Cordless Drills – What to Look For:


Whether you are a handy man or you are someone who just needs to hang up a few pictures around the house, by purchasing one of the highest rated cordless drills, you are helping yourself be prepared for anything life may throw your way. If you work with wood frequently, you may even need one of these drills for your profession.

Of course, because technology is always evolving, it can be difficult to know which cordless drill is the best or what are the best features for the money that you’ll be spending. While we cannot tell you specifically who makes the best cordless drill, we can offer you some information that may help you to make that decision for yourself.


Battery Life

Since you are working with a cordless drill, the battery life is very important. Generally, cordless drills are available from 9.6 volts up to 24 volts. Powerful batteries will give you more torque which is essential for driving long screws into stronger woods. This also translates into longer battery life in between charges. Just keep in mind that this also equates to a heavier drill. If you find the heavier drill is uncomfortable, especially after prolonged use, then you may want to sacrifice some voltage and choose a lighter drill with a smaller battery.

Mandatory Features

Every cordless drill in the top ten should have these basic features such as:

  • Reversible motor so you can unscrew any screw that you drill.
  • Dual-Speed motor so you can control the speed of the drill so you do not strip the screws.
  • Adjustable clutch so you can gauge how deeply the screws go into the wood.


Additional Features

While we do not recommend purchasing a drill that does not have the aforementioned “mandatory features”, the following additional features should make or break your decision. These are just useful additions that we think will make your drilling projects a little better.

  • Smart Charger feature that helps to extend the battery life by maximizing the way batteries accept the charge. When they approach the “full charge” mark, the charger will change over to a trickle charge mode until it is completely charged.
  • An extra battery and charger is included. This is a great little bonus, as it can keep you on the job longer without having to stop and wait for the battery to charge. If you are running low on power, simply replace the dead battery with a full one and go on about the rest of the job.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions & weight Price Battery Cell Type Power Source Customer Rating Where to buy

Makita BHP454

10.5 x 3.5 x 9.4 inches  ; 4.8 pounds $$$$ Lithium Ion Battery-Powered A++ AMAZON

DeWalt DCD760KL

15.4 x 12 x 4.5 inches ; 8.4 pounds $$$ Lithium Ion Cordless-Electric A+ AMAZON

Milwaukee 2401-22

14.7 x 9.1 x 4 inches ; 4.8 pounds $$$ Lithium Ion Battery-Powered A AMAZON

Hitachi DS18DSAL

2.5 x 7.7 inches ; 12.2 pounds $$ Lithium Ion Battery-Powered B+ AMAZON

Craftsman 16496

12.7 x 9.4 x 3.7 inches ; 6 pounds $$ Lithium Ion Battery-Powered B+ KMART


Cordless drills do not have to be large power tools that are used only by professionals. Homeowners can benefit from having one of these tools in their own tool box. If you have various attachments, this power tool can be one of the most used tools that you own!


Expert buying advice on crodless drills


corddrilToday, more and more people are searching for advance power tools in order to make any construction job easy. Out of the many tools available on the market, it seems that there is a growing interest for cordless drills, capable of adding precision during each project. With an advanced cordless drill in your hands, every drilling and driving tasks become easy. Whether you are moving in your first house or you’re an experienced builder, the presence of cordless drill can make everything easier than ever. How can you find the most efficient device, ideal for your day to day needs? Well, you should consult with attention the best cordless drills reviews and use the information in order to determine easier, which model deserves to become your daily construction assistant.

It is important to use a powerful and precise cordless drill whenever you build or renovate something in your home, workshop or garage. Finding the best cordless drills in 2022 represents a significant investment in daily “health” of any construction work. Still, there are a couple of things to consider while browsing on the market for a brand new drill. First all you think of the projects which your new drill will perform day and night. Second of all consider how much drilling power you need and what size of chuck will fit your project’s requirements. Third and not last, consider what type of battery you need, to perform long hours of work. Well, you need a powerful cordless drill which can be easy to use, comfortable enough to perform different jobs without technical restrictions. There are light, medium and hard tasks which often require a small drill, not a big one.


