If you’re here just to find the best crossbows for hunting and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about various products for sale by consulting expert hunting review sites and comparing the reviews and ratings there with what is in actual owner feedback. Fortunately, after the extensive product comparison and evaluation, we’ve been able to find what we believe is the number one in this category, the Barnett Buck Commander CRT. Outfitted with revolutionary Barnsdale laminated limbs encapsulated with the exclusive AVI technology from Barnett, this powerful crossbow ensures success in stealth hunting by reducing up to 30 percent of noise for easy targeting and shooting. The noise dampening technology enables you to keep your target within sight and won’t alert the animal to your presence. Equipped with premium quality components, the weapon features an aluminum flight rail, Whiplash cams plus Crosswire cables and strings to ensure shooting accuracy and reliable shooting performance along with strength and durability for lasting use. If the Barnett Buck Commander CRT runs out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option in terms of quality and performance, the Barnett Jackal.



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Buying Guide


Hunting crossbows are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and if you want to save some time and avoid reading all the buying guides you might come across during your research, just check out the most important considerations we’ve gathered for you. Parts and accessories can be bought separately once you own the right unit for your needs and requirements. Always remember that you’re buying the product for yourself, so be sure to correlate its features with your preferences and purpose.

1.Barnett Buck Commander CRT Crossbow Package


Crossbows for hunting deer can be split up into two broad categories: recurve and compound. The recurve type has been around for ages which is why it’s also the simplest of the two. The main advantage of using this kind of crossbow is that requires little to no maintenance on the part of the user and even comes with a lower number of parts that may break. What’s more, it makes a little less noise compared to its compound counterpart. There is a slight disadvantage to choosing this variant, as it’s somewhat less accurate than a compound crossbow.

By contrast, compound crossbows are considered to be heavy, although manufacturers nowadays have worked towards replacing the steel parts in this type. The extra parts in this kind of unit tend to break from time to time, which means that the buyer will spend some money on consumables. Nevertheless, it’s easy to utilize as it comes with a cocking mechanism that allows any owner, regardless of his or her physical features, to draw accurately. Another drawback of this type is that it’s considerably less affordable than any recurve model.



The fact of the matter is that any buying journey, even the one you have to undertake to purchase a crossbow, has to be motivated by a particular purpose. Are you looking to buy a crossbow just for fun or are you planning to use the product for serious game hunting? Hunting requires high-quality units made with the best materials you can afford. On the other hand, if you’re just buying your crossbow for fun, you might benefit from using an inexpensive unit that you might find for sale. The power requirements differ largely from one type of game to the next, as do the sights and even types of arrows.


Weight, noise, and speed

Lighter crossbows are remarkably convenient. For one, they’re easier to take wherever you might end up doing your hunting. However, hefty alternatives are usually thought of as being more reliable, as the weapon is steady and doesn’t tend to move a lot. If you have enough experience to understand what weight would be comfortable enough for your endeavors and physical features, you’ll have no trouble selecting a new model. Female or shorter hunters might wish to focus on getting a lighter option, particularly if they are not in shape.

Noise is a significant detail to consider if you want to avoid scaring off the game. Crossbows that come with parallel limbs are usually more quiet compared to the ones that feature cam mechanisms. The speed of all models isn’t the same, as it also depends on the type of bow you ultimately choose and even on the kind of bolt.


Power requirements

Based on the type of game you’re targeting, you may need to pick a pull weight ranging from 80 to 200 pounds. The pull weight that is required for deer hunting is estimated at around 150 pounds. This might simply be too much for some buyers, which is why they might be interested in acquiring some rope cocking aids. Again, you’ll have to think about the type of hunting you want to perform before selecting the adequate pull weight.


2.Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package



Many models come with single red-dot, multi-reticle or multi-red dot, and even optical sights. Regardless of the one you prefer, the bottom line is that scopes are very advantageous and contribute to the accuracy of the shot so be sure to pay attention to this factor. What’s more, the range to the target also has a say in the matter, and so a precise shot may sometimes be the result of using a laser rangefinder.


Arrows and points

If it’s possible, make sure you buy a unit for which you can find arrows and points several years from now. For example, if you’re browsing the market for a new crossbow and decide to choose one by Barnett, you might notice that the manufacturer is recommending a set of arrows and points that are compatible with the model you’ve just purchased. Compatibility is paramount.


Things to consider:

–          Shooting range;

–          Crossbow construction and shooting force;

–          Cocking mechanism, which enhances the safety levels;

–          Shooting distance and accuracy ( 25 to 30 yards – optimal distance).




Top Rated Crossbows for Deer Hunting in 2021


Barnett Buck Commander CRT


The AVI Technology, an innovation that has been developed by its manufacturer, can be considered as one of the primary reasons why this model is considered as one of the best crossbows for deer hunting. This innovation is helpful in the reduction of noise by as much as 30%. This means that you can expect nothing but quiet performance from this product. In addition, aside from being accurate, it is also commendable for its ease of use.




Comes equipped with Barnsdale laminated limbs which are encapsulated with the exclusive Barnett AVI system for smooth and more importantly silent hunting sessions;

Backed by an exclusive 5-year warranty the Commander CRT crossbow features the advanced ADF trigger system which permits hunters to easily control the shooting force;

This powerful crossbow shoots with an impressive 365 FPS (feet-per-second) and 14 inch power stroke, more than enough to reach targets even as they’re trying to get away;

Due to its lightweight (8.1-pounds) and compact design (24 W by 36 inches D) the crossbow is very easy to maneuver during hunting trips.



