If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best dancing water speakers for the money, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. According to our research, the best choice you could make is the Svance Portable Premium because it comes with a built-in amplifier, has an excellent sound effect and is compatible with any mobile device you might have around the house. The second best option would be the SoundSoul Mini as it’s affordable and fits virtually any prospective buyer’s budget. These are the two products that stood out while we’ve gathered a lot of info on the topic, ranging from owner feedback and overall brand quality to value offered for the price and sales figures. The Svance and the SoundSoul offer almost all the features one might ever be looking for and allow owners to enjoy their music without risking anything in terms of sound quality. What’s more, both the Svance and the SoundSoul have performed well on social media and have gathered a plethora of positive user reviews.



How to select a new dancing water speaker


With the myriad of products that can now be bought on the market, any buyer can end up feeling just a tad baffled. That’s why we’ve decided to take the hassle out of your buying journey and put together a guide that lets you know just what details you should consider when getting a new dancing water speaker system. Just remember, your needs and preferences must come first as does your budget. Since a little research never hurt anyone, we suggest you go through some user reviews to find out what to expect from a model in regards to convenience and versatility.

1.SoundSoul Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

Sound quality

Most of the units we have come across manage to combine aesthetics with technological advancements. Gone are the days when dancing water speakers had to sacrifice sound quality just to create a stellar ambiance, which is why nowadays manufacturers are focusing on developing their systems as well as possible. Since it’s rather difficult for a prospective buyer to understand which product comes with excellent sound quality and which one does not, we recommend contacting the manufacturing brand directly or reading some reviews.

If you have the time and know how to estimate the sound quality of such devices, it might be a good idea to go to a specialized store and get the opinion of a consultant. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, just pretend you’re interested in the units that are on display. The seller will try to help you as best as he or she can and will most likely allow you to test a model.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to getting the right sound quality. For instance, even the height of the speakers has a say as well as the power and frequency range.



Not all dancing water speakers are created the same. While some of the products we’ve analyzed are for computer use, more and more feature cutting-edge features in regards to connectivity. A number of these models can be great alternatives for iPhone while others might come with Bluetooth or with bass.

As previously mentioned, when buying a new unit you’re likely to purchase it for the design and not only for the specs it comes with. Where are you most likely to use the speakers? If you want to display them in your living room and enjoy the ambiance they create when your friends are visiting, it goes without saying that they should be connected to something other than a personal computer.

If the model you intend on purchasing is versatile enough, it will allow you to use a mobile device in order to play music. Take an iPhone, for example. There are three main ways of connecting an iPhone to a set of water speakers. You may use the Bluetooth technology, the headphone jack, or the USB port. Does the unit you’re prospecting come with these features? That’s all you need to know how to use a system with an iOS or Android device.


Controls and ease of use

Many systems nowadays come with very few buttons. Some models may feature a rotary button that allows the user to select the volume he or she prefers at the moment they’re listening to music. On the other hand, many units we’ve seen come with a remote control or can be controlled even by using a mobile app. Ease of use is always a factor to take into account, as nobody wants to fiddle with too many buttons when they have to entertain the guests they have over.

Moreover, it might be worth knowing just how easy it is for a user to set up a new unit. Most of the instructions provided by the manufacturers are detailed enough and pose little to no problems regarding installation. However, since not all owners are necessarily tech-savvy, you might need to research this factor before selecting the wrong alternative.



It goes without saying that the actual looks of a model are another thing to consider. Believe it or not, there are still models out there of which the lights can’t dance in tandem with the musical beats or with the volume. If this is what you’re looking for, and chances are you want this distinct feature, you have to check the product description.

2.New ATake Third Generation Diamond Water Dancing Speaker

Final notes

Consider your budget, the brand reputation and the warranty of the product before finalizing your purchase. It’s reassuring to know you can take advantage of a money back guarantee or return the product and get a replacement.


Top Rated Dancing Water Speakers in 2018



SoundSoul Mini


2.SoundSoul Mini

The SoundSoul Mini is a system composed of two fountain speakers. The neat thing about this option is that it is remarkably easy to set up and compatible with any device that comes with a 3.5-mm audio jack. The type of connectivity technology in this alternative is wired audio, so this product does not come with an USB input port.

