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A crossbow looks truly wicked, which is why hunting lovers check out a lot of best crossbow 2019 literature to get their hands on the most awesome weapon there is. The crossbow is a short-range hunting tool that has evolved in more ways than one. A normal bow-and-arrow cannot be used by people bothered by injury, insufficient arm strength or age but the crossbow easily overcomes such boundaries as it is built with precision shooting as a primary objective. Having interviewed lots of hunting and game enthusiasts, I have chosen five models described below as great buys.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Stroke Price Velocity Draw weight Our Rating Where to buy

Excalibur Axiom SMF

14.5 inch $$$$ 300 FPS 175 lbs A+ AMAZON

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT

12 inch $$$$$ 350 FPS 175 lbs A AMAZON

Barnett Zombie 350 CRT 

12 inch $$$$ 350 FPS 175 lbs B+ AMAZON

Barnett Jackal

12 inch $$$ 315 FPS 150 lbs B+ AMAZON

Barnett Wildcat

13 inch $$$ 320 FPS 150 lbs B AMAZON



Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit


Best Crossbow 2019Exquisitely crafted to deliver incredible arrow speeds exceeding 305 feet/second, the Excalibur 6845 is easily the best crossbow 2016 choice for a serious hunter. Running with awesome power, amazing accuracy and extreme reliability, this crossbow can bring down even the largest game in the wilds. It has a draw weight of 17 pounds and a power stroke of 14.5 inches, making it easy to cock. Mass weight is pegged at 6 pounds, which eliminates fatigue from carrying it on a long hunting day. It comes with four units of Firebolt arrows and four arrow quivers.

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Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package


Built with the patented Carbon Riser Technology available only through Barnett, the 78021 Ghost 350-CRT Crossbow takes pride in its unique 5-to-1 safety factor. The carbon riser is reinforced and made strong and extra light. The crossbow package includes Whiplash Cams and crosswire strings, which contribute to shooting precision, smoother delivery, faster shooting and quieter movement towards the target. Everything is packaged in a compact unit. The trigger system is treated with Anti-Dry Fire Metal Injection Molding (ADF-MIM) to ensure long term usage and consistent arrow speed.

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Barnett Zombie 350 CRT Crossbow


Designed to be one of the lightest Barnett bows there is, the Barnett 78111 Zombie 350 CRT Crossbow has been the subject of dozens of crossbow reviews 2019. It includes a 3×32 Illuminated Scope, onequiver, three pieces of twenty-inch arrows, and a superiorRopeCocking Device. Barnett’s patented Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) is integrated into the crossbow to eliminate unnecessary weight out of the front end, thus repositioning the center of gravity back to the end of the stock. This crossbow can be easily shouldered with great comfort. It is alsoa lot easier to carry around while promising more than sufficient power for your hunting sessions.

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Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package



Created with a highly innovative design, the Barnett Jackal 78404 Crossbow has a smooth, tactical-style stock fitted with divided fore-grip, which offers ergonomic comfort to the user. The package includes bolts, a quick-to-remove quiver and superior red dot sight. High energy wheels work seamlessly with the quad limb assembly, along with the cable-and-string mechanism to give an incredible maximum arrow speed of 315 feet/second. Trigger pull is set at 3.5 pounds for outstanding action delivery. Never miss a target with this powerful hunting weapon in your hands!

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Barnett Wildcat Crossbow Package


Lots of crossbow reviews 2019 writers have praised the Barnett Crossbows 78073 thanks to its sleek composite GAM stock. The crossbow has vented quad limbs, a thumbhole grip and high-impact wheels. The crossbow package comes with bolts, a quickly detachable quiver and revolutionary red dot sight. It delivers speeds of 320 feet/second coupled with 150-pound draw weight. You can opt to integrate crank attachment via its crank-fitting design. When you want nothing less than fine performance, optimum speed and superior comfort in a hunting implement, the Barnett 78073 should be in your shopping cart now!

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