Best Cordless Drill for Home Use


Black & Decker BDC120VA Drill Kit with 100 Accessories


No home should be without a basic tool kit and an essential part of that kit should include the best cordless drill for home use, which is the Black & Decker drill kit. This kit comes complete with a lithium-ion battery that will hold a charge for 18 months—so you are always ready for the next project that comes your way, a charger, and an extensive accessory kit. This kit has plenty of attachments that can satisfy any craft, home repair, or decorating job that you may encounter in your home. Because this drill is cordless, you never have to worry about finding a free outlet or an extension cord before you can begin your task.

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Once you manage to identify the best cordless drills in 2022, you will be able to perform better than ever different tasks. As you probably know, power is what makes the difference in quality drilling. Today, the market is packed with a wide range of drills and drill-like devices which can be used. Still, you need to take into account that batteries are very important, while purchasing drill. Furthermore, you might want to consider price when you are out shopping for a powerful device. Browse with attention through drill specifications such as voltage, safety and some of the latest drilling innovations. You should know that voltage is the primary indicator which determines the actual power of any cordless drill. The drill’s voltage usually varies from 6V to 36V.


Best Cordless Drill for the Money


Black & Decker Lithium Ion Matrix Cordless Drill


This drill uses the innovative Matrix Quick Connect System that allows users to add different heads for different jobs and applications. Because of this, it is one of the best cordless drills for the money you are spending because of the options you have right at your fingertips. The 20v Max Motor provides you with enough power to handle any job. The tool uses a lithium-ion battery which can hold a charge up to 18 months. The overall design of the drill is compact and the light weight construction lets you perform tasks without feeling cramped or fatigued. Because the tool is smaller than most cordless drills, you have the ability to work in small spaces with ease.

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Today, your drilling force will be upgraded, once you find a professional and advanced drill, capable of handling different tasks. You should also know that drills can be safely used in masonry and steel materials or even installing decking. Furthermore another important thing to consider is chuck size. As you probably already know, the chuck size safely determines just how large a drill can hold. There are two standard chuck sizes of 3/8”  which can accommodate everyday uses and applications while the 1/2″ can perform easily heavy duty applications.


Best Cordless Drill for Drywall


Makita LXSF01Z Cordless Drywall Screwdriver


The Makita Cordless Drywall Screwdriver is considered to be one of the best cordless drills for drywall because the drill uses an LXT Lithium Ion battery which can be charged with the Rapid Optimum Charger which produces 430% total lifetime work with three times more cycles. Because of such a long lasting battery and charger combination, you do not have to worry about using an extension cord or getting wrapped up in it while you are installing drywall in your home. The motor delivers 4,000 RPM which is ideal for drywall and framing applications.

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Things to consider:

–  Cordless drills use voltage from 6 V to 36 V in order to last during various drilling applications.

–  Drills come with various chuck size of 3/8” to 1/2″ in order to perform different drilling tasks.

–  Cordless drills should come equipped with battery lithium-ion which can help you use drills for a long period of time.

–  Consider drills with advanced safety features in order to avoid problems and accidents.


Top rated cordless drills in 2022


Whether for professional use or at home, having a cordless drill machine has its many advantages. But finding the perfect one has its many hassles too. So if you have been wondering for too long as to which one device to buy and could not yet decide, then the best thing is just to go through the following article on the best cordless drill reviews to know plus decide better.



Makita BHP454 hammer drill kit


No matter if you are a professional or just someone who likes to tend to his house with various DIY installations, according to me the only tool that can be useful is a Makita BHP454 cordless hammer drill. This device that comes with a complete drill kit including two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, battery charger, side handle, depth gauge, belt clip etc. This powerful device though may weigh 4.9 pound only and is extremely portable can produce a maximum torque of 560 lbs. The multitasking driver and hammer tool can respectively deliver 0-400/0-1700 RPM and 0-6000 BPM. Powered up by US environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Energy (DOE) certified Li-ion batteries, the batteries and charger comes with a 1 year guarantee where else the hammer drill device is secured by a 3 year warranty period.



