Expert Buying Advice for Cotton Candy Makers


Bringing joy to all kids at a party, a cotton candy machine is a good investment for anyone who runs a business catering to birthday parties and kids’ celebrations. Seeing that each cotton candy machine has a different style and pricing, it is best to start by gathering as much information as possible before making a purchase. With good information at hand, you will be able to get the optimal cotton candy machine that perfectly suits you and your business needs. Here are the most important aspects to look for when buying a new cotton candy maker.

A. Cotton Candy Make


We all know how impatient kids can be near a cotton candy machine. One of the first things to take into consideration when you begin your search is the time it takes to deliver a single cotton candy. The best cotton candy maker reviews agree that good speed is essential, and that you should aim for around 1-2 minutes per cotton candy. Depending on the party size, you may want to have a faster delivery time. Large parties require cotton candy machines that work faster while smaller parties or home celebrations usually do not need such high speeds and you can opt for a slower machine.



As with any product that is geared towards pleasing kids, the design of a cotton candy machine is quite important. Most kids love the classic look of an original cotton candy maker, and you may want to invest a bit more and purchase such a machine. On the other hand, newer designs are also attractive. Most of the best cotton candy maker reviews point out that children love machines that feature bright colors that can match the cotton candy color.



Whether you choose to buy a larger machine or a more compact one, you must make sure that it will fit inside your car with ease. Smaller and more compact cotton candy machines are usually the perfect choice for small home parties. Simple to use and easy to store, these machines require no additional storage space. Larger models are more powerful and have more speed. They are the heart of any party and kids will gather around them waiting for their cotton candy. When you aim to please a larger crowd, a larger cotton candy machine is a better choice.


Top Rated Cotton Candy Makers in 2018


While searching through all the best cotton candy maker reviews we came across some of the most praised cotton candy machines. We compiled a short list in hope that it will help you in your endeavor. Each of the machines featured below earned top scores in their own class, making them perfect choices for any cotton candy maker.


Great Northern 6303 Vortex


1. Great Northern PopcornSimply the best choice whenever you deal with a large party, this commercial quality cotton candy machine will deliver cotton candies to all the kids in no time. Extremely fast and durable, featuring a superb classic style, the Great Northern Popcorn Cotton Candy is an ideal asset for any business savvy entrepreneur. Keeping the party going and the kids happy is what this cotton candy machine does best.

Called by many the best cotton candy maker 2018, this machine is one of the most efficient cotton candy makers you will ever use. Simple to operate, using a classic design loved by kids, it will deliver cotton candy after cotton candy without interruption throughout the entire event. After only a mere two minute warm up, this Great Northern Popcorn cotton candy machine will be able to create a new cotton candy every 30 seconds.

Created for maximum efficiency, gifted with an easy to wash large stainless steel bowl, and a powerful 960W electric engine, this cotton candy maker is optimal for medium and large parties and events. Being able to provide hours of entertainment, this machine is a favorite among kids clubs, schools and churches. If you are looking for the most professional and powerful machine, do not look any further, as the Great Northern Popcorn Cotton Candy is exactly what you seek.

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Nostalgia Electrics PCM805


2. Nostalgia Electrics PCM805Earning top marks for its versatility and compact size, this cotton candy maker is a favorite among all the best cotton candy maker reviews. Capable of creating an entire array of cotton candy styles, using any kind of candy with or without sugar, this machine is the most adaptable we could find. Delivering joy and happiness to anyone, the Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy machine can create cotton candy even from sugarless candy, perfect for kids with diabetes or sugar intake problems.

Designed to use any kind of candy from the common hard candies to sugar free ones, this machine is a dream come true for all kids. Suited best for small to medium parties, this machine will create the most astounding types of cotton candy ever imagined.

Taking the flavors and the colors from the sweets and using them to create cotton candy, the Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy machine will enchant and delight any kid through both its spectacular performance and its end results.

Simple to use, compact and delivering amazing cotton candy, this machine is a must have when aiming to please kids during a home party. Named the best cotton candy maker 2018 for its unique capability to use sugarless candy, the Nostalgia Electrics cotton candy maker is our favorite medium size machine.

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Back to Basics CC18177


3. Back to BasicsIdeal for a home party, this compact cotton candy machine will delight your kids with amazing cotton candies created right there, at home, for them. Simple to use and operate, using anything from colored sugar to candy powder, it can bring joy to your kids in minutes without the need to buy an expensive and large machine.

When aiming to please your kids and their guests at their birthday parties, there is no better cotton candy machine to use than the Back to Basics model. Simple, elegant and stylish, creating beautiful cotton candies right there in front of the kids, it will be the center point of any party and it will make you the best parent ever in an instant.

While not as powerful as the bigger machines, this smaller model is still one of the top rated cotton candy makers 2018. Ranking best for its small frame and simplicity, this home use cotton candy maker is a perfect choice for a small party, delivering plenty of fun and entertainment to all the kids in the house. Easy to clean and store after the party, this machine is the perfect cotton candy home model you can find today.

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