When it comes to design, the SoundSoul Mini is a winner, as it features four different colored led lights which dance to the beat of the music that is playing.

Over 250 buyers think this device is well worth every penny.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($25.99)




Svance Portable Premium


1.Svance Portable Premium

The Svance option is by far the best product for the money. It’s packed with features that will leave you wanderlusting. It’s made of high-quality material and is durable enough to last for the years to come. What’s more, it delivers exceptional sound quality, as it has a built-in amplifier.

The product can be paired with any type of device you might own, considering that it comes with an IF card and a USB input port. Since it’s compact and beautifully designed, it can be taken to other people’s places just to enhance the mood of any party.

Besides, the Svance model has garnered over 200 positive user reviews.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




E-Joy Black Water


3.E-Joy Black Water

If you’ve been looking for an affordable dancing water speakers system, you’ve just found it. The E-Joy shares some of its characteristics with the previously mentioned models, in that it has four led lights just as the SoundSoul Mini. What’s more, the water dances to the beat. The unit comes with a 3.5-mm audio jack connection, so yet again the USB port is lacking. Even so, the E-Joy works with a broad array of mobile devices, ranging from MP3 players to smartphones.

This option is considerably more affordable than others we’ve gone through, as it costs less than thirty dollars.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($16.99)




SoundSoul Rotating Jets


4.SoundSoul Rotating Jets

Although it might be a little less inexpensive compared to other units on the line, this one is undoubtedly worth considering if you plan to get a state-of-the-art dancing water speaker system. The design of this product is unique because it has multi-colored jets that dance around depending on the function that is being used. Eight straight jets are in the subwoofer, while six rotating jets are in the satellite.

As is the case with other products we’ve seen, the SoundSoul features a single rotary button that can be used to customize the volume levels.

Most of the people who have purchased this model claim it does wonders when it comes to playing electronic and industrial music.


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Products which are no longer available



SoundSoul Music Fountain


Best Dancing Water Speakers ReviewsWhen you are looking for the best dancing water speakers in 2018, one thing that you should do is to choose one that will be a snap to accomplish. This gives you more than enough reason to believe that this will be an option that you will not regret. Once it is taken out of the box, you can be assured that its assembly is not something that will require you to sweat. If you do not want to buy this for your own, at least consider buying this a gift. This is something that will be well-loved by people who like music and anything that is unique.



New ATake Third Generation


According to the best dancing water speakers reviews that have been published, the audio output of this model is one thing that proves its supremacy within the product category. You can expect that it will be able to reproduce powerful sound, which is exactly what you intend to hear. It comes with 6 control buttons that will make it possible for you to choose the specific function that is desired. If you are ever getting bored listening to the same songs all day, having this speaker will surely add spice to your life and the dancing water is nothing short of being entertaining.



Pixnor Dancing Water Mini Speakers


This is another option that should not be forgotten when you are thinking about the best dancing water speakers that are available in the market today. This model comes with 3.5mm jack that will allow you to connect most devices. It has an easily accessible control not only for the volume, but also for the way that the water dances. It also has a built-in amplifier, which makes it more reliable in terms of producing the best sound, even in high definition. For sure, this will provide you with blasting music and an entertaining water dance show.



Leading Edge Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers


Based on the reviews about the top rated dancing water speakers in 2018, this is another option that can provide the best bang for the buck. It comes with an affordable price tag, although this may not necessarily be the cheapest that you will ever find. The product comes with multi-colored jets that dance on their way when music is played. It can be even compared to watching a musical fountain show. The speaker has a height of only 9 inches, making it efficient in terms of the space that it consumes. It also has 3.5mm jack that will make it excellent in terms of connectivity options.



Leading Edge Dancing Water Speakers


Go inside a dark room and play your music with the use of this speaker. For sure, after a few seconds, people will begin praising you and some might even ask where you purchased your speakers. This is not just because of the high quality sound output that it produces, but also because of the amazing show that it puts. The dancing water and the different light colors will surely be able to attract everyone’s attention. In fact, in many cases, it even overshadowed the music that is being played. You will also surely like the fact that the speaker is lightweight, making it easy to bring wherever you are going.