Manufactured in the U.S. by skilled engineers the BHP454 cordless tool kit comes with a built-in 4-pole motor that delivers 360 in.lbs PTI torque and 560in.lbs of maximum torque

The cordless hammer drill kit has comfortable  and sturdy handle which diminishes  user fatigue

Energy Star rated and backed by an exclusive 3 year warranty this tool offers drilling speeds from 0 to 400 and 0 to 1700 RPM

Features a solid shift-lock drive system for rapid shifts between drilling modes



Make sure that the chuck remains in its place during drilling sessions because it tends to loosen

Does not includes a dust collection bar but only a handful of tools have such a component


I read many reviews about Makita BHP454 cordless hammer drill kit that’s why I bought it. Now that I have it at hand, I can say that the drill is really all that I wanted from it. The design is good, its functionality is better and the output is the best. Working with it doesn’t lead to any sort of complications.”  Melvin Langley


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DeWalt DCD760KL drill kit


Best cordless drill reviews

This black & yellow eye candy of a drill machine is one strong tool. Sturdily built yet only 4 pounds in weight with comfortable grip handle, this device is easy to use and move around with. Performance-wise this dainty compact DeWalt DCD760KL can execute a marvelous job. Run by a durable fast charging (30 mins recharge time) Lithium-Ion battery to drill machine is powerful enough to produce speed at the rate of 0-500 / 0-1700 RPM. Workable with 18 volt, the device also has an attached LED light to help work in less lighted areas and 17 clutch settings. Coming with an attractive hardwearing kit box and necessary related accessories i.e. two Li-ion batteries, charger etc; the complete drill/driver kit is covered by a limited three year warranty period. But I liked more the commitment of the company as they even allow a 90 day money-back reassurance.



The best Dewalt cordless tool kit reviews underline the high drilling efficiency of the DCD760KL which has a lightweight design easy to handle

Incorporates a useful LED work light which offers heightened visibility in poor dimmed areas

Due to its compact design the cordless drill can be used by contractors in tight spaces

Powered by 2 lithium-ion batteries this powerful cordless drill boost productivity on any worksite



The carrying case is not as tough as other models available on the market


DeWalt DCD760KL Cordless Compact Drill/Driver Kit has been used by me for almost a year and in this time I must point out that my tasks with it end up being very professional . The drill is light as well and with an ergonomic handle, so I don’t feel any wrist fatigue even after I have used it extensively.”  Patrick Silvers


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Milwaukee 2401-22 drill kit


For a little bit of hanging something here and a little bit of something there or even for some light do-it-yourself type projects, I just loved the compact Milwaukee 2401-22 Lithium-ion cordless drill machine. Used by many and reviewed by many as well, this device has never lost its position from the best cordless drill reviews ever. This power tool with a force of 150 in.lbs torque can deliver a potent 0 – 500 RPM. Easy to use in one hand this device can perform great 1/4-inch hex chuck for bit insertion. Moreover, the inbuilt LED light, battery charge indicator, and the befitting carrying case all make it more easy to use. No wonder secured with a 5 year warranty period, this device is an immense relief to have around.



Designed with comfort in mind, the 2401-22 driver kit incorporates Quick Bit-loading 1/4-inch hex chuck which permits users to insert useful bits

Features a built-in LED which safely lights up different areas with a simple switch of a button

Weighs only 2 pounds that diminishes user fatigue during prolonged work hours

Backed by an exclusive 5 year warranty the driver delivers amazing 500 RPM drilling speed



Does not include a stand but only a few contractors consider such a feature essential to their work

Should’ve included a separate bit holder but the Quick Bit-loading system is more than useful


I like the work with Milwaukee 2401-22 compact driver kit. It helps me drill through hard surfaces without making me put too much effort into it. For a cordless drill I find it to be a great choice under $100. I think if it comes with a Xmas discount it can even be cheaper.”  Ken Gould


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Hitachi DS18DSAL drill


Coming in a beautiful carrying case, this device can be any man’s asset. Extremely lightweight due to its compact 7.7 inches in length structured body, the tool is 3.5 pounds only. Yet impressive enough to perform as a 1/2-inch 18-volt driver/drill is indeed a great big deal. Able to take up a speed of 0-350 RPM and 0-1500 RPM, the work tool is pre set with 22 clutch stages. Besides with the comfortable belt hook and LED light, work will never be that tiresome and slow. Protected by a lifelong warranty on Li-ion tools, I guess there is no chance of anything going wrong.



