If you’re in a hurry, that could stop you from reading all the details about the best cycling shoes. But we can provide the support you need. The short paragraph you’re about to read carries all the information one would need for a great choice. We went all out to gather information about these products by comparing brands, looking into owner feedback and sales figures. Out of the products included in our research, the Shimano SH-R065 stands out for a number of reasons. It brings into play a light, low-profile sole that’s made out of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. That makes it very durable while keeping it rigid enough for excellent pedaling. This pair will keep your feet dry and comfortable for better cycling thanks to the integrated air intake and exhaust system. Whenever you need an efficient upstroke the Shimano Dynalast system keeps the foot in an essential ergonomic position. In case you’re having trouble purchasing the Shimano SH-R065, you should give it a try with the Shimano SH-RP2, which is rated second in our study.



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Around the world cycling is regarded as a noble sport, where stamina and elegance come together in order to create a great show. How can you improve the way you ride, every time you start pedaling? Well, you have to be properly equipped and pedal to the metal sort of speak. To this end, we are not surprised to see so many people search for professional cycling shoes, designed to enhance the comfort level during rides, no matter their length. How can you find the best model? Consult with attention the present best cycling shoes reviews and use the information in order to identify the most efficient pair.

When you ride a bike, you rarely think of the shoes that you wear. Those who ride bikes frequently can tell you that you will see a difference when you wear a pair of cycling shoes. The question is, what are the best cycling shoes on the market and what should you look for when choosing among the most popular shoes? We have created this guide to help demystify the subject and help you decide what kind of shoes you should look at.

2To understand why cycling shoes are important, you first need to understand what makes them different from other athletic shoes. Cycling shoes are designed with a sole that is sturdier than others are which allows it to transfer energy from your body to the pedal easier. The soles give you extra support that reduces cramping in the foot and leg while also reducing fatigue.


Choose your preffered type

There are several different types of cycling shoes available. Casual cycling shoes are the best rated among riders who travel less than five miles. They are also comfortable while you are walking. Although they do not have stiff soles, or work with clipless pedals, you still have the option to use them with platform pedals that have been fitted with straps or toe clips.

Mountain biking shoes have a stiffer sole, which is good for pedaling. These shoes are still flexible and feature a rubber outsole that gives you excellent traction if you have to walk on less than ideal terrain. New mountain biking shoes use a 2-hole cleat system that requires being paired with a compatible pedal for optimal usage. Be warned though that some shoes have a flat sole and will not be able to mount to cleats.

Road cycling shoes are among the top ten cycling shoes because they have the hardest soles and they can transfer power from your body to the pedal very well. These lightweight shoes have good ventilation to keep your feet from getting too hot while traveling. While these shoes can be expensive, you can find affordable models that are not made with carbon fiber.


Fitting options

After you have decided what kind of shoe you need, you will want to look at other features, such as closures, if the shoe is compatible with cleats, and if you need a shoe cover.

The way your shoe closes is important because it gives you security and comfort, both of which are very important while cycling. Laces can give you a customized fit; however, over time they can become grimy and could pose as a safety hazard should the laces come undone. Velcro closures are a good option because they are easy to secure and you do not have to worry about them coming undone while riding.

Cyclists often use a shoe/cleat/pedal system, which makes cycling more efficient and safer. Cleats are attached to the bottom of the shoe and in order for the entire system to work, all three components must be compatible and you will usually find the cleat and the pedal sold as a pair.

Shoe covers are not a necessity, but they are nice to have. These booties can slip over your shoes and will help keep your feet dry and warm while you are cycling during cold or rainy weather.

With this buying guide, we hope that you are able to choose the right cycling shoes to meet your needs. Just keep these things in mind when looking at your options


Things to consider:

  • If you are not a frequent cyclist, you can wear shoes that do not have a stiff sole; however, for long distance cyclists, you should choose a stiffer sole as it makes pedaling much easier and is more comfortable.
  • Choose what kind of closures you prefer. Laces offer optimal range for customized comfort but can be a safety hazard.
  • If your bike has been fitted for a cleat system, make sure your shoes are compatible with the system.



Top rated cycling shoes in 2019

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of the things you should look for in a good pair of cycling shoes, it’s time to find out which are the best models in 2019. All the pairs of shoes listed below have received lots of positive feedback and reviews, so they should definitely be on your short list.




Shimano SH-R065


Coming from a company whose main business is cycling-related, the Shimano SH-R065 AllAround are the cycling gear pieces that you should get your hands on. These shoes offer a lightweight, low-profile sole, made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. Since finding the right balance between comfort, durability and rigidity are essential for pedaling shoes, this technology is an effective means of achieving this purpose.

