deals. It is an advance digital picture frame. You can view your pictures in high quality with its amazing resolution display. It has an efficient power saving feature that takes only 7 watts. Its most impressive feature is that you don’t have to connect it to a computer to manage its content; it can be directly done on the frame itself. This allows you to send and receive pictures directly on your frame.



Regularly getting high ratings than popular name brands in many best quality digital photo frame reviews thanks to how it helps users stay connected via E-mail and WiFi, with its ability to send pictures through e-mails using the 3G/Wi-Fi network of mobile phones and to receive photos directly from the internet using a dedicated e-mail address, at no additional charge

10.4-inch high-quality display uses low consumption LED backlight at premium resolution of 4:3, offering hassle-free management from the web

Provides a multi-frame account that can be created and controlled remotely, all totally free from a single web account up to 25 frames

Convenient storage through its 2 GB internal memory while also supporting SDXC and SDHC memory cards and USB stick



Carries a higher price than other brands in the same category


“A digital photo frame is a really nice thing to have around the house, reminding us of quality family moments we experienced. The model I have back home is the Pix-Star PXT510WR02 and I am very pleased with the manner in which it displays my family pics.” – Jesssica Bud


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NIX X08D digital photo frame


Best digital photo frame dealsThis product which is one of the best digital photo frame deals you can get because it fulfills all your needs of display pictures or playing videos or music. It provides a high dpi display with power saving backlighting. Along with displaying photos you can play videos of MP4 format or AVI formats, also it supports MP3 files. It has an impressive motion detector that turns it on and off by sensing the motion around it. Along with this, it has automatic screen rotation, USB and remote. It supports memory cards as well.



Revolutionary Motion Sensor eliminates the need to turn the frame on and off, enabling users to show off their favorite pictures to guests by simply entering the room where the Digital photo frame is! Really ingenuous!

High pixel ratio of 800 x 600 or 4:3 resolution with LED backlighting ensures that all the details that matter are appreciated by everyone

Also offers MP4 and AVI video playback, MP3 Music, Split Screen Image Option and Auto Rotate Sensor

Supports USB stick and stores on SD and SDHC cards, with Remote Control component, Windows PC compatibility and full one-year warranty



Not equipped with internal memory

Does not come with internal rechargeable battery


“I have great pictures of me and my family on NIX X08D digital photo frame. I have created my own special family slideshow with all the best moments we have enjoyed. I recommend gettin this frame.” – Thomas Larkin


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ViewSonic VFD820-70 digital photo frame


This product has a slim and light design which is of eight inches in size. It screen has sharp display which exhibit clean, sharp and quality images. It minimizes the distortion with its good ratio. It will display your JPG format images. It has a Clock and Calendar display feature. It supports different kinds of flash cards. This product have Sensor feature that turns it on and off automatically. Decorate it anywhere you like to display your past and joyful memories.



Large and ultra-slim 8-inch digital photo frame offering high 800 x 600 resolution for enjoyment of sharp and crisp captured images

Employs LED backlighting that ensures more accurate rendering of images, longer life span for the digital photo frame, wider color variety, production of images with better dynamic contrast, lower power consumption, while being more reliable and friendlier to the environment

Offers superb 4:3 aspect ratio to guarantee the least amount of distortion in images, with on/off feature

Features clock and calendar functionality and also supports MMC, SD and SDHC memory cards to stylishly preserve memories in JPG photo and file format



Has no built-in internal memory

Photos not having the specified format need to be reformatted


“ViewSonic 8 inch Digital Photo Frame has a central role on the cupboard near my bed. I often lay in bed remembering the good moments displayed by it in a perfect picture quality. This was a great gift given to me by my husband for Xmas. I have come to consider it one of the most reliable digital photo frames in 2019.” – Sandra Wilson


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Aluratek ADPF08SF digital photo frame


This digital photo frame gives you HD display. It has a light and large screen design with a good resolution display. It displays your pictures in true high colors. It can be configured to show your pictures as an automatic slideshow. It supports USB and memory cards, whenever you insert a flash drive in it; it automatically recognizes your pictures, music or video files and takes action according to it. For easier decoration, its stand can be adjusted for both as horizontal or vertical frame.



Deserves to be the best quality digital photo frame 2019 for providing high resolution of 800 x 600, so photos are more brilliant, sharper and with highly defined color

Excellent image resolution supplemented by 8-inch TFT color LCD with accurate image production without distortions and color deviations

Offers auto slideshow feature that can be integrated with music files to make photos more interesting, with ability to support both SD and SDHC memory card formats

Frame stand can be adjusted to be vertically oriented to give more variety and versatile photo viewing experience



Photo frame has no memory storage other than by using USB stick, SD or SDHC card

Requires properly reformatted images


“It was cheap because it had Black Friday discount, so I couldn’t just pass on the opportunity to buy it. The first I did was to make a slideshow with the best moments I spent in the company of my friends and family, putting a smile on my face every time I watch it.  I know who makes the best digital photo frames in 2019, Aluratek. ” – Alice Stone


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Coby DP700WD wood digital photo frame


This product has a good display screen size with LCD display. It supports common JPEG picture format. It can display your pictures, along with it; it also displays a clock and a calendar. It supports many kinds of memory cards. With its high speed USB port, it provides a fast connection for flash drives. It has a wooden frame, this gives it a nice look no matter where you put it, and also you can hang it on the walls.



Unique wood design gives the digital photo frame a sophisticated look while 7-inch widescreen provides a way to display favorite memories captured in technologically advanced JPEG photo files

Frame has full size USB port usable with flash memory drives to give variety of photos for display and smart wall-mountable design with detachable stand to enable flexibility

Offers external memory support via MMC, MS, SD/SDHC and USB flash drive for a variety of image sources

Offers PC interface ability via Hi-speed USB 2.0



Not able to shuffle images while having lower resolution in contrast to other brands in this product category

Maximum for rotation is three minutes


“For an affordable price, I bought this nice digital photo frame from Coby for my home. Now, the pictures I cherish most of all with my family can be displayed. I put together also a slideshow to always remember past moments. Thus, I’m sure it’s one of the top 10 models out there.” – Whitney Parker


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