Top rated cultivators in 2019


Every garden deserves to be cared for with professional tools. One of the most important tools that a professional gardener or landscaper should own is the cultivator. Fortunately the market on cultivators has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. There are advantages and disadvantages of such a wide selection of products. Without access to professional information finding a reliable cultivator becomes a nightmare. This is why we went through the best cultivator reviews and product reports in order to ease up the selection process. During our research we found 5 high quality cultivators that can be used on any type of terrains.


Troy-Bilt TB154E Electric Garden Cultivator


Best cultivator reviewsOne of the best cultivators in 2019 comes from Troy-Bilt, the TB154E. This professional garden cultivator is powered by 6 amp electric motor which safely controls the 4 forward-rotating system during cultivation. The cultivator’s lightweight design makes the machine easy to control. It comes equipped with 8 inch steel tines and 8 blades which can safely tear, dig and turn soil for proper cultivating results. Backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty this professional garden cultivator offers users the chance to personalize the whole process. The machine’s cutting width is adjustable, from 6 inches to 9 inches thus accommodating soil characteristics.

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Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator with 43cc 2-Cycle


Most of the current best cultivator reviews underline the cultivating efficiency of the MC43 from Earthquake. It came as no surprise to see this mini cultivator present in so many American gardens, used efficiently by skilled gardeners and ambitious landscapers. Users prefer this gardening instrument for applications like weeding, aerating or fertilizing soil. Due to its lightweight design the cultivator is easy to transport around the garden, from one place to another. Powered by 43cc Viper engine this professional cultivator can be used in order to turn and tear soil for proper planting. It can deliver 8 inch of tilling depth and a special tilling width from 6 to 10 inches.

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Earthway 6500W High Wheel Garden Cultivator


It is important for gardeners to use professional cultivators during cultivation tasks. In our search for the best cultivator in 2019 we found that the 6500W High Wheel from Earthway represents a great solution to any professional. This cultivator can be used for a wide range of gardening tasks like light plowing, cultivating, furrowing and also hilling. Incorporating a heavy-duty frame and 1-inch plated tubular steel the 6500W cultivator simply gets the job done. It comes with oak handles which adds to the cultivator a classic touch which goes well during tasks around the garden. This professional tool features a solid 24-inch wheel that safely moves soil for proper cultivating results.

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GreenWorks 27012 Corded AC Cultivator


There are many gardeners that care about the environment and due to this guiding working principle they want to use cultivators with 0 carbon footprint. GreenWorks is a brand known for their environmental friendly gardening tools. One of them is the 27012 cultivator, a product that can be used on different types of terrains. It is powered by 8 amp motor which puts in action 8” forward rotating tines. This cutting system manages to safely dig into the earth for proper cultivating actions. Furthermore the tilling width can be adjusted from 8.25 inches to 10 inches in order to accommodate better the soil’s characteristics.

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Snow Joe TJ599E Aardvark Electric Garden Cultivator


Finding the best cultivator in 2019 represents an important task for serious gardeners that want to take better care of the garden. So, for accurate gardening results we recommend the TJ599E Aardvark from Snow Joe. This powerful electric cultivator is a great addition to any garden since people can use it in order to plant different seeds. The gardening tool offers a cultivating width of 6 inches, more than enough to turn and twist soil. It features 4 steel tines that can handle even the roughest of terrains. This cultivator is powered by a solid 2.5 Amp electric motor which safely powers up blades to go through the terrain layers.

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