What to Consider When Buying a Top Credit Card Reader


Today, when majority of the customers use credit cards for everyday shopping, a business that deals with money and customers must have at least one good credit card reader. A good credit card model is an excellent long term investment. The main difficulty lies with choosing the right model. Reading this article will help you choose the best credit card reader for you and your business.

Best Credit Card Reader

Stripe reader types

The most important aspect of all credit card readers is their magnetic stripe reader. This component allows them to read all the information stored inside the credit card, including their serial number, owner name and expiration date. All the information is stored inside three different magnetic stripes. Depending on the model, a credit card reader can read one, two or all the stripes, requiring no other additional manual input from the customer. It is a good practice to check before purchase how many magnetic stripes your new credit card reader can read. The best credit card reader reviews place on top models that can read all three magnetic stripes at once.


Reader size

The credit card reader’s size becomes extremely important when portability matters. A good, compact model is able to read the customer’s credit card with great ease. Whether you intend to choose a static table top model or a portable hand held one, it is best to aim for a compact and small model. All the best credit card reader reviews rank lower the large and bulky models. Large models are heavy and hard to move around, and they tend to occupying more desk space than the smaller readers, making them less than ideal for everyday use.


Additional features

With each new generation of credit card readers, new and enhanced features are developed that can greatly increase their functionality and efficiency. The best credit card reader reviews give additional points for these additional options and point out some of the most useful features that may come with the new models. Look for models that come with double magnetic heads for bidirectional use, proprietary card reading software, password protection, write mode or timestamp options.


Top Rated Credit Card Readers in 2022


Knowing the difficulty a buyer faces when deciding what is the best credit card reader for them, we read through all of the best credit card reader reviews and found out three of the best models available on the market right now. Each of these models ranks on top of their class, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone who wants a new credit card reader.


MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe


1.MagTek 21040145 SureSwipeNamed by many the best credit card reader 2022, this excellent model is capable of reading all types of credit, debit and magnetic strip cards available today. With its triple track reading system, the MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe reads all three magnetic stripes at once, keeping the transaction time low and making it an ideal choice for small businesses and shops.

Using its fast triple type magnetic reader, this credit card reader needs less than a second to collect all the needed information required for a transaction. Used to read both credit and debit card types, this reader model is excellent for anyone dealing with various customers and their diverse shopping habits.

Unlike other models, the MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe comes equipped with two different magnetic reading heads, making it one of the few credit card readers that can read magnetic regardless of their facing side. This excellent feature enhances its speed and increases its flexibility and ease of use.

With its dual magnetic head system and triple track reading mode, this credit card reader is one of the most versatile and flexible models that you can buy right now. Fast, easy to use and extremely safe, the MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe is perfect for any type of business regardless of its size.

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Card Device MSR605 HiCo


2.MSR605 HiCo MagneticAllowing its user to write and encode magnetic cards, this credit card reader and writer is an excellent addition to any small business, shop or storehouse. With its included reading and writing software and easy to install drivers, this is one of the most useful and simple to use card readers and writers money can buy today.

Just like a good card reader, the MSR605 HiCo can read all three magnetic stripes at once, gathering all the needed information in just one sweep. Additionally, this card reader functions as a magnetic writer and coder. Using its included software anyone can write back on the magnetic cards valuable data. Called the best credit card reader 2022, this smart device can read, write or erase all three magnetic stripes whenever needed.

Simple to use and install, this model comes with its own installer compact disk that includes the drivers and the reading and writing software. Also, twenty new blank cards can be used at once for anything needed including testing or internal company use.

Being able to write any type of magnetic card while at the same time capable of reading all the credit or debit cards models makes it an invaluable asset for any business type.

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Notesupplies Minidx3


3.Minidx3 Smallest PortableHaving a compact and portable credit card reader with you all the time is a good way to make sure that none of your customers will leave empty handed. Excellent for data collection, portable point of sale and door to door marketing, this excellent micro credit card reader is one of the most compact and small models available for purchase.

The Minidx3 credit card reader is the perfect choice when your business is mobile and you want to offer your customers the possibility to pay with their credit or debit cards. Perfect for trading shows, door to door sales or marketing events, this mini credit card reader can turn any laptop into a fully working credit card terminal.

One of the top rated credit card readers 2022, this compact and portable model comes with a great timestamp option that allows it to keep a clear record of each transaction. Protected by a password, the Minidx3 card reader can store in its own internal memory up to three thousands records.

Using the smallest and most portable credit card reader will surely place you one step ahead the competition, allowing you to vastly increase your customer base. Praised by all for its simplicity and performance, the Minidx3 card reader is a must buy for anyone who values mobility and efficiency.

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