Best deck boxes for the money


Having a deck box on your patio can bring that little more sophistication to it and there are also its practical uses. A huge number of things can be placed by you in the spacious interior of a deck box thus giving you a lot of choices. The following suggestions are the best deck boxes under $100 which are extremely stylish and come with a very spacious inside too. Your patio will be complete with such an accessory on it.


Learn how to select an affordable deck box


Storing items that don’t belong in the house or have a specific use in the garden should be done in a smart manner. Today, most home designers recommend the use of sturdy deck boxes in order to administrate faster out of place objects. A good deck box can definitely help in maintaining deck, porch and patio free of unwanted stuff. If you are looking for a reliable deck box, keep in mind that this is the best time to make such a purchase. The market is over-flowing with models. Some are pretty amazing while others lack in utility and style features. With more information on the subject you will be able to invest in the most reliable deck box and safely store various household items.

Given the wide array of products available for purchase, we took the liberty of going through professional reviews on the best models. In our research on the top 10 products in 2019, we came across recurrent quality features. It seems that a deck box’s utility and durability is linked to its construction. Now, there are many benefits of owning a deck box. This storing unit can be used in order to protect different outdoor items like garden tools, yard games, patio seat cushions, power tools and even toys. If you have it, the deck box can store it. So, you have to pick a model that matches your outdoor living area general theme. For example, you can’t place a yellow deck box in the middle of your green garden. Symbiosis and compatibility are the key words in your purchase. What are the best products? Well, we won’t answer this question. Instead we are going to point out on the traits that make a deck box worthy of your attention.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Dimensions Wheels Our Rating Where to buy

Suncast Mocha Deck Box

73 gallon $$$ 46 x 21.6 x 22.5 inch No A+ AMAZON

Suncast DB8000B

73 gallon $$$ 42.5 x 19.5 x 21 inch Included A AMAZON

Rubbermaid 5F21

75 gallon $$$$ 25 x 26.2 x 42.5 inch No B+ AMAZON

Suncast Premium DB5000

50 gallon $$ 41 x 21 x 22 inch No B+ AMAZON

Suncast Patio Storage Box

103 gallon $$$ 21 x 56.5 x 24 inch Included B AMAZON


For a smaller patio or space living, we recommend you choose a deck box with a seat. This way you have a place to store things and sit on. Don’t worry about price. This is a deck box under $100, especially if you know where to look. Today there are three major types of deck boxes: traditional deck boxes, storage benches and cushion bins. Each model comes with its useful functions. Considered by many as a great product for Christmas, the traditional deck box is definitely welcomed in any home. The cushion bins are longer in size because they mostly hold chair cushions, pillows, foldable bikes and power tools. Storage benches represent the perfect addition to themed gardens, where everything has a place and a purpose.

You should know that the deck box’s capacity is directly linked on its size. So, make sure you know the unit’s dimensions before you purchase it. According to recent online surveys it seems that a growing number of Americans prefer deck box Black Friday deals. Why? Well, in this day the prices on deck boxes are very low and everyone can safely invest in a reliable product.


Things to consider:

–          Quality materials (resin or wood) which ensure that the storage unit won’t succumb to the effects of weather or time

–          Locking system, so you can safely keep all your belongings inside the deck box without fearing that someone else will break in

–          Wheels, which give you the possibility of moving the deck box around without problems

–          Cooler compartment that permits you to keep beverages cold during barbecues or outdoor parties



Suncast Mocha Deck Box


Best deck boxes under $100

A great addition from our best Suncast deck boxes reviews to your patio would be the Suncast Mocha with its stylish look and spacious interior. To put it together after you have received it is not a hard task and in under 5 minutes you will complete its assembly without the use of any tools. Cushions and other patio accessories can be easily strored inside it. Handles are present on each end so moving it to a different location is simple.



Manufactured with stay-dry design to keep the contents it holds dry and moisture-free while being protected from other elements

Generous 73-gallon capacity accepts a variety of items for storage, including but not limited to toys, garden equipment, and other things that would rather not be left out on the patio or deck or in the yard

Perfect decorative storage container for patio accessories and cushions to protect such items from the rain and other weather elements

Convenient features include easy tool-less assembly and handles on each end to facilitate carrying, with attractive wicker resin construction that is not the same as ordinary plastic



Does not latch up really tight but still able to keep contents dry inside


“ I bought the Suncast Mocha Deck Box from Amazon and it was deliverd at home 2 days after I paid. The product is easy to assemble. I never had a hard time installing the product since there are instructions in the package. I store lots of my patio things in it for greater ease. “ Luther Park


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Suncast DB8000B Deck Box


One of the best deck boxes under $100 is this model from Suncast which will keep your gardening or patio accessories nice and dry at all times. It is waterproof thanks to its carefully designed lid. Because it has poly-resin used in its construction you won`t have to worry about rust or color fading, getting to your deck box. The manufacturer has a lot of faith in its product so it offers a 5 year warranty for it.