This 18-Volt compact Drill and driver is powered by a 1.5Ah lithium ion battery which ensure smooth drilling performance during long hours of work

Weighing only 3.5 pounds this cordless tool offers a comfortable hold with minimal user fatigue

The DS18DSAL cordless drill features a variable speed trigger which contractors can use to set speed function from 0 to 350 RPM or 0 to 1.500 RPM

Featuring a powerful clutch with 22 driving stages the drill and driver has enough power for high torque applications



Does not include a drill bit holder which can be a bit frustrating

The battery doesn’t come with a meter


I have used Hitachi DS18DSAL  drill/driver in all kind of  heavy-duty tasks without worrying that it can’t handle the job. I have used it for jobs where I needed precision and it did not disappoint either. All in all I believe this is a one of the most reliable drill/driver kits in 2022.  ”  Chris Parker


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Hitachi KC18DBL combo kit


Call it convenient, affordable, or an all rounder, this best cordless drill reviews listed Hitachi KC18DBL is a 4-tools-in-1 combo. Covered with the industry best life time guarantee on Li-ion tools, this impressive work instrument working on 18 volt can produce 570 in./lbs. of torque. Comfortable to be carried around in its own tool box, the device is built with user friendly features for maximum comfort of the user. Besides, being a driver, its features as a saw is also pretty impressive making the product popular among a vast number of users. I would say for those who are into heavy duty carpentry can surely benefit from this device.



This powerful combo kit includes hammer drill, circular and reciprocating saw, useful tools for different phases of the construction process

Backed by an exclusive 1 year manufacturer warranty this cordless drill is powered by 18-Volt Li-Ion batteries for long drilling performance

Features a powerful 2-Mode lantern which comes in handy when contractors work in poor lighted conditions

The tool has an ergonomic and comfortable handle that offer maximum leverage and minimal user fatigue



Some minimal assembly is needed (just make sure to consult the user manual)

The plastic battery charger should be stored far away from external heat sources


Hitachi KC18DBL 4-tool lithium –ion combo kit was affordable when I bought it from Amazon for a Black Friday price. Its reviews were positive and they were right, after using it I feel it is a very reliable drill. The whole kit is very useful for that matter and most importantly durable. ”  Francisc Greer


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Craftsman Bolt-On 20V Max Lithium Ion Drill/Driver Kit


This is not just a simple cordless drill, it can also be used as a driver and comes in a complete kit. So for a very affordable price you will be able to get not just the drill but also a lot of accessories which will prove to be very useful for different jobs. Because it has a top quality to price ratio many consider it one of the best cordless drills in 2022.



Placed right next to the best Dewalt cordless tool kit 2022 the 16496 Bolt-On model from Craftsman features 11 speed clutch adjustment system which removes the need to strip screws

This drill and driver kit is powered by 20 volt MAX lithium ion battery which permits users to drill for a long period of time with just enough torque

The cordless tool has an ergonomic design that gives users the chance to enjoy comfortable working hours

Features a powerful charger which charges batteries in 30 minutes



The charger cord is considered by some users pretty short but in most cases it offers proper charging coverage

Consult the safety rules and professional instructions in the user manual before first use


 “I checked out its performance level closely and concluded that it was a very impressive drill. Using it for different appliances has made me realize I bought a quality kit. I may not be sure on what is the best cordless drill in 2022, but I do know this model is realiable.” – Paul Aldridge


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Stalwart 75-01120 Hawk Trademark Cordless Drill


Another option for a drill is the is the Stalwart 75-01120, but be advise that this drill’s main weakness is its battery life, so if you are planning to do some heavy duty drilling this may not be a great option. The price on the other hand is very affordable and the actual drill can work at speeds up to 1150 RPMs. The best cordless drills reviews advise caution when buying this model.



Due to its compact design this powerful 18V cordless drill is easy to manage during various household drilling projects

This drill can be used by handymen and contractors in order to design furniture pieces, install ceiling fans or railings and many more

Incorporating LED work light this powerful drill works great in poor lighted work sites

With a maximum chuck size of 10 mm this cordless drill can reach drilling speeds up to 1150 RPM speeds



Does not include a carrying case, designed to transport the drill from one place to the next (this is an additional accessory sold separately)


 “Well I must say I was expecting a bit more from it and the battery life really is letting me down every time I use it. I didn’t make the best purchase I could have, so I wouldn’t advise it for someone else. It may be a cheap cordless drill, but it’s certainly not worth buying from my point of view.” – Patrick Oliver


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