The crossbow is not available for purchase in some U.S. zip codes;

Does not include a storage case (available for purchase separately).


“Ever since I first read about Barnett Buck Commander CRT crossbow rack in a hunting magazine, I desperately wanted to get my hands on it. Finally, I bought it and I was immediately impressed with the shooting accuracy which leads me to believe this is the best crossbow for deer hunting 2021.” – Marcus D. Koenig  


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Barnett Jackal


Best Crossbows for Deer HuntingOne of the best reasons why you should consider buying this product is the fact that it offers the best value for your money, since it already comes in a complete package. You will not need to buy any additional attachments, unless, of course, you would want to make it more functional than it already is. This crossbow has the ability to shoot 315 feet per second and has a draw weight of 150 pounds. Also it’s very easy to use because this model is designed with a divided foregrip.



A recommended crossbow for deer hunting comes from Barnett Crossbows, the Jackal, a model very appreciated for its shooting precision and solid construction;

Designed especially for hunters this powerful crossbow has a superb military-style stock and a carefully divided foregrip which maintains a comfortable grip during each hunting trip;

Due to the lightweight stock and the exclusive Barnett New ADF MIM trigger this crossbow ensures a rapid 3.5-pound trigger pull for good reactions when targets move;

Benefits from an exclusive 5-year manufacturer warranty and offers hunters the chance to shoot arrows with 315 FPS and 95 foot pounds energy.



Can’t be purchased in some American states;

The instructions present in the user manual don’t offer detailed information on shooting techniques.

“Ever since I first put this crossbow from Barnett to the test, I immediately realized I was dealing with a state-of-the-art model. This is my preferred hunting crossbow and it rarely happens that I miss a deer when shooting with it. I found out about it from reading the best crossbow for deer hunting reviews.” – Gordon C. Nauman


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Arrow Precision Inferno Fury


This can prove to be one of the best crossbows for deer hunting because of its compact size and the fact that it is lightweight, making it easy to use and control. For additional protection to its users, this model is equipped with a thumb guard. To make it even more comfortable, it’s also designed with a padded shoulder sling. Lastly, another good reason why it’s recommended is the reasonable price tag, making it one of the most affordable crossbows within the products mentioned in this article.



Manufactured in the United States of America this crossbow kit comes equipped with a detachable quiver, 4-16” bolts, rope cocker, red dot sight and also a quite smooth padded sling;

Made with a composite rear stock, compression fiberglass limb and aluminum barrel the Inferno Fury recurve crossbow provides 175 pounds of draw weight and a powerful 235 FPS, ideal for ever-changing phases of hunting trips;

As a recommended crossbow for deer hunting the model benefits from an exclusive 1 year warranty;

Features a high quality ambidextrous auto safety option which helps hunters reach their prey easier without worrying about accidents.



Some assembly is needed but it will take only 10 to 15 minutes.


“I bought the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury because it’s very well balanced and had excellent feedback from other experienced hunters and the best rated crossbow for deer hunting reviews. Shooting it is a pleasure and I would even go as far as to recommend it for other crossbow enthusiasts. I got it for a Black Friday discount, thus the price was under $150” – Donald Watts


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SA Sports Fever


The sturdy construction of this crossbow makes it a favorite in the marketplace, especially for those who do not have the luxury of being able to spend a lot of money. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to use. This will be an ideal option for those looking for an entry-level product. Nonetheless, even in spite of its affordable price tag and being an entry-level product, you can be assured that it will never fail to deliver the functionality that is needed in hunting trips.



This powerful crossbow kit comes equipped with a quick detach quiver, 4 sharp arrow and 4 x 32 multi reticle scope which is what a hunter might need to hunt in complete freedom;

Features an ambidextrous rear stock and also auto safety function which permits hunters to easily control the shooting experience;

With a high quality dipped Camo design the crossbow is a great addition to any serious hunter;

Weighing only 4.85 pounds the Fever Crossbow enforces the hunter’s skills while hunting different animals.



Does not include 20” carbon arrows but does come equipped with 16” aluminum ones;

Does not feature a crossbow protective case (sold separately).


“SA Sports Fever crossbow package was recommended to me by an experienced hunter because I’m a beginner when it comes to shooting with a crossbow. I have gained valuable experience while I was target practicing and this makes me recommend this most reliable crossbow to other entry-level users. I don’t know who makes the best crossbows, but this model is really worth the money I paid for it.” – Robert Jones


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Last Punch 150 Lbs


This crossbow is made from nice wood and has solid construction, making it another choice that can prove to be ideal for those who are just starting with crossbows. It also has a well-balanced design, which makes it accurate when used. In spite of the exceptional features that are found in this product, the price is more than decent. It is very seldom that you can find such a good quality product for a price that is really affordable.




Designed with solid wood stock and a smooth trigger system this powerful crossbow enhances the hunter’s capacity to shoot in various environments like woods, mountain and hills;

Features a useful a professional 4×20 scope which improves the user’s chances to make a kill;

Incorporates a smooth safety mechanism that allows hunters to hunt without worrying about injuries;

This high power crossbow offers an impressive 200 FPS at 60 yards, more than enough for standard hunting sessions.



The cocking mechanism demands a bit of strength to lock the arrow in place;

The trigger guard is made of plastic but resists well to prolonged use.


“I didn’t pay too much for this crossbow from Last Punch because I got it for an Xmas discount and I use it mostly for small game hunting and for target practicing. I find it to be very accurate and the cocking mechanism is very safe. Also, the whole design has a very low weight and is perfectly balanced for extreme precision. I consider it to be one of the top 10 crossbows for deer hunting.” – Charles L. Nelson


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