Coupled with synthetic leather and mesh upper, it ensures the athlete’s comfort. This pair will keep your feet dry and cool during intense physical exercise thanks to the integrated air intake and exhaust system. Providing further advantage, the shoes use the Shimano Dynalast system to keep the foot into an ergonomic position.



The dual hook-and-loop style strap is very easy to use and offers both comfort and support.

The stiff sole is great for power transfer and the improved performance is quite noticeable, especially for those who are in spin classes like SoulCycle or Flywheel.

Most customers find them very well fitting and comfortable, showing that the flat insoles are properly designed and pointing out that long rides are less tiresome.  



Some of the buyers have complained about the awkward sizing, which is to be expected in some cases when shoes are designed for a snug fit and when they’re used in sports activities.


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Shimano SH-RP2


With the same desire to implement technology and innovation, Shimano has designed these shoes using synthetic materials for performance and comfort. They are made for women and use a specific fit for true comfort. They come with a fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole really important for efficient pedaling. Any spin classes lover would love to have them for their performance and the SPD compatibility.

They’re compatible with two-bolt and three-bolt cleats, which makes them ideal for any type of pedal. The closure system is designed for convenience, as it uses a middle hook-and-loop strap that goes through a D-ring. It gives the wearer stability and it’s easy to adjust.



Thanks to the special material used for the sole construction, the force used for pedaling increases; this factor lowers fatigue while maximizing efficiency.

The hook-and-loop strap is great for comfort as it prevents pressure on the foot and makes the gear adequate for easy on-easy off.

The padded tongue also increases comfort and releases some of the stress usually placed on the front of the foot.

The pair also features air intake and exhaust, which is great during intense effort or long rides.  



They’re not great for walking, even on short distances, but since they’re made mostly for indoor cycling, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


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Giro Rumble VR


Unlike shoes made for indoor cycling, this pair is designed for outdoor use and targets both on and off bike performance. It behaves like a light hiking shoe thanks to the Vibram rubber outsole that provides them with powerful traction. While great for soil contact, the Giro Rumble VR outsoles also contribute to a good grip on the pedal. To give them the stiffness required for transferring the muscle power to the pedals, the manufacturer used an injected inner shank.

All the above are the mechanisms that confer the Giro Rumble VR great functionality. But they’re also very comfortable thanks to the lace-up closure than can be easily customized, the synthetic mesh upper and EVA midsole.



A stiff sole is a great advantage whenever you get on the bike.

The well-recessed cleats don’t interfere when walking on pavement or leveled soil, so you can wear them naturally, like any other shoes. Also, they don’t damage floors when you walk into a room.

They’re comfortable for walking, no matter if you walk for short or long distances.  

The shoes also provide very good ventilation thanks to the breathable elements.



They’re not waterproof, which could prove a real downside when you need to go mountain biking in a less than perfect weather.

Some owners think the laces are a bit short.


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Pearl iZumi women’s W All-road II


Best cycling shoes reviewsWith the right set of information, you will be able to find a great pair of cycling shoes designed to recalibrate the way you cycle. Are you ready to improve your game? According to the present top rated cycling shoes reviews, you need to consider using Pearl iZumi women’s W all-road shoes, a pair made out of synthetic and mesh material for added comfort and security. This shoe has a rubber sole and 1:1 anatomic closure, which precisely respects the anatomic shape of the foot, thus eliminating hot spots and also removes pressure from the instep. With this pair of shoes, bright cycling days are ahead!



Who makes the best product in the cycling segment? According to the latest reviews it seems that the iZUMi W All-Road II cycling shoes from Pearl represent ideal addition to serious athletes

The shoes incorporate synthetic material and solid rubber sole for proper management of changing conditions during cycling experiences

Features 1:1 anatomic closure which easily matches the natural shape of the foot in order to significantly limit the appearance of hot spots

Fitted with 1:1 Power Plate the shoes are fitted with advanced grade nylon and reliable composite fiber plate for enhanced cycling stability and durability



Manufactured in China which some riders find bothersome

Pay close attention to shoe size for proper fit


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Shimano SH-RP2


1.Shimano SH-RP2

In spite of its rather conventional design, the Shimano SH-RP2 is a perfectly constructed cycling shoe that does exactly what it is intended to do. For one, this product is both lightweight and convenient, regardless of the fact that it might be a tad less affordable compared to some of its competitors. Besides, the leather upper is both stretch-resistant and supple, which makes the Shimano SH-RP2 one of the most durable-looking items in the line. What’s more, it is important to note that, since these shoes don’t weigh in all that much, they’re not difficult to cycle and walk in.



The SH-RP2 weighs in at just two pounds, which means that it’s one of the lightest cycling shoes available these days.

The upper is made of synthetic leather that doesn’t stretch or scratch too easily.

