Top rated computer cases in 2021


Many stylish and elegant computer cases can be found on thousands of best computer case reviews. Finding the best case that fulfills all the requirements is easy if these reviews are read. The computer case that provides efficient working with the stylish design is the best. It should also have the capability to customize in the way user wants.


Select the best computer case this year


3There are millions of Americans that one or two personal computers in their homes. In order to protect and keep them far away from problems a good computer case must be used. As some many IT specialists underlined, a great computer case can significantly improve the PC’s performance. How? Well, it is pretty simple: computers generate a lot of heat and a high quality case will be able to dissipate it faster and with more efficiency. Proper airflow is more than mandatory to any computer. It is important to keep all the internal components cool. Second of all, a computer case manages to limit the computer’s noise. There are also other benefits from finding a reliable product: better aspect, easy technical upgrades and computer functionality.

There are many computer case models available on the market which comes in handy if you have your own computing style. In order to help you find the most efficient case we attentively drafted the best computer case reviews. There are technical and nontechnical features to take into consideration before you decide upon a product. You will see that there are technical traits that can improve PC performance. Some of them help with noise, airflow and computing fluidity. There are computer cases with 120mm fans which can deliver enhanced airflow. This particularity ensures proper airflow with minimal noise. Furthermore it includes side air vents; introduced to deliver cool and fresh air directly to the CPU. Directing air to the CPU ensures proper functionality, lowering temperature. You should know that inside the computer case is 10 to 15 degree C hotter than the actual room temperature. This is why you have to ensure proper airflow inside the computer.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Color Motherboard
Our Rating Where to buy


8.75 x 21.32 x 24.56 inches $$$$ White ATX A+ AMAZON

Antec Nine Hundred

18.4 x 8.1 x 19.4 inches $$$ Black steel ATX A+ AMAZON

Antec Three Hundred

18.3 x 8.1 x 18 inches $$ Black ATX A AMAZON

NZXT 921RB-001-BL

20.6 x 8.1 x 18.1 inches $$ Black ATX B+ AMAZON

Cooler Master HAF 912

18.9 x 9.1 x 19.5 inches $$ Black mATX, ATX B+ AMAZON


How to find the best computer case in 2021? Well, you have to take into consideration certain factors that contribute to the normal functionality of the computer. You should also check for removable back expansion slot covers, made of durable materials. If the covers break off then the airflow will suffer and compromise the fans functions. Another important thing is the presence of rubber grommets for proper screws. If the components vibrate, make sure that the vibrations won’t affect the screws stability. Make sure you find a case with solid rubber grommets safely tucked away between the screw and case, which can absorb the vibrations.

It is important to find the best computer case in 2021 and safely invest in the computer’s performance. The case should include different fans for proper air circulation. With the right fan coordination the computer case will maintain the interior components properly cooled. There are also nontechnical features that add styling to your computer. Why shouldn’t you keep your PC beautiful and with a touch of elegance? Well, you could also add special lighting effects in the case for an elegant aspect. The light illumination surrounding the case can add a blue and red effect ideal for night ambiance. Furthermore the case should also come with dull edges inside the case. Avoid opting for sharp edges that might harm you.




1Design and quality in one place, it is the perfect definition of this product. This computer case looks stylish and elegant in white color. It has 7 fans on different locations that keep the flawless airflow and keeps the hardware safe. To prevent the overheating, it is provided with liquid cooling management. It has 7 hard drive spaces and it can support 350mm Graphics card. I like it because of its cables’ management, its wiring are easy to fix, they are not tangled.



The thirst thing you notice about this computer case is its design. It stands out and it represents, acccoring to most reviewers, a gamer’s dream.

Made out of plastic and steel mesh, this is the perfect investment to make if you are a hardcore gamer who loves his gadgets.

It offers support for the latest and most demanding pieces of hardware available on the market. It can hold up to 7 fans which can be mounted in different potions. It can also fit different cooling systems not to mention the fact that it comes with its own four fans.

It provides easy cable management and it is easy to install.



The four built-in coolers make a slight noise.

It is a bit expensive but it definitely provides the features to make up for it.


I am in an ease with my computer the time my father brought me the NZXT Crafted Series Case. This computer case is a good product which everybody would love. This is really a safe product that will make your computer safe and secured. The computer case is very much elastic and useful for me.” Sandra Wagner


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Antec Nine Hundred Case


2This computer case is best for gaming. Gaming emits loss of heat due to intense CPU working. This case has 200 mm top mounted fan that cools the whole CPU. To provide additional support to the top mounted fan, it also has two 120mm TriCool blue LED fans at front that helps to cool the hard disk. Even if they are not sufficient to cool the system down, it also has Optional middle 120mm fan bracket. It can support up to 6 hard drives. Its design and functioning makes it my favorite computer case.