Offers a great way to store sporting equipment, tools or firewood and a host of other things while keeping its contents safe and dry, making the Suncast DB8000B 73-Gallon Deck Box an ideal choice for the best waterproof deck boxes 2019

With built-in mini-wheels plus handles that allow easy transportability, so the user does not have to heave the deck box to transfer its location

Assembles easily in five minutes, without needing tools to put together so the buyer can immediately put it to use  to store items that would rather not be left out lying in the yard, patio or deck, which can include garden tools, sports equipment, toys, or pool equipment



No secure lock to secure valuable items inside, but that is not this product’s use


“ The Suncast Deck Box is a very reliable patio product I sue in storing any unused materials with greater ease and comfort. It is waterproof so the things placed in it will not get wet even it is placed outdoor. The product is also stylish so it is compatible with my patio outlook.”  Aurelio Lucien Clayton


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Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box


The Rubbermaid 5F21 is another deck box which will look lovely on your patio. Its lid is hinged for a very quick and smooth access to whatever you have stored in it. The materials from which it is built allow it to resist even to cold temperatures. It has also multi-role characteristics, being able to be a seat and even a serving suface if needed. It can even be locked, but for this you have to order a special lock which is not included when you first purchase the box.



Great storage box to hold garden tools, grill accessories, small cushions and lots more, to keep the patio or deck neat and tidy

Resin deck box built with double-wall construction to provide extra protection for what is stored inside, plus stability when the box is used as an extra seat on deck

Hinged lid ensures easy accessibility to inside contents, with built-in hasps to enable locking of the lid using a separately bought lock

Adds up to 10 cubic feet of storage space to the deck or patio after easy assembly in just minutes, making this a regular favorite in many best waterproof deck boxes reviews everywhere



Snaps together securely  in one piece without falling apart once the floor of the box is turned over during assembly


“ Aside from being a deck box where I store my gardening tools and other unused materials, the Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box can also be sued as a table or chair whenever there is a need. The function of this product is flexible so it will be much helpful owning this product.” Alton Workman


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Suncast Premium DB5000 Deck Box


If you are looking for an outdoor deck box with a fantastic design and a sufficient storage space than the Premium DB5000 is exactly what you need. To assemble it is a very simple process which will not require tools. This box adds a bit of classic style to your patio or back yard so they are the best in the neighborhood. Store gardening tools, patio accessories and a lot more in the large 50 gal. inside. Its features make out of it one of the best deck boxes under $100.



With poly-resin construction to ensure long-term usability and reliable durability, with ability to resist fading and corrosion or rust

Perfect for storing outdoor dining décor, sports equipment, gardening tools, toys, cushions and more, keeping the deck or patio less cluttered and mess-free

Lid has been designed to let water flow right off the box so it does not get the items stored inside all wet and useless, with easy-open lid that just flips open on sturdy hinges

USA-made box of excellent construction and genuine materials to hold up to 50 gallons of gear, requiring a minimal amount of assembly



Lid designed not to seal shut but keeps items inside dry and safe from the elements


“ I consider the Premium DB5000 Deck Box as the best deck box because it can accommodate large number of materials inside of it. It is also stylish and fashionable so you will be happy displaying it in your garden. It is also sold in a very minimal price which is worth buying. “ Larry Kramer


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Suncast Patio Storage Box


The 103 gal. interior will give you endless storage opportunities for patio accessories, so you are prepared for anything. In 5 minutes the assembly is done and you will be ready to place it on your patio. The resin construction will make sure it resists to different kinds of weather without loosing color, looking like new for a longer period of time. It even comes with wheels on one side and a handle on the other side so moving it around for redecoration purposes is very easy.



Offers a great addition to outdoor décor with its decorative and attractive lines and design, a great place to store garden and yard accessories and other things

With rollers on one side plus in-mold handle, which both facilitate transportability when the box has to be moved to another location or when the space it occupies needs to be cleaned underneath

Weather-resistant construction thanks to poly-resin material and stay-dry design used in its manufacture, which is able to keep the contents protected from the elements

Easy to put together without requiring tools or technical skills and know-how, and comes together with an attractive appearance worthy to be displayed on the patio or deck



Effective storage space without thick walls but serves its purpose nicely


“ The Suncast Patio Storage Box is a very useful deck box that is worth buying from Amazon. In just a minimal price, you can have this easy to assemble deck box that will surely be envied by your neighbors. It is also durable and sturdy so there is the assurance of its long term functionality. “ Tim Sampson


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