Top rated crimpers in 2022


The way we choose to do our hair ladies depends on our personality and on what makes us look stunning. A new style which has grown in popularity over the years requires for you to crimp your hair. For this if you need a crimper and at this moment in time there are a lot of models out there. Some good, some not that great and to make sure you get one from the first category you should read the best crimpers reviews.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Plates Size Price Plates Material Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Bed Head Bh307cn1

2 inch $$$ Chrome 1 lbs A+ AMAZON

Gold N’ Hot GH3013

2 inch $$$ Gold Tone 0.8 lbs A+ AMAZON

Lava Tech Lt291c

2 inch $$ Anodized <2 lbs B AMAZON

Bed Head BH309N1

1 inch $$ Ceramic 0.4 lbs C+ AMAZON

Conair Straight Waves

3/4 inch $$ Ceramic 1 lbs C AMAZON



Bed Head Bh307cn1 Totally Bent Chrome Crimper


Best Crimpers reviewsIf you are aiming for wavy hair with that special texture than you should seriously think of investing in the Bed Head Bh307cn1 crimper. The large 2 inch chrome plates will heat up evenly and will make sure you will create the style that you have in mind faster. Heat the plates to different temperatures for different results so you always mix the styles up a bit. The flexi power cord will prevent entanglements and all these features put together make it one of the best crimpers in 2022.



Gives a special rocker-chic style from chrome crimping plates that create defined texture and unbelievable volume in hair

Offers high heat and instant heat recovery to heat up and stay hot, enabling the user to create incredible hair styles and great-looking hair sculpture

With variable heat settings that keep the plate sufficiently heated to provide customized styling for a variety of hair types

Quick styling of hair with multiple heat setings, with simple on/off operations via the convenient switch plus an instant heat-recovery function from the chrome crimping plates with  plate-locking switch



Can get pretty hot thanks to the efficient heating plates

Can produce a burning smell, but that’s just the impressive heat from the powerful crimping plates


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Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron


The 2 inch gold tone plates, that can be found on the Gold N’ Hot GH3013 crimping iron, are there to make sure you do your hair in exactly the way you want it and you do it in less time as well. It is fitted with indicator lights which will tell you when it is on or not and when its plates are heated properly so you can start crimping your hair. The handle has the correct shape to allow you to have a strong grip so you don’t drop it. It is considered one of the best crimpers in 2022 because of these features and more.



Crimped hair holds its volume and body when unwashed for up to 6 days, ensuring that the style stays locked in and keeping the hair looking lovely and chic

Tangle-free swivel cord is 6 feet long to enable sharing of the crimping iron when multiple users have to style their hair for an important occasion

Leaves the hair with extremely less frizz no matter what condition the weather is, for flawless styling that locks volume and body

Heats up quickly to 430°F, for a flawless look, with an on/off switch on the side to make styling effortless and more convenient and needing just 6 seconds to crimp the hair



Has no temperature settings, a common complaint for majority of hair crimpers in the best hair crimpers reviews


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Bed Head BH309N1 Mini Crimper


The best crimpers reviews are the ones to tell you that the Bed Head BH309N1 has all the features you need from a reliable crimper to make your hair deep waves for that special style. Its 1 inch ceramic plates will heat in just 30 seconds evenly so your hair doesn’t get damaged while you are crimping it. The swivel cord has its shape in order to prevent entanglements which can be very annoying if they keep on repeating.



Bestselling among a variety of styling aids thanks to its 30-second fast heat-up, to get the hair all revved up for a night of partying with the gang

Delivers constantly high heat to crimp the hair in a textured, unique and lovely pattern, eliminating multiple passes and getting the hair all styled and volumized

Also perfect for touch-ups, bangs and shorter layers that need more character and body, to make them looking gorgeous and professionally-styled

Comes with tangle-free swivel cord that helps with styling all around the head and sharing with friends when going to a professional salon is just not on schedule



Iron can get hot, requiring caution when used

Travel sized to make it a handy travel crimper


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Conair Straight Waves 3-in-1


You won’t have to pay a great deal for this style set from Conair which can create multiple styles of hair so it gives you a multitude of choices. You can crimp, curl, wave or even straighten your hair with its 2 heat settings, the low one or the high one. An indicator will show you when it is heated up and ready to do its job. There is only one button on it and that is the on and off one. The trick for its versatility is the fact that it has its multiple heads.



Chosen among the best hair crimpers 2022 thanks to its special design that creates multiple hair styles with just one powerful tool

Gives versatile and flexible use with ability to wave, curl, spiral, straighten and crimp hair, giving more choices and helping users achieve a variety of gorgeous looks every time

Features a simple on/off switch and a ready indicator button, to make styling more effortless and convenient without having to get a variety of styling aids and tools

With two Heat Settings, High and Low, with five interchangeable heads plus a round ¾-inch brush attachment and double-sided crimping and straightening plates that reverse from one to the other to suit one’s desired look



No temperature settings

Takes some time to heat up for optimum styling performance


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Revlon RVIR3002C Perfect Heat Essentials Crimper – Not Available


For a very decent price you can get your hands on the Revlon RVIR3002C which is considered by many professional stylists to be one of the top rated crimpers in 2022. The 1 inch plates which have a gold color will be heated quickly in just 30 seconds so you can get the hair crimping process started. The most impressive feature is the fact that it has 25 different heat settings which cover a multitude of styles. Safety is not neglected either and this is why it is fitted with the auto shut off feature.