This is, according to several gamers, the best computer case under $100. It is incredible when it comes to cooling down the most demanding gaming systems which is pretty much all you want from a computer case.

It comes with a perforated front bezel which allows airflow. This way it will cool each and every one of the six HDDs it allows you to install.

The three fans are very quiet and will probably be overwhelmed by other sounds coming from the main unit.

It can incorporate a cooling system which works on water.



The power supply mounts at the bottom which means you will have to get longer cables.

The earphone and mic jack are placed in the front of the case which may not be supported by a series of motherboards.


This Antec Nine Hundred Case is my favorite computer case. I tried other cases before but this one satisfies me a lot. The product is too much of what I have expected before. I found out about this product when I got to surf in Amazon. I am also amazed because it has a reasonable price.” Jefferson Wood


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Antec Three Hundred Case


In many best computer case reviews, properties of best computer case are discussed, and this product has it all. It has a separate power supply at the bottom and has built-in cable compartment. It can be customized according to the user requirements, from working to gaming system. I like it because of its many beneficial features. It can support six hard drives, tall graphic cards, three optional drives and one SSD drive. To provide the best air flow it has 140mm fan and 120 mm rear fan. Perforated front bezel provides increase air intake to keep the system cool and prevent it from overheating.


This is definitely a strong candidate for the title of best computer case under $100. It stands out though its 9 bay matte design which is made available by Antec for under $60.

There is nothing that won’t fit this device. It has a special SSD drive bay and seven different expansion slots.

It comes with three integrated fans which will maintain the interior very cool.

It comes with a three year warranty which will probably go unused considering how great this case is.



Cable management is poor.

There is not much room for improvement with this case which is a bit of a letdown if you plan on constantly investing in new hardware.


I bought this case for  my new gaming desktop because it had numerous expansion slots. With this Antec Three Hundred Case, I don’t have to worry with overheating. This product has a cooling power which makes the computer safe and what’s even better is that it has an affordable price range. I didn’t need a Black Friday deals or anything like this for that matter, this product was well within my budget.” Leonard Strickland


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NZXT 921RB-001-BL Case


This case system has reached to the upper limits to prevent the computer system from overheating and providing constant heating. It has the temperature monitoring system that constantly checks the temperature. Three 120 mm fans are attached to increase the air flow. I like its design and efficient working. It has much space for hardware. It also has peripheral and multimedia inputs. It is praised by many users in thousands of customers reports due to its effectual working.



This has probably the best design out there. It not looks amazing but it also offers amazing features.

Built specially for gamers, this case comes with three incorporated fans that take care of your hardware.

It provides great airflow which is exactly what you need when the graphic card overheats.

It is not as heavy as you would expect.



It might not be able to accommodate some GPU’s if you have more than one HDD.

Cable management could be better.


The NZXT Guardian Black Case is one of the most reliable computer cases in 2021, in my opinion. It may not be a new model, but I still think it does a great job of protecting my hardware from overheating and occasional shocks. I got it about a year ago for Xmas and I’m very pleased with the gift I made myself.” Janet Grijalva


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Cooler Master HAF 912 Case


This product is found in many best computer case reviews because of its highly efficient air flow design that keeps the system cool. 120 mm radiator fans are supported by it. I have found its installation very easy because it doesn’t need any tools. All the installation is handled by installation CD. For easy access, it is also provided with Front I/O. On the front and back cover it also has removable dust filters that can easily be clean. To increase the expandability it has 7+1 slots.



This is a heavy-duty case destined to satisfy even the most demanding of gamers. It supports not one but two 120mm radiator fans and it offers easy access to all ports.

As an added bonus you get a top platform designed to store your personal belongings which will not interfere with the computer’s performance but will always be within reach.

If offers 8 expansion slots.

It comes with removable dust filters which can easily be cleaned.



The interior is not as impressive in terms of attention to details as it is with other cases.

If the top fan is not installed, it leaves a gap through which small things can enter the case.


I found out that Cooler Master HAF 912 Case is a very good computer case. I read the best rated computer case reviews and they pointed out this model was affordable and reliable. I am positive I’ve made the best choice for the money I’ve paid.” Moses Grahm


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