Breathability is always something to consider when purchasing shoes, and the SH-RP2 satisfies users’ requirements in this sense as it comes with a unique exhaust system.

The asymmetrical straps with which this model has been equipped make it both comfortable and easy to put on when you’re on the run.

The people who’ve bought this model in the past say that it’s both affordable and practical.



Most of the reviewers recommend sizing up as getting a too tight fit might be uncomfortable.


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Pearl iZUMi men’s X-Road


Every pro rider should have by his side a great pair of cycling shoes, designed to enhance their experience! The trick is to reduce the search area and ultimately learn more about Pearl iZUMi men’s X-Road cycling shoes. This pair is made out of synthetic and meshes materials, completed by a rubber sole, for added stability during each step of the way. It comes with a built in lace garage that manages to eliminate with ease drivetrain interference. You should also know that shoes feature X-Road nylon plate which delivers great pedalling stability and riding power. You will be able to push the envelope harder and reach your destination easier!



As one of the most reliable cycling shoes from Pearl, the iZUMi X-Road Fuel II pair represents a great addition for cyclers that truly desire to enhance their riding experience

Designed for proper cycling experience these shoes come with a friendly design, limiting foot constraints and improving comfort

The shoes combine flexibility with durability in order to resist well to various weather conditions

Features X-Road nylon plate which enhances pedalling power and stability, while improving traction over the bike’s pedals



The basic package doesn’t include a supportive shoe support (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Pearl iZUMi men’s All-road


Shopping for a brand new pair of cycling shoes can be pretty difficult but not something impossible. Now, going through the present best cycling shoes reviews will help you to understand why thousands of pro cyclists use with confidence Pearl iZUMi men’s All-road cycling shoes. This special pair is made out of synthetic materials, with a manmade sole which keeps the feet comfortable and secure, while pedalling. You should also know that the cycling shoes features with 1:1 anatomic closure, which follows the line of the foot, thus eliminating hot spots and more importantly removes pressure from the instep.



Most of the current cycling shoes ratings best to worst gave the All-Road pair from Pearl iZUMi high marks of efficiency and quality, which makes it optimal for long hours of cycling

These cycling shoes are properly designed in order to accurately follow the foot’s natural shape in order to remove instep pressure or hot spots

Great for mountain and street biking this pair of cycling shoes comes with special Velcro closure that removes the appearance of slippage

This cheap product is made of synthetic materials and includes a durable manmade sole which offers riders high levels of comfort and stability during each riding trip



Does not come with a supportive shoe case (this is an optional accessory sold separately)

The basic package doesn’t include a cleaning cloth


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Giro women’s Sante


Not many people know that cycling can be even easier once the right cycling shoes are found. To this end upon reviewing the current top rated products, we recommend that you use with confidence Giro women’s Sante Road bike shoes, a model that will simplify your riding skills to the max. Made out of synthetic material and with a claimed weight of around 230 g, making the quite light and easy to manage, the bike shoes have a special Aegis lining which is anti-microbial. The closure mechanism is easy and pretty great: hook-and-loop straps that prepare you for riding way easier than before.



As the best rated product from Giro, the Sante Road bike shoes are designed for athletes that desire to cover a lot of ground in comfort, helping them enjoy every moment of the ride

Designed with durable materials the shoes significantly improve cycling performance, reducing the appearance of problems

Weighing only 230 g, the cycling shoes include unique Aegis lining which is anti-microbial, helping riders obtain amazing results in record time

Designed for training, commuting, club rides, street biking and gran fondos the cycling shoes incorporate a durable hook and look strap for proper fit and stability during rides, short or long



Even though the shoes are pretty comfortable they don’t come with supportive lining

The cycling shoes do not include a supportive base


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Shimano SH-R087


Are you shopping for a high quality pair of cycling shoes? Well, if you are then you should use one of the best cycling shoes in 2019 from Shimano: SH-R087 Road bike shoes. Made out of synthetic and mesh materials, for added comfort and security, this pair of cycling shoes have an upper material made out of synthetic leather. Designed especially for people that ride hard on any type of trails, this pair of bike shoes will certainly improve the way you manage cycling. Every phase becomes easier and lighter to take on. Are you ready to significantly improve the way you ride?



Considered by professional cyclers as the best cycling shoes under $200 from Shimano, the M087 pair includes synthetic leather mesh upper which delivers high level of comfort, making each ride friendlier

This high quality pair of cycling shoes incorporates a solid molded rubber outsole that ensure accurate grip in various weather conditions

The shoes feature hook-and-loop straps and the exclusive Shimano micro-adjust buckle for proper fit during each riding experience

Backed by an exclusive 1 year warranty this pair of cycling shoes are recommended for commuting, urban cycling and also mounting biking



Do not come with cleaning cloth


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